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Melbourne ProBlogger Training Event – Tickets On Sale Now

IMG_2052.jpegIf you’re an Aussie, have a blog, and are looking to improve it, check out the ProBlogger Training Day that we’re holding in Melbourne on 21 October this year.

Tickets have just been released in the last hour for the event, and they’re selling fast (as I write this over a third of them have sold).

The day will build upon the momentum created by the last event back in 2009, where 150 bloggers gathered for a great day of inspiration and networking.

This time around, we’re flying in Chris Garrett (co-author of the ProBlogger book) and Sonia Simone (from CopyBlogger), and will feature a number of Aussie bloggers including Nicole Avery (Planning with Kids) and Phoebe Montague (LadyMelbourne). We’re locking in a range of other speakers in the coming week and will also have the team behind ProBlogger sharing too.

Get full details on the ProBlogger Events site or book your tickets directly on Eventbrite.

Update: we sold out 150 tickets to this in about 30 hours. I’ve just added 50 more tickets so if you’re thinking of coming – make sure you act quickly to avoid disappointment.

About Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

  • You must also create a video of all those lessons for those who can not come over their but are most interested in learning blogging…..As I am from Asia and its not possible to think of going over their…….So, will you??

    • Steve – thanks for the feedback. Once we’ve got the launch out of the way and make sure we’re going to at least break even we will turn our attention to this. I’m not sure we’ll do video or even be able to live stream it – but we’ll attempt to capture the day somehow.

  • Wish I was in Australia right now. I would have definitely bought the tickets to attend such an awesome event !

    • Mushfique, I live in Australia, but not in the same state as the event! I too would like to get there…..

      • we’d love to have you but understand its a long way to come. We have around 30% of those registered flying in from around the country so far.

    • Agreed, sounds like good stuff.

  • Hi Darren: I just saw this and wanted to write a comment, I am a young up and coming blogger with cerebral palsy. I wish that this kind of thing wasn’t geographically driven (I understand why) it just strikes me that a webinar would reach more people?
    I hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hey Laura – yeah I’ve been looking at Webinars lately as a medium. I’m certainly open to doing some but I guess there’s also something very attractive about some face to face time.

      Appreciate the feedback – you’ve just given me a little more of a spur on to investigate some webinar content for 2012.

      • may I suggest you explore as a platform to deliever them

        hope that helps

  • So exciting!!

    Any chance there might be a livecast available for a portion of this event? It’d be great to see such a great group of talent together, even if we can’t make the event :(


    • We’ll definitely be working on trying to find a way to get what’s happening ‘out there’. I suspect there will at the very least be some people live blogging the event and the twitter stream is sure to be full of updates.

  • Looking forward to have this event in Sydney!

    • any way we can get you down from Sydney? Got a few others flying in for it from your neck of the woods :-)

  • Hi Darren , will this event be available later in the form of a video, as I see that including myself many of your fans are the ones who cannot attend this as we are from outside Australia.

    • see above comments – probably not video but we’ll try to record it.

  • Hi Darren

    The event looks awesome. Hoping to get tickets to come across to Melbourne and go Pro.

    Keep us up to date with the speaker list


  • Hey Darren, I wish you guys arrange a similar in Asia and you bring Sonia here so we can learn what’s hot for bloggers these days!

    • nextgen writer – would love to do something in Asia and have had some very preliminary talks with one organization about potentially coming out (but nothing even close to a plan yet).

  • Are you ever coming to Brisbane?

    • would love to Kelly – after the meetup last year I’m hankering to get back up there. It’s in the top 2 places to take this event on the road.

      • Good! We are really nice up here.

  • OMG this is awesome. I always thought US guys have all the fun, finally its our chance now. I am so going to be there! Can’t wait.:)

    • My thoughts and comments exactly Marya! Woohoo! So many great events require overseas travel. And, considering Melbourne has just been voted the most liveable city in the world, that’s a double woohoo! :)

  • Come to the USA! :) I would love to come to Australia though.

  • Looks like a top event!. UK next year… ;]

  • Ann

    Love the block sitting there with his iPad!!

  • farrukh

    feeling so down and disappointed, i wish you could have come to Pakistan to teach us about blogging. I bet you people cannot even imagine the number of people who have started blogging in Pakistan and the fever of blogging is so high that every month at least 4000 to 5000 blogs are launched in Pakistan. Believe it or not :) .




  • farrukh

    i was waiting for an answer Darren :) . Any plans to come to Pakistan ??

  • Cool. Australian are also active in blogger. I heard there was a World Bloggers’ Day celebration last May in Sydney.

  • I really wished I lived in Australia so I could attend this sure to be fantastic seminar. I’ve learned so much from you Mr. Rowse, and I would love to see and hear you, and all the others, speak. Maybe in a few years I will be able to afford the flight out the to attend.

    Good luck with the show, and as a few others have said, I would love to see a video of this event. That would be phenomenal.

  • right now i am india, do you have any plan to visit india in recent time. If so that would be a great help for us.

  • I’m from Bangladesh, gonna miss this Training event… :oops:

  • Create and upload video after finished training event, it will be great opportunity to me and other who missed your program.

  • EEEKS! So exciting – hopefully, I’ll meet some beauty bloggers there :D

  • hi i have problems with my blog which is in french language. the old posts are indexed well in search engine Google but the last and recent ones don’t please i need help how can i resolve this problem???????

  • Woohoo!! Finally an event that’s not only in Australia – it’s also in my home town!! How exciting – cannot wait!!

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