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Give me 31 Days and I’ll Give You a Better Blog

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  • wow, I didn’t get my ticket to the slopes with the shirt. better order another ;)

    thanks for the mention.

  • gotta get me one of those…and one for my wife…

  • I gotta get one too so I can feature it on my tshirt website.

  • I don’t know why but I never saw your logo before this. Now that I’m looking for it I see it in quite a few places, but not before you told me that was the logo.

  • Thanks for the mention Darren, the Problogger shirt actualled improved my snowboarding skills too! ;)

  • Horray for T-shirt sightings!

    I just started a new regional t-shirt biz and have sent shirts to 12 states and 2 countries in the first two weeks.

  • Looks Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat:)

  • Wonder how long it’ll be till problogger fans start running into each other at the store…

  • That’s soo cool. Your site is that much popular. Wow.

  • Coooooool Kits! I love it!

  • And here I am thinking Im being cheesy fo having t shirts! This looks GREAT! Thanks fo affirming my decision to make tshirts

  • What’s a guy got to do to get a ProBlogger T?

  • Darren,

    Cool T-shirt.
    May consider to get one later..

  • I wonder when i will get mine :)

  • I would consider getting one for myself :)

    And post the pics of me wearing it.

  • Where can I get one Darren?

  • How much will it cost me to get one

  • Nice shirt! I think it reminds me of a snowboarding brand name or something along those lines…

    I’d wear it!

  • Great Logo Darren. I hope I can have the blue one.

  • t-shirts: best way to promote blogs offline,
    and offline by pictures.

  • Sweet tshirt. Do you guys ship to Dubai? :D

  • Wow.. amazing T’s