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London Explosion

Posted By Darren Rowse 7th of July 2005 General 0 Comments

I’m covering some of the news on the London Explosion here as we have family who use the tube in the areas affected and are waiting for word. Phones are down and we’re a touch worried so I thought I’d do something productive.

Update – as I’ve updated on my other blog we’ve had good news from London from family. Despite being close to the explosions they are fine.

I’ve continued to update the page.

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  • I’m also covering it on SYNTAGMA, Darren, and Duncan’s got it on the Herald.

  • Lee

    Reports here in the UK suggest there are only one or two fatalities at the moment. The Phone network (assuming you have been trying a mobile/cell phone number) gives priority to emergency calls in such instances, although word is that the lines are back in general use now. I wouldn’t worry too much – certainly the word in London is that generally most people are very calm right now.

  • Latest news is that a massive rescue operation is underway at King’s Cross station. Many casualties. Rescuers using pickaxes to break through walls. It doesn’t look like a Madrid right now (200+ dead), but numbers do rise in these situations.

  • Hi

    You can watch live coverage on the web at So far two confirmed dead. I live in London and after living with the threat of the IRA for 30 years its scary how quickly people adapt. Still very angry and I would love to get my hands on the people responsible.


  • Ashley Norris

    Hi, it is all very odd as the police are telling people not to leave their homes/offices. From the coverage I reckon that it won’t be as bad as Madrid, but there have been suicide bombers on buses which is a dreadful thing to contemplate. There is a general state of shock, but it is tempered by a feeling that it was going to be our turn sometime. Just such a shame with both the euphoria her yesterday and the hopes that Blair might get a result or two at the G8 summit. I live about there miles from the centre of town and it is eerily quiet here. Anyway, sod Al quaeda I am going to walk the dog


  • Good to see the old blitz spirit hasn’t deserted Londoners, Ashley. Yes, our first experience of suicide bombers. Quite alarming since there’s no real protection from people who plan to kill themselves as well.

  • Darren,

    I’m really happy to hear your family is OK. I am just so sorry to wake up to this, this morning. It brought me to tears rmembering what we went through here on and after 9/11. The whole thing is just heartbreaking to me. I think a big part of America is crying in their coffee this morning…

  • Ken

    I have to say when I first heard this this morning, I was really angry.

    Being in the NYC metro area and living right near where 9/11 occurred, it just brought back memories of 9/11, Madrid and etc. Riding the bus and subway this morning felt terrifying. People were definitely not at ease.

    I pray that this violence will stop but hold no illusions that this isn’t the last.

  • It feels good to be finally back in the suburbs of London, having been in a West End office all day. What has happened is horrific, but Londoners have survived much through the generations and this is another tragic trial that we will come to terms with, and move on.

    The evil that perpetrates these attacks will not prevail.

  • Glad to here your family is ok, I have family over there as well some of them were really close,my cousin works in the underground they are all alright to thankfully.