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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • A.H

    I can agree with Logan on the titiling to some extent, but not too much…sometimes we want to make it so flashy that we forget what we’re talking about, it is important to include the main keywords in the post title, above all.


  • Darren, Thanks for the link to my post!

    An echo to A.H.’s comment, you can’t push your title or headline too far, to do so will have an opposite affect…you’ll loose sincerity and turn people off.

    I’ve conducted several informal experiments with titles – changing a title on identical articles sent to publishers or stored at online repositories and changing post titles on a blog. I’ve found just a tweak here and there to the title can increase download, publishing rates, and click throughs several fold…same content, different title.

    Of particular interest is watching click through stats on my feedburner account, titles make a difference in getting people from their RSS readers to my site.

    Titles and headlines are an art I continue to study and often struggle in better understanding. But it’s worth getting better at selecting titles, they make a big difference in readership.

  • Excellent. Thanks for the linkback, Darren. Did you happen to catch my Darren Rowse reference? You’re my idol, man! :D

  • Joe

    Hey Darren,

    Thanks, I enjoyed reading all three articles. I will take most of the pointers I read to heart (including comments).

    I hope you didn’t invite More requests for links, unless that was your intent.


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  • Hi

    As with reading your blog, those articles offer some really great advice for people who want to improve on their online campaigns, beit blogging or web promotions, etc.

    The important thing to online success is to continue reading. Knowledge, after all, is power – excuse the cliche.

    All the best…

  • Darren, thanks for linking to my post. You might also find this follow up post useful – Blog Comment Design Showcase – which is a collection of quality comment design from across a wide range of blogs. Useful as a source of inspiration!