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Is Blogger the worst free blogging service?

I’ve got an interesting thread started at Blog Herald on an interesting topic that should be of interest to Probloggers: Is Blogger the worst free blogging service? that some readers might like to contribute to, but I’d like to add a little here. As a “Problogger” I’ve got to say that I’d NEVER set up a serious blog on a free service. Why? it’s a matter of control. If you are serious about blogging you’ll want to be sure that forever more you’ll have 100% control over your blog and will not be dependent on Google for your hosting. Every time I see a commercial or “Pro” blog launched that uses Blogger I cringe. Don’t get me wrong, personally I’ve always thought highly of Blogger and there is no argument that the service has played an important role in popularising blogs. But in business I wouldn’t risk my time and money on a third party where I’ve got no control over the hosting and future direction of a site, particularly if your site was on a blogspot.com domain. Using a free blogging service, even with Google behind it, is always a risk. I’ve got mixed responses on the actual service, as you’ll see from the post at the Blog Herald, but my advice: if you are serious about blogging you won’t host your blog on a free service.

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  1. True, very True…

    And i look at those blogs that gets 500-3000 visits a day and still use blogger/free service….and i mean, it’s a bit sad that people that probably earns a good amount of money from blogs don’t even invest in the most essential thing: their blogs existence…

    I know it’s unlikely to happen, but…what if google decides that they no longer want to host free blogs, what then?

    And anyway, just looking at the free domain name makes the blog look dilettante from the first look (eventhoug i’ve been using those until 2 months ago)


  2. I’m one of those 500-3000 visit a day bloggers with a free blogspot blog.


    Because I never had any idea in the beginning that I’d be where I am today.

    I now have my own domain/host/platform with my feedbuzzard site, but my real money maker is marooned in blogspot land until I figure out a way to set it free.

    Live and learn.

  3. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. What do you think is going to happen to Blogger that worries you? Why would Google do anything but improve the service? Do you really think you have “control” over anything?

    I often find that things that upset me most about other people are really reflections of insecurities I have about myself. I wonder if what makes you cringe is uncertainty about your own decision to promote the use a “non-free” service.

    Best Regards


  4. Guys, i see you took things here “a little bit” personal…i’m not arguing with you, i’m not disgracing you…i’m just saying my opinion, and if i get those comments about my opinion (and i didn’t even mention names)….it is sad..


  5. I agree. “ProBlogger’s” should use a flexible powerful tool and learn to use it very well.

    I’m currently using Blogger. I recognize that it’s not the most flexible, most feature-filled blogging tool out there, but so far, it’s met most of my simple needs. I’m not using blogspot to host it however.

    I’m with Anthony when he asks, “What do you think is going to happen to Blogger?” I suspect it will get better with time and will be a very viable option for people who don’t want to get involved with installing their own blogging software, and want a simple too that does 80% of what the professionals use. It’s not unlike the differences between Adobe Photoshop CS vs Adobe Photoshop Elements.

    So let’s talk about the *BEST* of the free tools? I’m considering moving to WordPress. What else should I consider? I’m on a very strict budget at the moment. Free would be good. Is there something that cost a few $$$ that I should consider because it’s that much better than the free offerings?

  6. You could pay for Movable Type, but pretty much everybody agrees that WordPress beats it out in virtually every way imaginable.

    You may occasionally see a bit of HTML or PHP code from time to time, or even need to modify it to your tastes, and some people find that reason to complain. But this is a normal occupational hazard of running a (professional) Web site, and isn’t particularly valid for this audience.

  7. […] are blogging are doing so as a hobby, not as a business. In his guest post at problogger, Duncan writes: As a “Problogger” I’ve got to say […]

  8. The only thing I don’t like about blogger is that it does not allow you to put adsense in the article.only on the side bar.

  9. You can always insert it as part of the text. :)

  10. Hmm, I’ll wait a few more months before I hop to WordPress from Blogger. I understand what the difference is. The full control!

  11. What about those of us who don’t regard ourselves as ‘pro’ bloggers – at least yet? I’m sure I’m not the only one who regards my Blogspot blog as a trial run – somewhere I get into the habit of blogging, learn a few basic relevant skills, find out if it’s for me and if I’m prepared to give it a go for real.

    I think the other posts here have demonstrated one problem – what if you actually develop a significant audience while still with Google?

    For me, I’m prepared to not trouble trouble till trouble troubles me. It seems sufficient of a longshot not to worry about. And if it should indeed happen: well, I should worry and lose my hair! More troubles like having to work out how to transfer my audience, I can stand!

  12. I am new to the blogworld,blogger has helped me a lot.It will be very difficult for a newbie to study all the tricks without having enough money.
    But once we have rooted in the ground,go for your own domain name,so that you may be free and more important you may earn something too.

  13. Dan I am new to blogging and thinking seriously about it..

    Since you feel free hosting or third parties leave you without control
    which host(s) you recommend for staters thinking seriously about

  14. I use blogger but not has the main blog I am serious about. I’m currently using blogger for a purely personal blog, a blog I started in response to a camp staff reunion and a few other topics I am interested in. However I do have one on a domain I use and if the ones on blogger become popular I will migrate them to domain I have control over.

  15. Blogger? Ummm – so far so good. I’ve got a couple of other domains which I full control over but neither of them give me the hits that blogger does (perhaps that’s more an indictment on my inability than blogger’s – well u know – the opposite).

    I knocked up a cool 2096 unique visitors yesterday on my blog with no effort at all but then again I get bugger all from it! Any offers?

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