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Last 24 Hour Giveaway – Review Something!

In this last 24 hour giveaway problogger-birthday-bash.jpgIttyBiz, the offshoot blog of Itty Bitty Marketing, is offering a prize of their premium $2000 marketing package, customized for your blog or home business.

This is a completely customized package. IttyBiz will provide whatever YOUR blog or business needs to start achieving success, however you define it. Whether you’re looking to increase your affiliate income, jumpstart your conversion rate, make yourself an authority in your niche, sell more ebooks or get more customers for your business, they’ll make a custom package just for you.

Some of the things they offer include:

– Blog audits
– Ad campaigns
– Publicity campaigns
– Copywriting
– Social network coaching and strategy
– SEO editing, coaching, and writing
– Custom article writing
– Domain name analysis and brainstorming
– Theme coaching
– Link building campaigns
– Creating linkbait
– Offline marketing

How To Enter

This one’s pretty simple: Write a review post on your blog, and link to it in the comments here. You can review anything you want, a movie, a website, a book, a cafe, a TV show, an e-book….. it could be a new flavor of chewing gum for all we care. It has to be a BRAND NEW POST – Don’t just change the date on an old one (we’re on to that one) and if you post an old one, we’ll delete your comment because it will weaken the draw pool for the valid entries.

Just write the review (we’d prefer it to be more than a paragraph of course) and put the link in your comment below.

Oh, and don’t forget the “I’m not a spammer” keyword: “IttyBitty”.

  • Winner will be chosen at random and notified by email.
  • This one will be open until 9am (New York, USA time) Monday October 8th.
  • You may not win if you’ve already won a prize elsewhere (unless we’ve said so on that particular post already that it’s okay).

This is the last 24 hour giveaway – and it’s worth $2000 – so get involved! We’re looking forward to reading your reviews!


Please guys – Read the rules for entry.

Only NEW reviews. We ran into this issue on another giveaway, and I’m going to have to delete anything that’s old so we don’t weaken the total number of entries for the draw.

It’s not fair that one person can link to something they already wrote while another person has to take the time to write something to enter. So ALL entries need to be brand new posts. I’ve already deleted 6 entries within the first hour and a half.

This is a HUGE prize, guys. $2,000! We have to be fair.


This one’s over gang – thanks again, and check out the final post from Darren (which includes one very last giveaway – good for 3,000 of you) and thank you all for participating!

  1. IttyBitty.
    My review is of Poker Source Online.
    the best site to join poker rooms thru


  2. Here’s my Itty Bitty review on Carrot Top performing at the Luxor Las Vegas.


  3. My review is for Episode 1 of “Blue Drop,” which is a new anime series that just started in Japan this past week:



  4. This is not my best review… but in it’s IttyBitty way, it gets me into the contest! LOL :) :)

  5. This is my review on the Russian cult movies Nightwatch and Daywatch:


    Oh, almost forget: IttyBitty

  6. IttyBitty

    My review’s for the relaunch of TheMacPak:

  7. A just posted a review on my blog about Ellen’s Startdust Diner in NYC. I’ thought I’d enter it into the “IttyBitty” competition.

    NYC Revisited:Ellen’s Stardust Diner…


  8. This is a review of reality TV show Money Man


    fingers crossed

  9. Her is my IttyBitty review of a BIG problem! :)


  10. Here’s my IttyBitty review — of one of my favorite financial products:


  11. Here’s my review or the IttyBitty giveway: A review of the new movie, The Heartbreak Kid.


  12. my floor wore an IttyBitty teeny-weeny blue and orange tile bikini???

    what the heck? don’t ask…..It has been a long day of football and beer.


  13. Here’s mine it’s about the Times Web Site article:
    “What do people around the world eat”


  14. Here’s my review

    A little more than Ittybitty .

    A self review of my stalled blogging journey to date.


  15. Here’s my review

    A little more than IttyBitty .

    A self review of my stalled blogging journey to date.


    (Sorry for a double post, IttyBitty vs Ittybitty battle.)

  16. Here’s a book review. Nothing like a deadline to brush away the cobwebs :)


    At 600 words, it’s not quite IttyBitty, but it’s not that long.

  17. A fall recipe review for you and the “IttyBitty” contest!


  18. A new Encyclopedia on all things James Bond is being released on October 15th. I received an advance copy and have posted my review of the book here:


    It’s my IttyBitty attempt to win something in the Problogger giveaways.

  19. Posted some reviews of WordPress magazine themes.


    Doing a series on the topic actually.


  20. Here’s my IttyBitty review of my five favorite Flickr photographers.


  21. I would love this IttyBitty “IttyBitty” giveaway!


    I reviewed LinkWorth, which helped me go deeper inside this service that has so much to offer!

    Side note: I look forward to going through and reading the other reviews!


    Meg Meyer

  22. Here’s my IttyBitty contribution. :) I reviewed Breaking Free by Beth Moore.


  23. IttyBitty review of the 1900s new album “Cold and Kind”


  24. I finally got new dishes! Here is my ittybitty review:


  25. My IttyBitty review of the Western Force rugby advertising campaign – Save it for the game.


  26. Here is my review of Kafani’s new album

    I sure hope I win the IttyBitty prize!

    Thanks for all the wonderful opportunities this week Darren!

  27. My ittybitty review of the Ducati Factory and Museum tour in Bologna, Italy.


  28. My not so IttyBitty review of the new Apple iPod nano:


  29. My not so IttyBitty review of Mac CSS editors:

  30. This got me off my duff to review the reusable coffee filters for the Keurig single cup coffee brewers:



  31. A review of a must see web site for antique gambling chip collectors can be found here:


    Thanks again to the ProBlogger team.

  32. man, this is one I actually really need lol.

    Here is my IttyBitty entry review:

    Thanks much to problogger, IttyBitty and all the great sponsors this week!

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