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Leaked Video Reveals Google Reader Developments

Posted By Darren Rowse 12th of September 2007 Pro Blogging News, RSS 0 Comments

A leaked video from Google on Google Reader reveals some fascinating hints at where the reader is headed according to Blog Scoped. Some of the highlights:

  • Google will work on a standard for feed publishers to tell aggegrators about changes in the feed
  • The Reader team is going to integrate more social features
  • Google is interested in allowing users to comment on items they share
  • Very soon, Reader will recommend feeds to the user, based on previous subscriptions and other Google activity.
  • Reader might be more directly monetized in the future, but Google wants to watch out showing ads next to other people’s content. This is a problem with Google News too. They might do something like they did with the non-free Opera: show the content owners’ ads in the interface when they’re AdSense publishers.

There’s heaps more – but the above interested me most. I think that the idea that they’d allow publishers who show AdSense to have their ads show in the feed is an interesting possibility that might help publishers monetize their feeds.

Also that they’ll be recommending feeds to readers is something that I think will advantage some bloggers – the question will be – how does one get on the list of recommended feeds? What sort of algorithm will determine who gets recommended? I know that some of the very biggest blogs with massive feed subscriber numbers have really benefited from being a default feed in feed readers – so this could really launch some lucky blogs!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Wow those features sound great… I guess getting on the recommended list will result in a case of the ‘rich getting richer’… but how ‘rich’ you have to be in the first place will be what I want to hear…

  2. i interested to know more how they list the recommended feed :) maybe you can write about this next time darren

  3. That’s going to be cool. At times, I have a hard time finding blogs I like, a list from Google about what ones fit me best would be cool.

  4. Yeah right, leaked…

    I’m fairly sure that most of the time, “leaked content” is only a clever mean of building hype around a project..

    Everyone does it, so why not google?

  5. Wow, that’s awesome! Sounds like some great features. I’m a huge fan of Google Reader, so anything like this is great for me.

  6. Letting people comment on someone’s shared items might not be the best of ideas. After all, a blogger will benefit most if the readers leave comments at the original owner’s blog.

    Taking ProBlogger as an example, if people leave comments on Scoble’s shared items (for ProBlogger posts), there’s a lesser chance for the blogger to gain feedback from the readers. Of course, not all blogs work this way but I’d rather have at my blog the comments that are directed to my posts.

    BTW, I wrote more on this in a post on the same topic.

  7. This reads to me as:

    This business is stepping towards a more disciplined approach and is about to get VERY serious.

    It sounds similar to the auditing processes print publishers were forced to subject themselves to several years ago.

    This is to be expected, if the blogging industry wants to continue to attract the serious advertising budgets from the “big end of town”.

    Google is as much a pawn in this process as us mere mortals, in that, if they wish to maintain their dominant market position and cash flow, they have to prove that real peoples purchasing decisions can be influenced using their resources.

    Maybe (big hope) it will help side line the cowboys creating non commercial swarms of “Get Rich Quick” inducing traffic.

  8. I really think the ‘leak’ was done on purpose.

    I really like the idea of recommending feeds to readers based on what they have read before. Kind of like Amazon’s “Customer who looked at this also looked x”. It’s not perfect but sometimes it’s works well.

  9. interesting

    Google Reader is the only online reader I know, never had a reason to try another reader

  10. You are right, the recommending feeds will only benefit some giant weblogs only.

  11. That would be awesome. I will enjoy some of the features above since I use Google Reader myself :-)

  12. That’s great news … I love that Google moves fast. Some of these features were to be expected since Google bought Feedburner.

  13. Hmm… so google is going to monetize google reader for their own benefit? Why does this not strike me as a “good” update?

    The other features seem interesting.

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