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Melbourne Bloggers Meetup Recap

Posted By Darren Rowse 24th of May 2007 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

511689279 5Dcaaab089Last night was the first gathering of the Melbourne Bloggers Meetup.

Despite me giving everyone the wrong address for the Bar it was a great night with around 25 people in attendance. I think I got to meet most people and collected a few cards.

Some of those in attendance included Gala, Zach, the team from Fashionising, Karen (who wrote about it here), Kirrily, Miss Eagle, John (Craig’s tech guy), Alister, Jesse, Jon, James, Ed, Wilson and Martin (who I still can’t believe I only met for the first time even though we live in the same city and have been chatting for years). There were many others there who I didn’t grab cards from (please let me know your links in comments and I’ll add them – apologies for not remembering everyone).

I’ve posted a few pictures of the night here (although as usual I got distracted with talking to people and didn’t take many).

The question now is to work out when to have the next one!? Quite a few people suggested every 2-3 months – sounds like a good timing. What do those who attended think? Vote in the Poll here.

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  • thanks for organizing.
    you missed Jon:

  • Yay! I had a good time & enjoyed meeting the people I did! Can I make a suggestion for the next one? Maybe it would be better if we were in an area where we could all sit down — a lot of it felt very rushed because people were moving through the crowd, networking. I think there could have been some excellent discussions if only we were in an environment that facilitated it better. What say you?

  • I think Gala is right – although I have no idea what alternate place there would be? My knowledge of the city now is so rusty, I couldn’t make a suggestion.

    It’ll be hard too, coming into winter, to find a place indoors to facilitate what we want. Once the weather improves, it might be easier to find a nice beer garden somewhere and sit around.

    Not to take away from the fact it was a great night, thanks again Darren!

  • There’s a cute little cafe on the corner of A’Beckett & Elizabeth Streets, upstairs, called Workshop. Free wifi, good coffee, liquor license & big tables to sit around! Problem solved ;>

  • do they have a website? sounds like a cool spot

  • just found it – here. What’s it like at night? The thing I did like about horse bazaar was it wasn’t too noisy (til the experimental dj/cd launch started at 10 and cleared the place…)

  • I haven’t been there at night, but I think it should be okay. Might be worth calling them to see what their schedule is like. Plus there’s a cute semi-outdoor area which I think would be relatively quiet regardless of what is happening.

  • oh this is goog event, may followed in the other place, like Jkakarta Indonesia

  • Hey Daz,

    where did you end up having it?

  • Gee, thanks for the pic Darren ;)

    Seriously but, had a fun night, looking forward to doing it again.

  • Ramsay – at the ‘horse bazaar bar’ in little lonsdale st

    James – just be thankful I didn’t post it on this post :-) – very tempting

  • Ed

    Hi Darren Ed from the Tomato blog ( We briefly met and I had to leave early. Great to meet and talk. I had some interesting conversations about the lack of local blog/internet advertising companies or local offices of the established ones. Plus the lackof profile of blogs in dead trees. Look forward to next one.

  • Hey Darren,

    Thanks for organising the meetup — I had a great time. I agree with what Gala and the others said re: the venue, though, and would like to check out other spots if possible.


  • Shame I missed it – looks like you all had a great time. I will try and catch up with everyone at the next one.

  • Very enjoyable night – thanks everyone.

    Good to finally catch up with you Darren – yes, you’re right: we’ve chatted over the years but first time face-to-face.

    Did a little networking, it was good to see a few journo’s amongst the lot – not sure about the music later on though – a bit TOO experimental for my liking :-)

  • Oh man! No one told me about this night! I would have loved to meet you guys.

    Darren, chuck me on the email list for the next one.

  • Otto

    To be a problogger you have to be bald? :)

  • When will this happen in Bangalore ??

  • I had a great time, everyone. To tell you the truth I was a bit hesitate about the whole thing considering my age, but I was glad that I came and joined in on the conversations. I had a good time and got some useful information, hopefully i’ll be able to put that into practice between now and the next meeting and then you guys can help me with my next hurdle.

    Thanks to all the organizers, fantastic job. I’d like to echo the sitting down thing though, it would be nice if we could have some seats, that way we might be able to get a little more laptop action happening and see some behind the scenes stuff of some peoples blogs.

    (P.s my website is

  • Was great to meet you Darren – and all the others too!! :)

    Very much looking forward to the next one.


  • Jon

    Fantastic event. I got a lot out of it. Cant wait for the next one.

  • Jon


    Did you know your blog just ranks over Scolbelizer? THATS a mean feat.