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Movable Type 3.3 (beta) Coming Soon

Six Apart have announced that the beta test for Movable Type 3.3 will begin next week and run for 3 weeks. There’s no mention of features in the new version but if you want to participate you can find out how at Coming soon: Movable Type 3.3 (beta).

As someone who still uses MT on some of my blogs I’m interested to see what the upgrade will bring although this past couple of weeks have had some pretty significant problems with my last upgrade to 3.2 where I’m having rebuilding problems and a variety of other issues, especially on my larger blogs.

update – new features for version 3.3 are now listed here.

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  • I am interested to see as well. After now installing WordPress for three new blogs this month I am surprised at the total ease of WordPress.

    The Six Apart team never seems to acknowledge the industry-wide grumbling about the existing MovableType issues. I wish I could hear some candid comments from Six Apart regarding what their main priorities are moving forward with MT.

    (Unless I have missed them somewhere.)


  • I use Movable Type on a few of my blogs. I have decided not to make layout changes very often because of this rebuild issue. I do also get errors left and right when trying to delete the massive amounts of spam that Movable Type really makes no effort to help its users block.

  • But Darren do you think that we should make a switch from WordPress to Moveable ?

    Which blogging platform do you guys prefer ?

  • I run about 7 blogs myself and I maintain about 40 blogs for customers. We are 100% entirely with WordPress now — the MT issues were impossible to overcome.

    WordPress does a fantastic job of handling comment spam (not one has leaked through in over 500 comment spams this month). It does an even better job with its interface generation being on the fly through templates and PHP and MySQL.

    The downside of WordPress is that it IS a bit server intensive — I wouldn’t recommend it on a shared host if you have any sort of consistent traffic. We’ve handled 300 pages per minute displayed consistly without so much as a hiccup, and I think it could handle MUCH more than that on our server.

    The other downside of WordPress is that it is SO customizable that you really can find yourself wasting a lot of time on widgets, etc :)

    I’ll never look back at Movable Type — WordPress has vanquished it and I don’t need to beat a dead horse anymore.

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  • I’d be curious to know if any of their new features address needs you feel are unaddressed in your WP blogs.