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  • Any idea on the price Media Whiz paid? At least the number of zeros? 25,000 publishers in 4 months. That’s some accomplishment.

  • I’m sure it was a lot!

  • Hard work does pay off.
    But it is import to stick with it it when thing get difficult.

    Congrats guys.

  • Didn’t know that site but, after reading it (because of you :-)) I must say they had a great idea (targeting bids through blogs and monetizing it).

    Congrats to them :-)

    Kind regards from Spain.

  • I’ve been using them since the start, mostly in the dead spaces of my blogs and make a few bucks from them. It’s a nice interface and they always pay on time.

    That said, I make much more money with the eBay affiliate directly through and will probably continue to use and promote that.

  • Wow. That was a quick run.

    I shall live vicariously through them today.

  • I’m kind of surprised by this news. I signed up for an account with them, but I took them off my comparison shopping blog because their script was having problems and either not showing at all or causing slow page loads. I guess it must have been because of their tremendous growth rate. Maybe I’ll give them another look. Anyways, congratulations are in order to them for making their dream come true and turning a tidy profit from their venture.

  • Its a good programs, but I believe they have A LOT of tracking issues…