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Increasing Blog Readability

Posted By Darren Rowse 31st of October 2006 Blog Design 0 Comments

One of the more recent additions to my RSS feed is more minimal – a blog about… minimalism.

One of the latest posts on it relates to blogging – five ways to make your blog more readable.

  1. focus your content
  2. reduce the amount of text on your page
  3. stick with simple fonts
  4. dump the blogger bling
  5. be smart about color

It’s a nice list.

One of the problems that many bloggers (including myself) fall into from time to time is allowing their blog to become cluttered (yes – I’m guilty of it). From time to time it can be worth doing a spring clean and getting back to basics. Some of these rules might be helpful in doing that.

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  • Good tips, KISS is the right idea…Keep It Simple Stupid…

  • I think that a lot of times, people write a lot of stuff per post to make it search engine “friendly”, but keeping it short and sweet is better for the readers!

  • I think “increased readability” is an important objective for all bloggers. Readers are bombarded with so much all day long. Bloggers and webmasters may be tempted to throw everything up to get more clicks or retain readers. But by cutting back, we can focus on what *really* matters and focus reader-attention in those places.

    -Mindful Entrepreneur

  • kit

    Thank you, Darren. :-)

  • I completly agree. Content isn’t going to mean much if people can’t find it. My layout is pretty much finished, but I’m still tweaking it. I tried to make sure that it was easy to read and easy to navigate. Thank god for css. I only have to modify a couple of files and everything changes.

    I installed WordPress as an after thought, but it’s running most of my site now.

    Time to get to work on content!

  • Good tips, thanks, Darren. I am studying about readability this days and I also find some things good, maybe you want to check it out: