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My AdSense Tips on the Official AdSense Blog

Posted By Darren Rowse 9th of February 2009 Adsense 0 Comments


Overnight some a video and guest post that I did went up on the official AdSense blog.  

The video is just a few basics on using AdSense that some of the team from Google shot at my house late last year – and the post tells a little of my story and gives my #1 tip for using AdSense (and most ad networks) – to experiment.

In the post I outline a variety of ways (6 of them) that you can experiment and see your AdSense earnings grow.

A few people have asked how the opportunity to post on an official Google blog came up…. nothing too profound really – my Australian AdSense representative asked if I’d be interested – their film crew flew down – we shot it in an hour or so and the rest is history.

update: I just spotted this second video made by AdSense which they filmed on the same day:

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. Most of these tips are basic tips, but to be honest I’ve got an “aha” moment while I was reading these tips, and today I’m going to experiment something.

  2. Frankly, I’m shocked!

    Not with the AdSense tips actually, but with how simple can be something that one thinks to be impossible (i.e. “making friends” with Google :) ).

    Surely, that’s your name and background which made such a thing possible, but, Darren, this story is really motivating. Keep doing what you do!

  3. I have to say I’m VERY impressed with your clean desk Darren.

  4. Oh boy that was … yes this one I was looking for past three months … and finally I got here. After July 2008 my adsense money was really down … and after reading your tips I saw improvment.

    Just forget to bookmark that … and now again here to recall those tips from you.

    I hope your tips and my some tricks will get my adsense revenue back to the normal route.

  5. Thanks, I have always stayed away from adsense… BTW- I had someone who I think is fake DarrenCRowse follow me on twitter.

  6. Congratulation on becoming the first out bloggers publish in the official Google adsense blog. Google should invite more experts to write their experiences inside their official blogs.

  7. Hey Scott

    What was the reason because of which you were staying away from adsense. Is that revenue or some other reason ?

  8. interesting, i’ve made some of the tests you mentioned, it’s worth to try. Thanks for sharing.

  9. They were very good tips for the newbies out their in blog land. Thanks Greg Ellison

  10. Good tips Darren!


  11. Some how it was more friendly and convincing to me with an Australian accent. =D

  12. I never thought of placing AdSense at the end of a post. I try to do my better ads at the top of the page.

  13. Excellent, Thank you Darren :)

  14. This one is really short one but however to the point and relevant, I must say.

  15. thanks darren… I’ll have to put into effect some of these on my new blog.

  16. Why some … these all are related and useful and I think you should use them all.

  17. @Brent: LOL!!!

    Common sense but very important tips. I still did not manage to wrap my content around the ads but I do put ads at the beginning and at the end of my content.

  18. Basic tips, but good ones nonetheless. Great job though!

  19. Nice gig! It’s been such a pleasure following you all this time. Thanks for keeping the tips coming. While some should be obvious to many bloggers, I think many times they are so close to their own projects that the obvious is overlooked for looking too hard.

  20. Nice videos. I’m gonna use what you said in this video. It’s cool hearing how you came about blogging and didn’t intend to become a full time blogger.

  21. Congrats. Nice video. Came here to leave a comment on it and glad I did. I didn’t notice the second video.

    Much nicer production quality than the other success story videos.

    Much more useful than watching some guy in a tight shirt too.

  22. GG and great job Mister Rowse!

  23. Darren, I really enjoyed your “first ever” Google Adsense blog guest post in particular. I especially appreciated your point about experimenting with ad placement on a blog. It’s amazing to me personally the difference between the money that can be earned simply by changing the placement of the ads. Since changing the placement of the ads on my site, my earnings continue to grow every day and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Yippeee!

  24. Well, I must admit. My favorite part is those bookshelves behind you. Very nice!

  25. Great stuff, Darren!

  26. Excellent tips. I just placed and add at the bottom of my post after reading this. Hopefully it does well.

  27. I always find it interesting that the “hot zones” that Google recommends for the placement of their ads are in spots that few of the blog themes actually have ads in.

  28. Hi! I’m sorry to bother you here: i know this is not the right page maybe but you seem to be a super expert about Blogs and Google Ad sense and i hope you could help me because nobody seems to be able to do it…
    I started to publish my blog few days ago and i put Google Adsense on it….
    Now, after 1 week, almost all adsense advertisments disappeared, only one left, “Public service by Google”…
    Could you tell me and help me to understand what happened?

    Thanks a lot!

    Sawadee ka!

    Namtip Phasang

  29. Namtip – the public service ads are generally served when AdSense can’t find relevant ads for the topic you’re writing about. This could be because you don’t have a clear topic to their bots, that your topic is too obscure (you’ve got to pick a topic that people will be want to advertise on) or even if you don’t have enough content (ie too many pictures and not enough text).

    Having visited your blog I wonder if it could be that your topic is not that focused or appealing to advertisers. I do see ads on about half your posts but your topic isn’t really a very commercial one.

  30. Wow well done, that is what every blogger hopes that Google recognises them, I bet you are stoked and it can only help the amount of traffic you get. I also think this is great that you are using it to pay off your mortage – that is that way I want to go a successful work from home venture. Just added your feed to my reader to keep me posted!

  31. I think adsense is great source of passive income and this is very profitable on the long term. I think big money makers like Marcus Frind have experience that making money with Adsense can be quite profitable just right in the beginning with no more than 100 visitors. Thank for sharing a great video.

  32. I think the tips were good especially for someone who is pretty new to AdSense. I got a few ideas myself.
    Easy Internet Business

  33. Congrats Darren!


  34. Good tips there Darren. Many of them are basic tips but very often overlooked.

  35. Great tips but…..

    You don’t even use adsense… I’m confused

  36. Dog Food Recipes – I have a few blogs and use AdSense on some but not others. I guess that’s another ‘experiment’ that could be added to the article – experiment to see what type of sites it works on – I found it didn’t work great here on ProBlogger. I talk about why I don’t use it on this blog here.

  37. Hello Darren,
    I liked your clean desk, working on two monitor. I would like to learn more of your working style so that we can benefit from it.
    Congratulation for appearing on official AdSense blog.

  38. Hi Darren,

    I have been following your blog for the last month like everyday and you convinced me to start a blog my self which i have done one thing i have an issue with is generating traffic from the right places I have looked everywhere i read your post on how generate traffic on a new blog but my blog is based on military avaition could you please help me

    Again your one of the few that actually tell the truth of adsense success

    Hope to see you on the net for years to come helping people like me


    Ricky Gill

  39. Hi Darren,

    Although I still confuse with some of Adsense fan that could create money from it, I hope with ur step by step tutorial, I’ll easy to listen the magic of making money with adsense and the other

    thx for all your post sharing

  40. Good tips, interesting videos. Nice tidy work space you’ve got there too. What is connected to those two displays? Macbook Pro? Mac Pro?

  41. I recommend these tips to increase your adsense revenue:
    1.- Use the skycraper format with white background, red links and blue title.
    2.- Create a quality content and post regularly.
    3.- Increase your web traffic from search engines specially Google.
    4.- Only put one or two ads in your website or blog, remeber less is better.
    5.-Increase your Google Pagerank to get better positions on Google Search listings:

  42. This should be of some help to me, especially when I’ve just registered for a new adsence account with Google :). I’m not sure if i’ve already added my comments here, but anyway.

    Eddie Gear

  43. Very nice video production. Congrats on this.

    I am in the process of cutting back on adsense blocks, seems 99% of my clicks are all from the same block.

  44. This is fantastic information. I need I now need to work more on content and SEO. Unfortunately, just having Adsense doesn’t do much good when no one reads your blog!

  45. Yes it is correct Ben ,without somebody read your blog impossible you can get an “easy money from the adsense ,though you need to take to take your chance to be genuine in what you are saying and what you share to people.I dont think writing base on high paying keywords neccesarry,sometime when you need to be successful with your blog ,all you have to do just Having fun with it

  46. Thank you for all the tips. I just started reading but looks like a lot of reading. I just started my blog last week and i hope to learn a lot from your website.

    I will try to see if i can implement your ideas on my website before i get lazy…

  47. Hey Darren,

    I saw this in adsense website. Well done that you manage to get their attention. I think it would be interesting if Google publishes statistics on which websites that earn the most money out of adsense (in a all-time table format) which also provides info on impressions, CpC etc.

    Great video, I really enjoy watching that. I’ll watch it again later to refresh.

    Kind regards,


  48. Congratulations Darren. Am a bit late here but I also liked your workplace – creative and inspiring.

  49. Less is better : It this true for Adsense ? Lesser number of ads earn you more ???

  50. nice tips Darren

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