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Lesson from ReadWriteWeb: An Interview with Richard MacManus

Posted By Darren Rowse 8th of January 2010 Pro Blogger Interviews 0 Comments

readwriteweb_logo.jpgOne of my new years resolutions in 2010 is to interview one blogger per week as a podcast. I’ll post most of these for members of the community at ProBlogger.com but from time to time will share some of them here on ProBlogger.net for all to hear.

Yesterday morning I had the privileged of speaking with Richard MacManus – Founder and Editor of the successful ReadWriteWeb blog.

Richard started ReadWriteWeb back in 2003 and has since grown it into one of the world’s largest blogs in terms of traffic, subscribers and most importantly influence. Richard has also taken RWW from a single author blog into one with at least 13 writers.

In this 45 minute audio podcast Richard shares the story of RWW and its beginnings, talks about the transition to a multi-author blog, shares some tips for new bloggers, talks openly about how RWW is monetized (including through advertising, publishing premium reports and running events) and looks forward at the future of publishing.

The interview also briefly features my 18 month old son who decided that Richard was someone he really wanted to speak with :-)

Richard’s one of the most thoughtful and insightful bloggers I’ve interacted with and has built a blog that reflects this. He majors on being constructive, insightful and useful and this podcast reflects that.

You can listen to this 45 minute podcast here or right click and save it to listen to it at your leisure.

While you listen be sure to surf over to ReadWriteWeb and follow Richard on Twitter and Facebook.

PS: apologies if there is an initial slowness in downloading but as you’d expect, there will be a bit of action on this podcast in the first little while after this post goes live.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. That’s a great site and I’m going to listen right now thanks :)

  2. Hello Darren, Perfect! One of my new aims to listen to more podcasts and now I cant stop listening to them! I will look forward to this one, I will listen to it later! My brain is like a sponge at the moment taking all this info in ;)

  3. Nice Interview Darren, Richard MacManus has done lot of Hard work to make a blog like ReadWriteWeb.


  4. Hi Darren, Thanks for the podcast interview initiative in 2010. Now it is out of the pocket(problogger.com community) and before us in problogger.net.

    Inspirational to us. Bloggers need inspiration and vision. Keep on offering such this posts.

  5. sorry to tell you this, but he is more handsome than you!

  6. Ya he is more handsome. this was a very inspiring post Darren, we would love more of such posts.


  7. Whenever I visit you Problogger you have always interesting things to share..I visited here after months and found this interview. Great Work..

  8. Thanks for sharing this with us. Hard work and dedication will certainly pay off. This is what we see from Richard. People must stay focus and work on a Blog day in day out.

    I look forward to hearing the podcast. I am a big fan of RWW.


  9. Good new year resolution. Also thanks for sharing with the masses.

  10. This was a really useful thing to share! I’ve been to ReadWriteWeb only a couple times in the past, but I never knew such a great guy was behind it all.

  11. Very interesting and informative podcast. Thank you.

  12. good job, there

    wait for the next week :-P

  13. Very informative podcast for sure Dareen .Thanks for that one.

  14. Apparently I’ve been living under a rock, because I just started reading your blog. So much to read and do now! (Starting with downloading what promises to be an informative podcast.)

  15. Thanks for sharing the Interview you took with ReadWriteWeb’s founder – Richard MacManus. I am too a value reader of him!!

    Great Job Darren… :)


  16. Thanks for sharing the interview with us. I like it. It is very informative. I am working hard on my blog too.


  17. Nice “lesson” I might say! I’m sure everyone has something to learn from it.

  18. Yes i agree with Singh in the above comment. This blog simply rocks :)

    Happy New Year all!

  19. Thanks for the podcast. Should be interesting.

  20. Not that I have the guts to try and offer tips to you Darren, but man you need to podcast this. One of my fav. podcasts is the creative screenwriting podcast, and it is almost exactly like this. Successful screenwriters tell their story and give tips. I’d listen to this everyweek, and if it were on iTunes I could listen to it whenever I wanted.

    Honestly, I loved this.

  21. Hi Darren!

    Thanks for sharing this informative podcast.

  22. I spend so much time reading on the computer it is nice to listen to a podcast once in awhile. I look forward to more. Thank you Darren.

  23. Thanks for sharing.. Another fine job..

  24. All of this people are in my list called “best bloggers”!!! They are “simply the best”!

  25. richard says: 01/08/2010 at 8:56 pm

    Hi Darren,

    thanks for the podcast, I am listening to it as we speak.

    One question: why did you decide to have it saved as a ‘m4a’ file instead of the ‘normal’ mp3?

    The reason I ask is that I now had to convert the file first to a mp3 file before I could listen to it.

    cheers and I am looking forward to listening to future releases.


  26. Excellent! Thanks for sharing this… love RWW!

  27. Isn’t it possible to add your interviews to the podcasts in iTunes? That way we can subscribe to your channel and have them downloaden automaticly to our iPod/Phones.

    That would make it bit easier to listen to them..

  28. An excellent article, i’ve bookmarked it so I can look at it once i’m back from work.Thanks for an excellent website! :)

  29. I just wanted to thank you for this post.

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  31. Agreed. Many people should prepare them selves far better just before going to placement interviews. One example is, if public speaking & presenting is a ability defined as vital for the position, then they must show they possess this valuable expertise throughout the occupation interview. And not simply depend on a piece of paper to confirm it.

  32. Richard’s web site fits into the Information technology space and its readership includes high-powered movers and shakers in the technology sector including Google and Microsoft execs.

  33. Thanks for an additional great post. Exactly where else could anybody get that kind of info in this type of excellent way of presentation.

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