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International Blog Cup

Posted By Darren Rowse 13th of October 2007 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Did you know that there’s an International Blog Cup going on at the moment.

I just got an email from a reader saying that it’s on and that ProBlogger’s made the Quarter Finals (I didn’t even realize I was competing :-) )

There’s even a ‘Virtual Blog Cup’ for the winner (for their virtual trophy cabinet I guess)!

update – I’ve withdrawn from the competition. As a result of my own stupidity I seem to have inadvertently gamed the system. Here’s how it happened.

When I first saw the Blog Cup I of course voted for myself. This took me to a page which showed the results of my vote. I didn’t realize at the time that this page had a unique URL. I then linked to this page in this post. Unfortunately the link that I had was actually one forced people to vote for ProBlogger simply by arriving on the page.

As I say – this was something I did without thinking – it’s actually probably a weakness of the voting system used at Blog Cup – but it was my fault and has led to unfair results.

As a result – I’m withdrawing from the competition. Apologies to anyone who was hurt by this – as I say, it was not my intention at all.

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  • This is a wonderful idea, but poorly managed and under developed, I think.

    It should be some other ways to choose the winner apart from the voting system

  • Wonderful idea! To bad is poorly developed and managed.

    There should be some other ways to choose the winner apart from the voting system

  • Eli

    Haha, that’s funny how you didn’t even know, and you’re in the semi-finals :p

    Good luck, you deserve it.

  • haha, good luck Darren!

  • Barbara

    Isn’t it sort of cheating by making the link your vote without letting people know? :P

  • Congrats Darren on a competition you didn’t even enter! :) lol

  • Good luck on the competition then!

  • Hey Darren,

    Don’t be surprised if you win too ;)


  • Hi Darren!

    It is really nice when you found yourself famous like this ;) I think its good idea to have such a tournment so bloggers do more effort to improve their blogs.

    Good Luck

  • and…. i’ve voted for Problogger.

  • Congrats Darren!

  • Never heard that before. Anyway, congrats!

  • Jaffer

    It shows that you are well known and also popular !

    I am rooting for you ! Congratulations !

  • Hey, I accidentally voted for problogger. I guess I should read links before I click on them. ;)

  • What a pleasant surprise! congratulation!
    I read your blog to improve the English and to learn something new on earnings in a network for a long time. Thank you, Darren!

  • Sorry, “to improve my English”

  • Hey, I was actually way ahead of you before you wrote this post. now, you’re beating me like crazy.

    Anyway, I was in the cup by a mistake I think (its just a page with free themes for wordpress), so you deserve winning. Would have been a shame if my humble page with 20 subscribers beat yours..

    – Peterandrej

  • That link up there really doesn’t suit you Darren. (Yes, I am talking about that vote parametr !)

  • Wow – congratulations, Darren!

  • Oh god. Not another award or honor.

    What can’t we just enjoy good writing and good blogging without having to have awards. Reminds me very much of all of the awards shows on TV now. The categories are so specific it is hard NOT to get an award for something.

    Just enjoy the writing. Don’t give it medals, etc.


  • Congratulations..
    I added my site for the next award. I hope I will get at least nominated…

  • What the hey, you never know what you are going to see next in the world of blogging. Good Luck.

  • oh great to read that… congratulations

  • Ali


    Way to go mate! 326 vs 19.. crushing win!

    wish ya luck

  • I’m really sorry about that :(

    You deserved to be the first International Blog Cup winner

  • Ali

    @MillionBlogs: huh? it’s still the 3rd round and Problogger is way up to the top.

  • Ali – you might want to read my update to this post MillionBlogs was referring to that – I’ve withdrawn from the competition.

  • such a pity :(

  • Darren, you might want to check out Blog Action Day…

    On October 15th, bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone’s mind – the environment. Every blogger will post about the environment in their own way and relating to their own topic. Our aim is to get everyone talking towards a better future.

    Blog Action Day is about MASS participation. That means we need you! Here are 3 ways to participate:

    * Post on your blog relating to the environment on Blog Action Day
    * Donate your day’s earnings to an environmental charity
    * Promote Blog Action Day around the web

  • Yep Gillian – have been promoting it here at ProBlogger and just posted my post for the day.

  • Ali

    @Darren: oh.. I see now (I am blushing :D). Anyways. We will win it next year ;)

  • Actually Darren and all of his fans can win it next month, not next year. I’m sorry that he is not competing anymore, too.
    I hope he or some of his fans will nominate ProBlogger for the 2nd International Blog Cup that starts on 1st of November. There are still a few nominations left until we reach the required 32 blogs.


  • Well I was going to say good luck!… but I guess better luck next time…

  • Barbara

    Just so you know I’d have voted for you anyway, was just a bit surprised to see my vote logged for me.