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  1. I just visited MSN Adcenter site and they tell me that “To view this site you must use:
    Microsoft® Internet Explorer or Netscape® Navigator 4.0 or higher:”

    Opera won’t do. And I thought that we were past these times.

  2. So now we have AdSense, YPN, Chitika and MSN – great for competition but what’s the bet that this will all bring in a huge influx of spam blogs – as eveytime there’s a new money making potential, out from under their rocks comes the spammers and “get rick quickers”.

  3. […] Neben AdSense kann in Zukunft auch mit Hilfe von MSN Adcenter Werbung in Abhängigkeit zum Inhalt schalten. Das ganze ist noch Beta und zur Zeit kann man sich zu einem Betatest registrieren, aber einige Details tauchen endlich auf. [MSN Adcenter Launches Beta] […]

  4. It will be interesting to see how user friendly the interface will be.

  5. Gaurav Jain says: 05/17/2006 at 1:13 pm

    Hello Friends

    No where i can found link where i can signup for earning money from msn adcenter

    i found this https://adcenter.msn but its for advertisers not publishers. kindly anyone can send me the link from where i can signup for msn adcenter publisher??

    Its really helping blog and i found many answers thanks guys

    waiting for reply

    Gaurav Jain

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