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Join me at Social Media Success Summit 2009

Posted By Darren Rowse 21st of April 2009 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

I wanted to take a few minutes today to let you know about an event that I’m excited to be participating in that is fast approaching.

The event is the Social Media Success Summit 2009.

The event is a live online event (although you have access to recordings if you can’t make the live components) and it is being organized by Michael A. Stelzner from White Paper Source. As the name suggests – this event is all about social media and discovering how to use tools like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to grow your business.


Speakers are all experts in different aspects of social media and include:

  • Gary Vaynerchuck (Wine Library TV)
  • Mari Smith (Facebook Expert)
  • Jason Alba (Linked In Expert)
  • Ann Handley (chief content officer from MarketingProfs)
  • Brian Clark (CopyBlogger)
  • Chris Garrett (Co Author of ProBlogger the Book)
  • Denise Wakeman (BlogSquad)
  • Michael A. Stelzner (White Paper Guru)

The sessions start on May 26 and happen over a number of days to give you time to digest it all.

I’m doing a panel discussion on 3rd June with Brian Clark on ‘The Future of Social Media: What’s Going to be Hot and What’s Not).

The Social Media Success Summit 2009 is based around live calls where you get to interact with those presenting but also gives you access to recordings and transcripts of the calls if you want to review them later or can’t make the live calls.

There is currently a $200 early bird discount. I hope that this is something that will interest you and hope to see you in class!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • That sounds awesome! I really would love to join you guys online.

  • Thanks for letting us know.


  • That sounds really exciting. I hope I can attend something like that some time in the future. I bet it’s quite informative and could really help me promote my blog.

    However, I can’t attend anything were the discount is $200.

  • Sounds like an awesome session!

  • Darren,

    Looks like a great way to really understand the future of social media. I would love to participate in this amazing opportunity to increase my knowledge about using twitter, facebook, and other great social media sites.

    It seems this opportunity would also lend you to be an expert on the future of these applications as well.

  • World is bigger,No chance to live calls for all but may try to one.Success always starts from try….

  • It looks interesting…but I the whole sales page killed me – the sound that loads automatically, the lack of a price. Going to have to pass.

  • I would love to go to that, i have been hearing that social media is a great way to promote a business, somthing i must learn..

  • Webinars too?

  • Hmmm…. this sure isn’t only for the business entrepreneurs. I am sure this would also help upcoming web developers and bloggers… I am in for this.:) Lets rock through social media!!!

  • Sounds like an awesome event. However, it’s a pretty hefty price tag to “attend” an event that takes place online. Going to these types of events is usually great for meeting new people and talking with people in person, which I’m guessing won’t happen here.

  • It looks interesting and i love to learn something new about social media that helps in promoting our business.This is a great opportunity for me to do so and i had noted down for my future reference.Thanks.

  • Excitement is building big time for this event. It is our third summit.

    @Mike There is a price listed there, it is $297.

    @Justin Wright We actually allow you to speak live to the presenters (you call a toll free # in the US/Canada and are brought on the line like a radio talk show). We also have a private forum where you can interact with your peers, as well as social media networking groups. At our last event, more than 1200 messages were generated in our private forum and hundreds of folks interacted in our social networking groups and formed bonds that will last for years.

  • Hi this is a good article and very usefull.Keep doing the good job.
    Thanks again.

  • Thanks for letting us know.

  • Been following Michael for *a number of years*, guessing likely since near my favorite website guru days circa 2002.. As much as I only view the Internet as a toy for pleasure, I still follow Michael because he presents some interesting information that 1) still feels applicable to “playing” and 2) doesn’t go out of its way to “speak over my head”, for sure.. :)

  • Wowzers…This looks incredible interesting!

  • Hmmm $200 is a little bit too much for me
    Especially seeing as it is an online event

    But good luck to you. I know it will be awesome.
    Just wouldn’t be the best investment for my blog just yet

  • This sounds wonderful!

  • I plan to be there! Can’t wait…I already have some great webinars from Mari Smith regarding growing your business via Facebook & Twitter. I’m looking forward to learning more on the blogging side, LinkedIn and meeting so many key players in the social media field. It’s a great investment for my businesses and I’ve already seen some great results..