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Inside AdSense: Payments information may be delayed

Posted By Darren Rowse 1st of June 2006 Adsense 0 Comments

Also on the AdSense blog today is something I’ve been expecting for a few days after emails from a number of readers who have told me about problems with their AdSense payments this month. It’s amazing how nervous people get when there is the hint of a problem with payments (I know the feeling). AdSense expects to have the issues resolved by the end of the week.

They write on the blog:

“This month we experienced a posting delay that might keep some payment information from appearing in your account immediately. While all payments have been sent out as usual, the ‘Payment…’ line might take some extra time to show up on the Payment History page of your account under the My Account tab.

Additionally, if you recently signed up to receive payments by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), or added a new bank account for EFT deposits, it may take a few extra days after you’ve received your test deposit before you can verify your bank account.”

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  • As long as it’s the info that’s missing, and not the actual payment.

    You need to budget big-time if you’re only being paid once a month!

  • I haven’t even gotten my paycheck yet. I usually have it by now. Ugh!

  • I saw the payment line today but no DHL number. I just tracked my cheque using the payment number.

  • I guess the thing to keep in mind is that AdSense is Google and they are a big company with plenty of cash. The money will come. I understand the pain of not seeing it on time if you’re tight for cash but it sounds like it’s not far off.

  • The U.S. had a three-day weekend, which is probably going to delay everyone’s payments somewhat as well. I received my EFT transfer Tuesday, which given the holiday weekend, is when I expected it.

  • good point Miachael.

  • I actually got my payment a few days early this month which is odd but im not complaing

  • Jon

    I received my payment (EFT deposit) on Friday, 26th. Not too much delay. But I admit nervous people are contagious, I was becoming a little bit anxious myself seeing all the posts coming up in adsense related forums. He He

  • Here is a perfect example of why you should never focus on just one income stream – even if it is something as big as Google.

    As one poster said “You need to budget big-time if you’re only being paid once a month!”

    If you only have one income stream and the cheque is delayed you could easily be stuffed before it finally turns up. Multiple streams = multiple cheques that can tide you over any delay.

  • Wow, one of the few times a US and UK holiday tie up! I had noticed that the payment line took a while to show up, and I thought ‘oh well it’s a bank holiday here’ – seems like it was a long holiday in the US as well.

  • Not only was there problems with delays, but I know many Canadians who were paid with the currency exchange rate reversed.

    As true to the Adsense team code….they fixed it up quickly and professionally.

    I was holding my breath this month, but they got it right this time. Lucky thing the currency difference between Canada and the States is minimal these days..