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MT to offer Unlimited Blogs for Free Users

Posted By Darren Rowse 21st of August 2005 Blogging Tools and Services 0 Comments

Six Apart got a lot of criticism with it’s previous releases of Movable Type for not allowing unlimited free use of it’s platform. Mena has announced that this will change with the upcoming release of MT 3.2. She writes:

‘with version 3.2, *all users* will be entitled to unlimited weblogs. This goes for free users, as well. A lot of the rationale behind this was that the multiple weblog management is so good in 3.2, that we didn’t want to have the limit anymore.’

Read more at Six Apart – Mena’s Corner

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  • They’re really are full of bs aren’t they. The real reason that SixApart is opening up the free version to unlimited blogs is because their market share is slipping to alternatives such as WordPress and others. Being able to offer unlimited blogs at the free level gives them a key advantage and selling point in that marketplace, its just a shame they wont admit it and instead continue to insult us with this stuff. And yes, before people start commenting that WordPress doesn’t offer multiple blogging it does, because you can install it as many times as you like at no cost.

  • yeah, sounds like pure spin to me. or damage limitation especially with, which uses the multiple user version of wordpress, rolling out soon. It could take a sizable chunk out of TypePad’s market-share in managed blogs which are simple to set up and maintain.

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  • The reason they can do this is because of Typepad. MT will always play 3rd fiddle behind Typepad and LiveJournal now so doing this does no damage for them.

  • Most informative stuff I’ve ever seen, thanks