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Introducing Skellie – New Regular Contributer at ProBlogger

Posted By Darren Rowse 30th of October 2007 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

SkelieI’ve got some exciting news to share with the ProBlogger community.

A few couple of weeks ago I sat down in a local cafe with fellow Melbourne blogger – Skellie from Skelliewag.

I’d been reading Skellie’s work for a number of months and recently she wrote a couple of guest posts her at ProBlogger (How to Draw StumbleUpon Users Into Your Blog and Building a Blog With StumbleUpon). I’ve admired Skellie’s writing style since first coming across her blog and when I found out that we both lived in the same city I thought it’d be fun to catch up.

The result of our catch up was that we had a great conversation and…. (getting to the exciting news here) Skellie has agreed to start writing a regular (weekly-ish) column here at ProBlogger.

My reasons for getting Skellie involved are numerous:

  • Firstly I think she writes great posts that will benefit us all
  • Secondly I need a day off a week – while ProBlogger gives me a lot of energy, it is a 7 days a week job in and of itself (not to mention my other blogs my work with blog network).
  • Thirdly, Skellie’s approach to blogging fits well with mine. While she’s her own person and has a unique style and voice – I think you’ll find that there’s also plenty of synergy between us. This is important to me as I don’t want ProBlogger to become too mixed up and ‘hotch potch’.

So there’s my reasons – I hope you enjoy this new voice at ProBlogger.

Skellie’s first post will be up in the next couple of hours and should follow on a weekly(ish) basis.

PS: do yourself a favor and also subscribe to Skelliewag’s RSS feed – you won’t be disappointed.

About Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

  • Awesome idea! Get that passive income going Darren.

    Skellie – good luck.

  • Wow! that’s great. I’ve been reading Skellie’s blog for a while now and I greatly enjoy it. I’ll be looking forward to reading her posts here.

    Keep it up,

  • Geek More I have been reading that blog as well !. For some reason I don’t like the whole layout but after a while reading I really don’t care :) I like posts and thats why I am there for.

    Wish you luck Skellie and lots of problogger traffic :)

  • ivy

    Gosh, I love the URL of her blog, Skelliewag! I haven’t heard this word (scalliwag) for ages now! Thanks for introducing me to her site – love the look, love the content.

  • I’ve been a big fan of Skellie’s for a while now. You couldn’t have picked any better. Congrats to both of you, and much luck to Skellie.

  • Yay!!!! I love Skellie’s posts!

  • Hi Skellie,

    Welcome to ProBlogger. I enjoyed both of your posts on StumbleUpon that you wrote and look forward to seeing more of you stuff.

    I’m off to check out your blog now!

  • It will be great to read another style of writing which bears a Darren-recommended quality. Should check her blog out now.

    Darren, I am amazed how you managed to keep yourself alive with all those workloads. Good job on contributing to the blogosphere. ;-)

  • Welcome, Skellie. I’m sure you won’t disappoint in your new weekly slot.

  • Congratulations, Skellie. I will not only subscribe, but I will look forward to reading your posts.

  • I’ve been following Skellie’s articles for a while and she’s just great. Her articles, as you said are really unique and creative.

    It’s just great to see her here on Problogger, can’t wait to read her write ups :) Welcome, Skellie.

  • Usually I dislike guest posting but I actually found Skellie’s blog via her guest posts here and have since become a huge fan so this is great news :)

  • Hé sounds great to me, goodluck Skellie!

  • I subscribed to Skelliewag’s RSS feed when I first read this post “The Blogger’s Library : 28 free ebooks and excerpts for bloggers”. Then, I found out more good posts in the Blog. I like Skellie writing style. I can foresee the readers will enjoy further excellence post in by Skellie. Thks.

  • Sounds and look great, good luck and great fun Skellie! :)

  • Awesome! Good decision, Darren. Skellie is a great writer and source of knowledge for bloggers.

  • Rad.

  • Wow, congrats Skellie. Love both of your guys’ blogs. Should be a great partnership that will benefit all involved.

    Now you can take a real break now, Darren!

  • You need more than a day off. You need a long vacation.

  •’s URL seems to be wrong. Dropping the www. seems to point to the right address.

  • Hi all,

    Firstly, thanks for the warm welcome!

    I, like all of you, really enjoy reading Darren’s posts and was a bit worried some people would be disappointed to see me take the reins for a little while each week. I’m sure there are some out there (hopefully not too many) and I hope I can prove myself to them.

    To those who’ve been positive (everyone so far), I really couldn’t have wished for a nicer welcome.

    Before the post is published, I want to take a quick moment to thank Darren. Having recently had the pleasure to meet him in person I can say that his blog persona is completely genuine: he’s a kind person who genuinely enjoys helping people. What you see here is exactly what you get :-).

  • WOW

    congrats Darren on having your first regular poster for this blog..

    that surely will increase the quantity of useful content and the frequency of the posts too…

    me too very excited to learn more more tips… :)

  • now this is great….her poor blog could not HANDLE THE LOAD…

    you should have warned her of the danger DARREN!!!!

  • Skellie, you are my favorite pro blogger. Very well done for the expansion of your readership and your reach. You are the best!

  • I had actually subscribed to skellie’s blog before I did yours (am kinda slow with subscriptions) so it’s great to see her now be part of problogger…
    congrats to skellie..and looking forward to a new voice here..

  • Yay Skellie! More good stuff to read. :)

  • Skellie’s a great fit for ProBlogger — and this is a genius idea, good for both of you!

  • I said it on your blog Skellie, but I’ll say it again here, congratulations are in order, but no surprise. Your blog posts are phenomenal, each and every time you write one. It’s great to see you getting the recognition you deserve, and Darren in turn getting a writer that he can rely on to keep the bar high while he gets a little breather each week. :)

  • Welcome, Skellie! Your posts about StumbleUpon were *super* helpful, and I’ve since become a bit of an addict. By wonderful coincidence, one of my favorite stumblers commented right before I did! (Hiya, Jen! I’m glad you included domestika, or I wouldn’t have realized it was you.)

    Darren — My goodness, you certainly deserve at least one day off per week. No need to carry the entire burden yourself. Oh, and hotch potch? Is that the same thing as hodge podge? (She asks from the other side of the pond…)

  • I came across Skellie’s blog before it was even a month old, and I’m very glad I did.

    Great content there, and now i look forward to your new stuff here, Skellie…good luck!

  • Congrats Skellie. I found your blog through some of your guest posts here and have been reading every since. Looking forward to seeing more of your contributions here and of course I’ll still be reading Skelliewag.

  • Skellie, you’re from Australia too?

    Let’s see….
    1. Darren Rowse
    2. Yaro Starak
    3. Skellie…

    How many big (600+ subscribers) Australian bloggers are there?

  • Thats great news. I’m sure Skellie will write some great posts here, she has been writing some great posts at skelliewag over the last while and it’s growing fast :)

  • Wow! We started off almost together and look where Skellie has reached!

    I wish you good luck Skellie, and hope that you continue to see even more success. Amen.

  • Welcome. Looking forward to your posts.

  • nasir

    what a coincidence!
    i have subscribed to skellie’s blog yesterday and today i heard that she is coming on problogger!
    hey skellie! you will get tons and tons of traffic. and many loyal readers [like mee] too :).
    All the best!!!

  • hey and one more thing!
    keep posting helpful posts also on your blog. because i liked your blog from heart.

  • Meg

    Congrats to both you, Darren, and Skellie. I agree it’s a great fit. Skellie is a wealth of information and has a great writing style.

  • Cool! I love Skellie’s blog, except when I am depressed and despair of ever writing as well as she does. Excellent, excellent choice. :-D


    I read Skellie’s blog regularly.

    I have already learned a lot from reading her excellent posts.

    It’s not just the value-packed articles Skellie brings to the table, but also the TREMENDOUS inspirational lists she displays, that will enrich you as a blogger.

    Skellie is a worthy contributor to this fine blog, and I am sure she will bring even more insight to the overall Problogger readership.

  • AL

    I’ve been following Skellie’s blog since it’s infant stages back in July 2007. She’s done so amazingly well. Everything is good about her blog: design, content, style, value and best of all, she seems like such a nice person. A faceless one though, if only she puts up a picture so we can put a face on that blog :)

  • BV

    Thanks! I had never heard of Skelliewag, but I checked it out and subscribed to it when I read this post. I already love it. It gave me a ton of new article ideas just from reading a couple of posts.

  • Great news… and if you’re a problogger reader you really should subscribe to her blog — it’s a great read:

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