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Interview with ‘Make Easy Money with Google’ Author

Posted By Darren Rowse 5th of June 2005 General 0 Comments

Rick has an Interview with Eric Giguere the author of Make Easy Money with Google. Here’s just one of the questions and answers:

‘4) How much money can one expect to make doing this? and how much time do I have to put into it?

Ah, there’s the rub. As I say in the introduction, I didn’t title this book “Make Oodles and Oodles of Money with Google”. Some sites do make a lot of money. But those sites have been around for a long time and have developed a steady stream of traffic. Realistically, I would expect most people using AdSense make from $25-$250 a month with it, probably most of them on the lower end. So it’s not a lot of money. But there’s always potential there to make more if you can get the traffic up. Which I think is directly proportional to how much time you spend working on the site. But you can certainly create a site that pays for itself without a lot of hassle. And don’t forget there may be tax advantages – you’re running a business now, after all, and you can maybe deduct certain expenses that you couldn’t before. (Like I say in the book, see a tax professional for proper advice.)’

Looks like an interesting read – I’ll be interested to see how much of what Eric covers is ‘new’ information and not the standard tips that can be found for free online. If anyone buys it – let us know what you think – I’d love to publish a review.

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  1. You said Tax benefits for “certain expenses that you couldn’t before”
    …Like internet charges, domain and web hosting charges?

  2. Yes, domain and web hosting charges would definitely qualify as expenses relating to your business. You probably couldn’t deduct all of your Internet charges — some portion would be for personal use. It depends on the tax rules in your jurisdiction. But if you’re making money, you have a small business, and there are certain things you can write off most of the time. Talk to an accountant or tax lawyer for the details. You’ll have to report the income to the government and pay taxes on it, so you might as well try to claim as many expenses as is legal and proper.

  3. Yes it is tough for the little guy to make any money with blogs.

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    Mary Anne Martin

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