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Midday Links

Posted By Darren Rowse 25th of January 2006 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

So many linkworthy things in my RSS today that I thought I’d compile them before I grab some lunch.

  • SEO Advice – Linkbait and Linkbaiting – Matt gives some good advice on getting links from other sites with 4 different examples of how to do it.
  • Merlin Mann has a great podcast on Learning to work around the times that you are most energetic and productive. Sounds like a simple concept but so many of us just don’t do it. I think it’s a great tip for bloggers to apply (as per my post on finding your golden hour previously). Found via LifeHacker.
  • AdWords advertisers are getting excited about a new desktop AdWords Editor that Google are testing. It allows them advertisers to manage their ad campaigns all from their desktop rather than having to log in to do it. It’s only for invited advertisers and required Windows 2000/XP.
  • Performancing have released an updated version of their Firefox in browser Blog Updater which now comes with del.icio.us integration, more technorati, trackback, ping support and built in coffee maker (on my wishlist).
  • Steve reports that Yahoo! have said that they are satisfied not to be #1 in search and has decided if they don’t want to be the best that he’s going to use a search engine that does.
  • Copyblogger writes a post reflecting upon How to Write Headlines that Work.
  • Free Range Librarian has a good post titled Being Able to Write: Lessons from Other Writers, New and Well-Seasoned. It could do with some formatting as it’s difficult to read but the content is worthwhile.
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  2. Enjoy lunch. It’s 9 pm here and I’m off to be in an hour or so.

    Kind of strange how we’re on such different times (and seasons — it’s hot there and snowwed two inches here today) but it seems like you’re a good friend who’s always there. Keep up the great work, Darren.

  3. Thanks for the shout out Darren. Yes, it’s getting late here in the States, but bloggers never sleep, right?

    : )

  4. Darren,

    >> Yahoo! have said that they are satisfied not to be #1 in search…

    You might want to read what Jeremy Zawodny has to say about that on his blog:


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