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Posted By Darren Rowse 26th of May 2005 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

Steve Rubel has started a link blog. I’ve been wondering about doing something similar as there are so many stories that I see each day that I’d love to link to but don’t – for fear of cluttering things up too much here. Any thoughts friends?

Would you prefer it all together? A new blog? In my side bar? A bloglines blog? Interested in your opinions as it’s you who reads it.

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  • Hey Darren, one thing that fascinates me personally is gaining insight into what other people read and their thoughts on it. If you started a link blog that included the title of the referenced article and a sentence as a summary of your own thoughts on the subject, I’d be one of the first to subscribe.

  • Ditto. I think it would even be fine if it were just links, no descriptions. For me the main benefit would be gaining insight into what you read and adding those things to my own feed reader. I’ve noticed recently that my feed collection is a lopsided and dismally small perspective on the web.

  • Anything with a feed.

  • Vix

    You could have a short list of links on the sidebar with a URL to the full listing. I’d like to see the title, link and a brief description of what the link is all about.

  • In the past, I’ve used for this – just an RSS parser in the sidebar that displays the most recent 10 or so bookmarks in a certain category.

    I did this on my old blog (which used Drupal), but haven’t set it up on my current ones yet. However, a quick google gave me this and it looks rather easy to do – might be a task for this evening :)

  • I’ve given thought to this in the past as well, and I will admit that should you launch one I’m likely to read it, but for my liking it changes the nature of your own personal enjoyment of reading other blogs and feeds because instead of reading for enjoyment and pleasure, every post becomes a potential entry into your link blog. Secondly you need to be cautious into what a link blog says about yourself. Done properly its a good thing, done badly it will make you look like an ostentatious [email protected] (apologies about language, only way to describe it). At the end of the day you need to consider the result of this to yourself as a “brand”, will it strengthen of weaken brand Darren Rowse? Will it take away from other more profitable sections of the Darren Rowse empire? etc…

  • I have 102 blogs to check on bloglines, so I would need something more than just a title to go on (like your friend is doing). It seems like what you’re doing now is sufficient (and, BTW, I loved your link to “To-Done” and “Be a more productive blogger).

    But just links? Nah.

  • I love having a link blog because sometimes I want to save a link to something (and let others know) but I just don’t have much to say about it, or much time. I’ve been trying to do more real posts and less links lately, though.

    I say go for it as long as it has a separate RSS feed…

  • I agree with Michael -give me a descriptive title, a brief description if possible and an RSS feed and I’d be happy!

  • Feed and title would be enough. I did ‘blogbaits’ some time ago, where I just had a post on my blog evey some days with just the links and some short comments why this is interesting in one post.

  • Why not considering or Spurl? Much more simple than creating another blog, faster and you can easily show the last 10 entries of the feed here, on your blog.


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