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June is ’31 Days to Build a Better Blog’ Challenge at SITSgirls – Join them Today

Posted By Darren Rowse 27th of May 2011 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

How to BlogIf you’ve been blogging for a while now but feel ‘stuck’ – there’s a group of bloggers about to take the ‘31 Days to Build a Better Blog‘ challenge that you really should consider joining.

The Group is SITSGirls – a blogging community with over 8000 women bloggers – and for the 2nd time they’re running #31DBBB. Last time around was amazing – by my count over 400 bloggers joined that challenge and the impact that I witnessed was pretty profound.

It was the first large group of bloggers that I saw walking through the eBook together and to see so many tackling the daily challenges together and supporting each other through them just highlighted how much more effective blogging can be when you take a communal approach to it. In addition to just working through the eBook there was lots of support in the forum area as well as on Twitter.

The SitsGirls challenge starts on 1 June and participants in the challenge get the eBook at 33% off. If you already have the eBook this is the ideal time to put it into action.

The coordinator of the challenge is Shelley from I’m still Standing – you can read her kick off post here.

PS: yes, there’s only 30 days in June – I guess they’ll extend it a little beyond and into August.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Fantastic! Doing a challenge with a group is always so much more fun and effective for me. Thanks for posting the link.

  2. Just started another blog and I am definitely signing up. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Whooo Group Challenge Facing Nice!

  4. These 31 days to Build a Better Blog are so very educational – I learn a lot not just by reading but also by hands on experience. Thank you very much for sharing this with us all Darren!! LOVE THOSE 31DBBB challenges!!! Woot!!

  5. In my opinion, 31 days to build a better blog is a wonderful piece of work by Darren. It’s mainly because it contains very useful information as well as a highly organized format.

    I wish everyone who takes the 31 day challenge all success.’

    P.S: Maybe we should organize a “guy bloggers” 31 day challenge as well

  6. That’s nothing short of incredible! And it’ll make the ‘networking’ part of the challenge a bit easier (and faster) for them since they have their own support network. Gives everyone a brand new idea how to use the book actually. Good job and wish them the best!

  7. Ohhhhh Really cool Idea for sitti girls of City as they earn smart money from blogging i hope you will get well response Dear Darren

  8. Great idea for recharging my blogging battery:) Thank you for inspiring chalenge!

  9. These challenges are always fun and do contribute to making one’s blog a lot better. :)

  10. Hi! It says on the article above that the book is 33% off to those who will join but I could not find a discount code or a link to the 33% off. Help – I really want to join this activity, and get the book at a discount. Many thanks!

  11. I will be certain to sign up for this challenge. I have been stumbling with my work lately, focusing on contributing work elsewhere instead of keeping frequent with my own site. I am ready for a blogging renewal and challenge. Looking forward to it.

  12. Blogging is a great idea to earn some money, but do anybody try to build such blog in 31 days?

  13. WooHoo! I’m so excited! I’m just working through your 1st Week in Blogging eBook with 3 sites. They aren’t new but I wanted to be sure there weren’t any “holes”. I had planned to start going through the 31 Days stuff right after so this is just perfect timing. So glad I’m a girl! :)

  14. This is an awesome challenge! I did the Winter Sitsgirls 31dbbb and it helped me improve my blog, traffic, and sales. But, the best part is the relationships with other bloggers that I have made. Join us!

  15. Go Girls Go! Definitely a great idea.

  16. I would join, but it’s girl only club ;)

  17. Thanks Darren, this is exactly what I needed! You are the best!

  18. maybe i need more time to better blog

  19. i will joint it, but what the comparing blog?

  20. Love this~! Very wise to choose a month with 30 days as it’s garnering extra attention =)

  21. I just finished your book and immediately signed up for your blog. You have not disappointed me. Thank you for your time and energy and for this suggestion! In global community, Joy

  22. If you can commit 31 days challenge then you should already have unlocked your potential.

  23. I did the last one, it was awesome! I’ll probably hit the challenge again on the next time around. Good luck, and have fun to everyone who is participating!

  24. Are we making June a 31 day month now?

  25. Hi everyone great system that you have put together I did have a few question is their any video showing how to post and use wordpress. Also do you recommend any paid version of wp themes. Thanks so much for the great info and help. Have a great day.

  26. I am definitely up for another challenge. I have been doing the #Postaweek2011 challenge and it has been very rewarding.

  27. I was one of the over 400 bloggers who went through 31DBBB last years with the SITS girls. It was helpful, informative, and as you mention amazing because of the community and the way the process of 31DBBB helped to further foster that community.

    I have a much better blog and website because of it and i’m excited to do it again because I know that it will help me hone things further! I’m launching my redesigned blog (now self-hosted) this week and the SITS girls 31DBBB is the best way I know of to help launch things to the next level!

    Darren, thanks for your clear, concise and thoughtful guide. I strongly encourage anyone else who’s not sure to drop on by; it’s a supportive community and it doesn’t matter how advanced you think you are we have members at every level of blogging and of every kind (i’m a scholar-blogger who is single with no kids – but there are bloggers of every single kind). And men, there are men involved with SITS (Secret is in the The Support)….

    I’m off to do some writing!

  28. I took part in the last challenge and look forward to this one. It has been an incredibly helpful tool and the community environment supplies support and encouragement. Can’t wait to build an even better blog!

  29. Thank you, I’ve had my blog for sometime now. Wanting to tighting it up, and connect with this group

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