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Melbourne Bloggers – Blog Date

Posted By Darren Rowse 11th of December 2006 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

Are there any Melbourne readers who would like to get together for a few hours one morning in the coming week or two to hang out and do some blogging over breakfast, a coffee and with other bloggers?

I’ve often sat here in a cafe blogging and wondered how many other bloggers around the city do a similar thing.

Blogging can be a reasonably isolating experience for some – perhaps we should get together every now and again and do it together.

I’ve got no date (although mornings on weekdays suit me best) or place in mind yet (although am currently sitting in Joe’s Garage in Brunswick St Fitzroy where the wifi is pretty decent (and free) and it could work – its reasonably central and a tram runs right by).

We may not get a whole heap of blogging done – but it might be fun.

Anyone interested? Let me know in comments below if you are.

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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Greeeat idea Darren!
    I know a few people who would be thrilled to blog with some real people. However, work and whatnot for us ‘semi probloggers’ might be a problem!
    Maybe a weekend?

  • perhaps FG – I’m not sure I’ve got many weekend slots left this year – but in the new year it’s a definite possibility.

    Perhaps all Melbourne bloggies should take a sickie one day in the next week or two ;-)

  • Would love to Darren, but im a few hours from the city – near Ballarat Bendigo – but i reckon you’ll get a few who will be interested, and I understand the somewhat mundane days when your isolated at home, working…

    Hope it goes well

  • That’s an even better idea! The Australian way! haha… I think my boss reads this blog.

    Yeah I’m off to India on Monday so perhaps a 2007 weekender will have to do. Can’t wait.

    Let us know how it goes if it happens.

  • Yeah, I’ll talk to the boss for a sickie (conversation with myself) and yep, I’m in. ;-)

    Probably best in the new year, though when it’s relatively quiet. My Xmas will be in Mauritius this year – so January onwards sounds great.

    This Joe’s Garage – they make good coffee? That’s a must. :-)

    You mean there’s free (and decent) wifi in Melbourne – and why wasn’t I informed of this… ;-)

  • Ryan – perhaps if we do a weekend one in January you could come down for a morning and hang out with us. Would be good to meet you.

    Martin – yep – Joe’s does nice free wifi (speed probably depends how many of us are accessing it at once).

    Coffee is ok (although I generally go to the Tin Pot Cafe in North Fitzroy for a couple of coffees first (no wifi there) and then head up to Joe’s afterwards for lunch.

    Looks like a new years one might be the go.

  • Thanks Darren, yeah would be great. Come to think of it I am down in Melb for the Planetshakers Conference from 2nd to 5th – although I am traveling on a bus, but nonetheless, would be good to catch up, as you say, sometime in Jan.

  • Having enjoyed reading your blog and picking a lot of ideas from your posts I am sure that this time together will be very, very cool indeed. Count me in.

  • Darren, great accept I’m in Brisbane! maybe you could have a competitions where the winner (has to be Australian) gets a free trip to have bfkfast with you and ‘the boys’

  • Sounds like fun.

    Would love to come.

    I am moving on the weekend and so will be unemployed in the short term, so whenver suits me.

  • hehe – nice idea Luke. Although suddenly this meetup looks like costing me more than a coffee and burger :-)

  • I can make it in Jan, although a cafe full of people tapping away on laptops may spook the other customers. The Whirlpool forum has a thread on free wifi spots in Australia, Joe’s Garage listed. CBD is more convenient for me: Australia on Collins, Mag Nation and Food Inc Cafe listed.

  • Ed

    As a freelancer, I could probably make it later in the week. Sounds like fun and I need to catch up on so many posts.

  • Darren, you will buy me a free ticket business class, won’t you :)

  • ummmm – errrr…. sure…..

    it’s ‘in the mail’

  • I will be back in Melbourne just before Christmas. Would love to meet up in the coming year. I am giving a try at being a “problogger”. Working part-time I have built up a “modest” income which I hope to try to build up working full-time. I didn’t want to make any big announcement, as I am a little unsure exactly what I will be doing from next year. Time for some deep reflection over Christmas/NY.

  • Looks like you’re trying to herd cats here Darren. I reckon the best thing you could do is set the date and let them work around you. If this lot are fair dinkum about meeting with you they’ll make the effort to clear their diary for the day you choose.

  • hehe – if we were in Geelong we’d be herding cats…. (sorry couldn’t resist).

    You’re right though. I think there’s enough interest to do this. So I think a mid January meetup will work :-)

  • Hey Darren.
    Love to be involved.
    Good idea for us Blogging novices.
    Tell me when and I’ll be there.

    You”ll never find a time to accomodate the masses… so pick one and whoever can make it, will.

    Thanks for the opportunity

  • Sounds good – you pick the date and time (mid-Jan) and we’ll either be there or not ( I will).

    But heck, I won’t be blogging, I’ll be chatting, meeting fellow Melbourne bloggers over a coffee. Okay I might bring my pda to take some notes. :)

    Oh and I promise I’ll say “2007 will be the Magpies year” only once and won’t bag the mighty Blues too much. ;-)

  • Can’t make Australian meet-greet-and-blogs, but the next time you are in Colorado, let’s meet in Boulder!

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  • Count me in. I’ll keep checking this for a final date and time… who knows… it could become a regular thing :)

    – Alister

  • 25th is looking good for me. Not much on that day.

    Actually Darren, you know, as a lot of people aren’t local but the idea is good, why not run an online version sometime? Set up a chat room and participants can chat, but they also have to post at elast one blog entry.

  • Darren, absolutely awesome idea.

    Got me thinking… so I just started a Pro Blogger meetup group for Dallas, TX:

    Our goal is to meet other local Pro Bloggers, share awesome ideas, and help each other be more successful!

    If any of you guys are in the Dallas area, come check it out.

    Have a great day!

  • Ed

    Could mid-Jan stretech to after 22 Jan. A chat room is good but it’s great to meet other local bloggers.

  • I would be happy to meet up with anyone in Melbourne, if you can’t make it to Darren’s get-togethers. You can find my email in my blog. It would be interesting to see how many people in Melbourne are problogging and to hear their experiences.

  • Hey Darren, sounds like a great idea — count me in.

    – Daryl

  • G’day Darren,

    I wrote about your blog a while back-quoting from one of your more popular posts (Permalink):

    I had no idea you were in Australia-let alone Melbourne. My brother and sister live in Fitzroy so I go there a lot. I think it would be great to meet some bloggers in person…talk about the fun and hardships that go along with being part of the Blogosphere.

    I work freelance so any time can be worked around (sooner the better), although I’ll be in Canberra Dec. 20-27.

  • Sounds like a great idea Darren if you are still keen to do this in January.

    I’d love to be involved.

  • I think this is a really good idea. Considering it is Australia Day today. Sitting and writing on your computer can be an isolated experience. Why not just forget the computers and just catch up?