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Instant Adsense Graphs With GraphSense

Posted By Darren Rowse 8th of September 2007 Adsense 0 Comments

45n5 linked up to a useful looking service for AdSense publishers today called GraphSense.

I’m yet to try it out (this weekend has been crazy) but it is a service that puts useful graphs of your AdSense stats right into your AdSense stats page using a firefox plugin.


Give it a go and let us know how you find it. The graphs look a little primitive but they are better than nothing (which is what AdSense currently gives publishers.

As Mark comments – it is about time that AdSense built this type of tool into their report pages themselves.

They have great looking graphs in other applications (like Google Trends, Analytics etc) – why can’t they give us some useful tools to track the performance of AdSense? Come on Google – it’s time for a reports page update!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Looks neat… thx for sharing another gr8 tool…

  2. This is much needed! Good stuff! I do agree with the fact that Google needs a report update as well!

  3. simon says: 09/08/2007 at 3:15 pm

    Here here Darren! They sure need to get a move on don’t they. I wonder if the premium publishers get any extra tools?

    I have just installed it and its nice to be able to pick essential trends – sure beats the CSV export and graphing into excel.

  4. Wonderful tool. Thanks for sharing. Also i guess this must have been done before by goog.

    Anyways i am following your blog from last week only, i know i am late. But still good blog you have darren

  5. Nice, adSense always confused me a bit with its stats

  6. i fond the statistics of Adsense pretty bad. This too is not so good. But why can’t anyone make a good one.

  7. Very nice tool. These graphs and charts should be easier to read than just numbers for statistics.

  8. Looks pretty cool. I might try it out later. ;)


  9. great one !! I was always wating for something like this to get a nice glimpse of ups and downs of my adsense earning in a graphical way. But as far as trial is concerned, I am still doubful of using this unless signed by google :D …

  10. That will be useful in analyzing your statistic now. I will take a look.

  11. Oh wow there are a lot of pdf files and the main one have about 154 pages!


    It’s true that most e-book never get read and implemented, but today I will set a goal to read this book all the way through in 30 days.

    I have also been thinking of implementing your ’31 Days to Building a Better Blog”, but haven’t done so either.

    I will start with that too.

  12. Darren,

    1. You said,

    “…. it is a service that puts useful graphs of your AdSense stats right into your AdSense stats page using a firefox plugin.”

    Does this mean, that the service provider has access to a publisher’s Adsense ID/Account specifics. If so, it’s a third party intrusion, right?

    2. Congrats on getting new Sponsors for ProBlogger.

    3. I’m eargerly waiting for the “How Long Have you Been Blogging?” survery results.


  13. Allan,

    No, the graphsense software does not intrude on your login credentials. What Graphsense does is sending the CSV-file to our server when you are using the plugin and logged in already. It does this by Ajax in your web browser, no separate logins are made by GraphSense.

    It is then saved in our database for the length of your session, if you wish to purge your data earlier than that you can use the link “kill session” on our webpage (its not in the plugin at this moment).

  14. thanks for the link,

    I tried the extension and it worked perfectly.

    Install it and on any advanced report the graphs show up. it takes a bit to get used to but there are tons of graphing options once loaded.

    thanks again,

  15. Hey that looks pretty cool! Thanks for the link Darren! Perhaps when I start getting Adsense clicks this will really come in handy. I always love the different graphs that Google Analytics displays for my stats. There’s just something about seeing a visual representation of how you’re doing that totally beats numbers.


  16. This looks very interesting…I’ll install it and see how it works out, thanks Darren!

  17. I installed the plugin and I like the different graphing options that are available when you run an advanced report. One thing that’s odd about it, though….they don’t give you a close option for the graph’s window. The only way to get out of the graph without losing the underlying report is to click the option to generate a static image of the graph… then you can go back to the report page and run a different graph on the same report.

    Otherwise I really like it!

  18. Exciting for you big boys. For the little guys, it would just remind us of our frustration with Adsense.

  19. Huh! I always just thouht I wasn’t smart enough to figure out adsense!
    I always just kept quiet about it because I didn’t want to look stupid. Now I see that it is just adsense that is stupid. Good for me… I think.

  20. cOOL!
    thx! it’s very useful!

  21. This is great….
    I like the Google Analytics reporting page. As for Adsense the reposting page was really done.. I am getting ready for installing the plugin… would be great plugin i guess…

    thanks for sharing

  22. I have always wondered why I should trust 3rd-party Firefox plugins. Does anyone have an answer for me? Firefox does not check the detailed workings of every plugin.

  23. Dave,

    You can (resonably) trust plugins that are approved from the mozilla firefox plugin-page. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/. They are supposed to have been audited as far as I gather.

    The problem with that page is that it is very dead, no-one is doing code reviews or reviews at all since its a very selfserving purpose really. Very little in it for others to help out.

    Anyway, graphsense’s plugin is active in the sandbox-version of that page (you need to login) and if it makes you feel better you can get the plugin from there. Ofcourse there is no way to trust the plugin without reviewing the code yourself. It’s freely downloadable from both the above site and graphsense.com. It isnt very many lines of code really, perhaps you’d have a go and help us out at the firefox-page with the first review? :D

  24. Since I last posted my comment above about the graph window not having a close option, they have now added one….makes it much easier to use.

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