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  • I am really looking forward to this. After moving to Mexico from NYC 4 years ago, I have a completely new perspective on what poverty actually is. In the US, if you’re on welfare, chances are, you still have cable, a car, etc. Whereas, in Mexico, my not so distant neighbors often have dirt floors, and an income of a few dollars a month to feed their children. It’s become amazing to me how much we really don’t know about what true poverty actually is.

  • Thanks for the heads up Darren. I’m all in. I first hear about it from Leo at I’m looking forward to participating.

  • I haven’t really experienced Blog Action Day. Being new to blogging that is. But it would be really interesting to join this event. In my country alone(Philippines), poverty is on the rise. The percentage of people who are hungry is so high in here. Just yesterday, I saw a family on TV that lives on a truck. The truck is the simple delivery truck and it does not have furnishings.

    To further prove my point, here are some videos that depict poverty in my country.

  • Awww, something I know too well. I grew up in poverty as a young child. I remember not getting to eat some nights or having clothes that kids made fun of.

    My mom worked hard at 2 jobs to get us out of poverty. She did an awesome job!

    Thanks for letting us know!

  • Excellent Cause Darren. I’m in! :)

  • I will be there. You have my word.

  • Interesting video and cause, Darren. Here in Washington, DC the level of poverty and homelessness is unreal. I’ve checked out and I’ll be happy to participate.

    Many thanks,

  • Already signed up. : ) It’s a great cause, and I’m looking forward to it!

  • Thats a fantastic idea. Consider me in.

  • I ve joined and i am ready, i think this is the sort of thing everyone should participate in, well at least every blogger.

  • This sounds really interesting. I can’t wait to see what great ideas and discussions surface from the event.

    Though I’m still trying to decide if I have anything worth-while to bring to the table. Well, even if I don’t, at least this will be a chance to be educated by others.

    I’m in.

  • I’m in. I have a lot that I think I’ll be able to blog about. In fact, I’ll start writing them now and have them publish automatically on that day.

    Thanks for the heads-up!

  • I’ve sent the URL to several blogger friends. Get the word out!

    Great idea. Thanks, Darren!

  • cb

    I’m also fairly new to blogging but the topic fits very well with the general theme of my blog so I’m definitely going to make a note of it and write something for the occasion.

  • Darren, you can count me in. I already signed up and submitted my blog, but I have no idea what to write about. The subject must cover not only the poverty issue but also in some way be related to what my blog is about. So are we teaming up with you for a group project or would we still have to come up with blog posts of our own?

  • Interesting am signing up!I live in Nigeria were poverty is still evident everywhere you go.

  • Darren, so glad you’re planning to participate. I’m grateful to be the Blog Action Day Twitter/translations/support/promotion team. We’re shooting to break last year’s tally of just over 20,000 and to do it fast. I feel in my bones that we can make something big and lasting happen somewhere in the world – even if it’s just in our own neighborhoods – and that this is a fantastic way to join together to do it.

  • Oops. “Be *on*,” not just “be.” I’m NOT the whole team, that’s for sure. :)

  • I participated in this blog action day too :) Will be posting on my blog soon to get more awareness on this.

    Wei Liang

  • Poverty is really a big problem today because of overpopulation many suffer of malnutriton. We have to educate them about family planning.

  • hi, i have joined BlogActionDay and lookin forward to writine about it.

    i’he posted a similar article…


  • Poverty is really a big problem today because of overpopulation many suffer of malnutriton. We have to educate them about family planning.