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Look what Blogging Bought Me!

Posted By Darren Rowse 6th of March 2005 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

ThanksSorry for the last couple of days lighter posting – its the weekend and our focus for the last couple of days has been pretty much upon buying this little house that you see pictured.

Yesterday was the auction and thanks a pretty good deposit from the past six or so months of blogging income we were successful in being the last bidder standing (after a pretty fierce bidding frenzy). I’m thinking of unofficially calling our new home The House that Blogging Built.

So I’d like to take this moment to thank a few people for what has been a pretty amazing year of blogging. I realise that in many ways the purchase of this house is not really about me, its very much been a collective effort. Firstly to my partner ‘V’ who ,for some reason that neither of us really understand, let me dedicate significant amounts of time to blogging, even when in the early days it was only earning a few dollars per day. She initially gave me 6 months to work my butt off on being a full time blogger (before I’d have to go get a ‘real job) to see if we could build it into something substantial. She saw the potential and gave me room to follow my dream.

I’d like to thank the five million or so readers who have read my blogs in the past year or so – without them this would obviously have been impossible. I thank the thousands of bloggers around the world that have linked to my blogs and who have therefore been responsible for these readers.

I’d like to thank Rachel for her great blog design and Regan for his hosting of my blogs – both have gone above and beyond the call for me. Also I’m grateful to a few companies that have been sending me cheques each month. They include Google’s Adsense, Amazon, FastClick, ClickBank, Trade Doubler, AdBrite, BlogAds, Commission Junction and LinkShare. And lastly to the many smaller companies and individuals who have sponsored my blogs with text and banner ads. Its amazing how every bit helps.

Ok – thats the end of my academy award speech – now its time to get back on with some serious blogging – after all its only paid the deposit so far!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I’d say congratulations were in order. That looks to be a very nice house indeed.

  2. Nice house… which suburb is it in (not looking to stalk you, just wondering).

  3. Great looking house, Darren. Congratulations ;)

  4. Congradulations ! :)

    i’m very very happy for you !

    Keep up the good work and insight….

  5. What a great way to incourage new bloggers. Great.

  6. Congrats Darren! Great to see all your hard work paying off!

  7. The Blog House
    Here in North America, the first settlers used logs to build their homes. They were afterall, now living in a new landscape, flush with resources. Log houses are still scattered across the countryside, a testiment to those willing to forge into new t…

  8. Victor says: 03/07/2005 at 10:03 am

    You’re an inspiration to me Darren. I am definitely going to start a blog now. This is amazing. Would you be coming to Malaysia at any point in the next few months? I have a group of people that would love to learn from you. I would like to set up a seminar please. Let me know if you would like for me to do this.

  9. Nice one – just discovered your site and now it’s a daily read…from another aussie.

  10. Anytime Darren :)

  11. Congratulations, Darren!

  12. I only saw this post now! Nice house and very impressive considering the activity many consider little more than a hobby effectively bought that house for you. Ok, I know your blogging has been a little more frenetic than most people. Very inspiring!

  13. Congrats on your house Darren!

  14. Seems legit-how about the “others” who claim 30-50k monthly from such adventures in blogging/”affliating”..?
    (paintless dent repair)

  15. […] g on these days… While Darren Rowse is taking some time to move into his new house (the house that blogging bought!), we’ve got fellow Aussie Dunca […]

  16. This is very impressive – many of us will put in our 2 weeks notice after reading this.

  17. Good luck with the business and let´s hope Google is a good business partner in the future also. P.S. Google sent me a Christmas present last year.

    P.S. And look what Google bought me http://www.busterboat.com/fi/240_l.html

    nico :-)

  18. Hi Darren,

    Nice house, I have been lucky to over the last year to, but I have made most of my income from overture. Thanks to them I have a toyota echo, plasma tv, nikon d70 digital camera and alot of money in the bank.

    Regards Paul

  19. […] go. Even if you only get 10% of that a month, it’s still big bucks. He already even bought a house from his previous earnings. […]

  20. That’s a lovely home and it’s inspired me.

  21. […] – Earnings a Six Figure Income from Blogging – Look what Blogging Bought Me – the house that Google Bought – Network Blogging vs Individual Blogging – I’m a Six Figure Blogger Filed under ProBlogger Site News | Get the Free ProBlogger Newsletter […]

  22. Great achievement Darren.
    I read this blog almost everyday, it become my inspiration.
    While you’ve gotten a new House, I’ll seek my first Digital SLR.

    Thank You Darren

  23. nice house

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  25. […] They are setting up a course for you to learn the ins and outs of making money with your blogs. One of these guys, Darren Rowse made so much money blogging that he recently put a deposit on a house, calling it the house that blogging bought.Cool! So, if you are interested in learning about six-figure blogging, and you would like to sign up for the course, you absolutely must check this out. […]

  26. Wow Darren.
    Great Job you have done. Congratualations.

  27. What blogs can buy

    Are we all out to make money from blogs? Two major purchases from two major bloggers might make you think different…

  28. satarina says: 12/03/2005 at 3:26 pm

    Hi Darren,

    Congratulations. You had mentioned a few parties who had been responsible for your succes. I myself had started a blog a couple of months back but never really worked on it, but my husband is very much into this.And your success has certainly inspired both of us and from now onwards i am going to make sure he too sees success in his blogging. And I know, with success stories like yours to inspire him,he himself will be a great success because he has the right substance.Thank you.

  29. […] The Car that Blogging Bought Monday 5 December 2005 Just to get you motivated, here’s something to work toward.Feedbuzzard is showing of The Car that Blogging Bought, and shiny black 2006 Subaru WRX. Then of course if you’re really good, you can be like Darren of ProBlogger.net. The House that Blogging Bought. Now those are some successful bloggers. […]

  30. WOW Darren, I might be a late comer but my congratulations nevertheless. Its very motivating and aspiring to hear about (and see!) good things happening to sincere, successful patient people around the net. I am ready to put in all the work required if someone can teach me what goes into blogging. I don’t want to stumble and learn, make mistakes, waste time, go in circles directionless, because of info overflow.. I want a `Darren’ to guide me through it.. any takers… To Darren Congratulations once again….great…..

  31. […] It comes down to this; everyone has a blog, yet everyone can’t get rich doing it. If your purpose is to show people how to pay for their hosting from blog profits, that’s one thing. However, if your purpose is to tell people they can buy a house with blogging profits, that’s misleading. 99% of websites do not make enough money to purchase a tent, let alone a house. One would need millions of page views every month to even think about this… […]

  32. […] Se fazer dinheiro é um dos teus objectivos, vai requerir muita paciência. Provavelmente, terás o teu primeiro cheque antes de terem passado 6 meses, mas, para fazer dinheiro “palpável”, tipo 100 euros por mês ou mais, precisarás provavelmente de cerca de um ano de posts regulares. Para te poderes demitir do emprego e viver disto, são mais de 2 anos, e provavelmente não será só com um blog, mas com vários, com temas distintos. Blogar pode dar muito dinheiro, mas confia em mim: não é um esquema de “dinheiro fácil”. Não é rápido, e é, de certa forma, “trabalho duro” – se bem que também pode, ao mesmo tempo, ser algo bastante divertido e agradável – viciante, até. Muitos bloggers profissionais trabalham mais horas por dia a blogar do que as habituais “8 horas por dia” de um trabalhador normal. Acredita, precisarás de muito tempo e esforço para poderes comprar uma casa com o dinheiro dos blogs. […]

  33. […] Just in case, you are wondering what blogging can do for you – here’s a blogging success story. He’s making a 6 figure income from blogging, and bought himself a brand new (and very large) house. […]

  34. […] While I have not got to the point where blogging has bought me a house, like Darren Rowse, or a car, like Rick of Feedbuzzard, I have been able to get a few things from blogging. […]

  35. Wow… a house??? Congratulations….

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  37. Just wanna say blog well done or job well done, your site is awsome and full of cool knowledge.I’ve been going through your site for a couple of days now and its very very useful.Thanks ProBlogger..

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  39. My god , you live like King ;)


  40. LOL… I call mine the house that affiliate marketing bought. ;-) About 25% of my latest ventures have been blogs simply because of the ease in updating and promotion. For some that aren’t time sensitive, all the posts are written a month in advance and then set to post one each day (gotta love that feature about expression engine).

  41. After a couple of weeks of just reading your blog I finally found this page. I must say that you’re doing a good job. That house looks pretty nice.

    ps. You made a typo of the word ‘hosting’:

    “great blog design and Regan for his hosing of my blogs”

  42. […] Evet, mümkün. Hatta bu işte yeterince başarılı olabilirseniz AdSense gibi bir reklam aracı vasıtası ile günde 100$’ın üzerinde bir gelir elde edebilir ya da kendinize bir ev bile alabilirsiniz! Son bahsettiğim örnekte sadece altı aylık gelirin söz konusu olduğunu da ayrıca göz önünde bulundurmak gerek. […]

  43. ..wowowow..! ..that’s quite impressive – and inspiring at the same time! Not that I desperately would want a house at the moment – but maybe in the not so far away future..? ..:]

    kind greeetz from Berlin, t..

  44. will be coming soon, the SLR camera that adsense bought

  45. Great work! It’s reassuring to me to see that others are also making good money off the Internet and turning that online passion into tangible items in the real world. I wish you more success!

  46. bash tech says: 07/10/2006 at 11:26 pm

    Does a blog gives more financial return than a website on a particular product, e.g. cars, mobiles, TV……
    What if the information on the site is updated frequently? Does it have a better chance of earning?


  47. wow.

    Congradulations !

    I am learning a lot too.


  48. […] The house that blogging bought The car that blogging bought The camera, gaming console and monitor that blogging bought […]

  49. […] Darren is at it again now that he’s returned from his “daddy vacation”.  A little meme of sorts is being produced.  Jayvee seems to have actually returned to an original post by Darren that has returned Darren to the subject.   Blogging bought Darren a house.  Or rather is making the payments anyways.  Rick bought a car.  David bought a camera, xBox, and LCD. […]

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