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Increase AdSense Earnings with Competitive Ad Filter

Posted By Darren Rowse 22nd of November 2006 Adsense 0 Comments

Reader-Quick-TipsLuke Meshios from Webmaster SEO wrote the following reader ‘quick tip’:

Do you ever wonder why it is you get low clicks sometimes? 1 cents – 10 cents?

This is because the Adsense Publishers are offering low amounts. Some times they offer a low amount because they have Adsense on their website too. And they might get 10 cents a click for every 1 cent they pay. These sites are known as “Made For Adsense” Yep, it does suck!. But there is a way around this to increase your earnings.

Go to Adsblacklist, Sign Up, put in your URL and keyword, click generate. You will then get an extensive list of 200 sites to block in your AdSense competitive ad filter.

Now go to your Adsense account, Click on Adsense Setup, Then click on competitive ad filter, copy and paste the websites you were giving from Adsblacklist . Now wait till Adsense blocks those sites.

Sit back and let the earnings roll in.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Interesting tool, I didn’t know it until now. Did anyone see some results after implementing this? I presume it should work…

  2. Just signed-up and added blacklist to AdSense. Thanks as always.

  3. I’ve seen this suggestion posted in a couple of different spots. What I don’t get is why people think it will work. If low-paying advertisers are showing up on your site doesn’t that mean that they are the highest bidders? And if they are the highest bidders, how can you make more money by excluding them?

  4. ” If low-paying advertisers are showing up on your site doesn’t that mean that they are the highest bidders? And if they are the highest bidders, how can you make more money by excluding them?”

    Same question here. I don’t see how this will work.
    There is some use of blocking URLs in Adsense, because sometimes you may get not-so relevant ad. So blocking it improves your CTR. But not the CPC

  5. At first look I thought, “Wow, this is a great service!” Marios Alexandrou raises a very good point though – if these ads are showing up on your site, doesn’t that mean they are the highest bidder, and blocking them will effectively decrease your revenue?

    If there is an answer or explanation to this question, then indeed, this is a great service.

  6. Tks, for the Tips.
    I do got a lot of less than $0.10 per clicks. It’s really gets frustrating after working so hard to get traffic to your sites and end up getting less $0.10 per clicks.

  7. […] Vou testar o Adsblacklist, acabei de me cadastrar. A dica foi do Darren, do problogger.net. […]

  8. Cudos to Marios.
    This would have been exactly my point. Google always delivers the highest paying ads for your keywords. So if you exclude MFA-sites you’ll earn even less.

    Additionally decreasing the amount of bidders for your AdSense real estate cheapens it for everybody, since the remaining advertisers won’t have to outbid the ones you blacklisted.

  9. Good point Marios, I used a similar service a few months back and didn’t notice much difference………The way adsense works is……it shows the highest paying keywords available to your site….adsense does this job for you already.

  10. You can’t really argue with results. I made this change a few weeks ago and have seen about a 40% increase in my AdSense earnings… it’s possible that it’s just a holiday thing, but so far I’m pretty impressed.

    To test it out, late last night I removed all the URLs from my filter, and so far today my earnings have been abysmal.

    I believe the argument is that AdSense will often show the ad with the highest CTR, not necessarily the highest CPC.

    My experiments have certainly suggested that this is true. There is a side benefit in that you are providing a much better experience for your readers by removing ads that are purely MFA, or other types of spamminess… hey, I’ve coined a new phrase!

  11. Hmm… I might have a little more faith in this idea if it were open source and not a money-making venture. It seems that the money you save will just instead go towards your subscription to the service.

    Blocking competitive ads is one thing, but blocking ads for the express purpose of raising revenues might be seen as gaming the system. I am not saying that people don’t game the system all to hell, but this one might be obvious enough to draw unwanted attention.

    It seems to me that Google is going to see a lot of advertisers adding these blocks to their sites and begin to wonder what is going on. I would hate to see Adsense users banned for this behavior, but again, the commercial nature of the venture makes me a little leery.


  12. I went so far as to register and see what kind of lists it would generate for me, and didn’t see anything there that I’ve ever noticed in my adsense.

  13. I’m going to try this out. My click rates are very low so any improvement is welcome. If I end up with lower revenue overall I can always delete my blacklist.

  14. Adsblacklist v2 did not work for me. It reduced my earnings down to 50% !

  15. What’s the harm in trying it? If it doesn’t work, remove the URLs.

  16. @ the guys talking about MFA might be high paying as they appear on the site

    think about it, their main goal is to drive traffic to their site at low cost and generate outgoing traffic through adsense on their pages at higher rate to make some cash in that transaction

    if they don’t make money from that, they wouldn’t have existed so believe me they pay less than anyone

    didn’t you ask yourself how can you get 0.01$ clicks sometimes ?

    even if they are paying well (i’ll assume that) will you give your visitors some garbage content like MFA sites ?

    one of the good things about contextual ads is that they add FREE content to your site and even pay you to offer it – isn’t that amazing ?

  17. I see no hard data being given in evidence of this, no one in the comments has said this works. Can’t find any testimonials.

    I am skeptical.

  18. 1. Adsense doesn’t show the “highest bidder”… They show the “most” relevant ads and order them by which should give you the highest earnings.

    2. Yes, this is “gaming the system” but still legit. The arbitrage sites are gaming the system even more and they’re legit, though for some not liked…

    3. This will increase earnings for those which adsense ads persist mainly of MFA/arbitrage ads. But many will not see any real change, and some will decrease their earnings. Test, test, test…

    4. It’s not as easy to make it work good as it seems… http://stefanjuhl.com/2006/blocking-mfas-from-adsense-is-not-that-easy/

  19. If you are getting tons of low-paying clicks, the best advice is to lower the amount of ads showing. Its counter intuitive, but very effective. I went from having 3 ad units showings, to just one leaderboard and my earnings are way up. You may lose a few clicks, but your existing clicks will go from $0.03 to $0.50, which is a big jump.

  20. It increased my earnings a bit.

  21. Stefan is right “Adsense doesn’t show the “highest bidder”… They show the “most” relevant ads and order them by which should give you the highest earnings.”

    I think its worth a try. I’ll watch for a week or two and try to remember to post back here.

  22. I am not entirely sure whether filtering these advertisers has increased my pay-per-click, since Google’s latest Adwords Algorithm had already increased my pay-per-click before I saw this post. What I can say is that I LOVE getting rid of these low-quality sites and was excited to find somebody had gone to the effort of tracking them down.

    I am less worried about the pay-per-click than the experience of the users who click on the ads. Every person who clicks on an ad and finds junk is less likely to click again and more likely to resent my site. I am happy to be rid of these junk dealers no matter what they were paying. I just wish I had more than 200 filter terms alloted because I would like to filter out a lot more of these lousy advertisers.

  23. Nicky says: 12/10/2006 at 2:29 pm

    I did this, added in 200 to the filter and I’m freaking out right now. I went from making around $15-$20 a day to $40-$50 a day. In the 9 days of Dec. so far, I’m past what I usually make in an entire month. I’ve been jumping up and down all week. Is it a fluke? The holiday season? I have no idea but I pray to God it continues because I may actually be able to afford to get a car and pay some bills. Oh yea!

  24. nice tips, i edit my adsense right away!

  25. I have implemented this, it will be interesting to see what results come up..


  26. This is a great tip….you never fail to deliver value…Great Stuff Darren

  27. I’m starting to become skeptical of this. I just tried it and my earnings have dropped to half of what I usually get. I think the people who are listing their “gains” experience those because of the holiday season. On all my blogs during the holiday season, my earnings go out of the roof. But right now I’m trying this in the spring and it looks like my adsense is doing worse.

  28. Let see what happen next.. i try this adsBlack List
    Thxs for the Info

  29. I was try but not yet make good result…
    I hope tomorrow will be better ^_*

  30. do we get caught by google for using this trik?

  31. don't know says: 07/03/2007 at 2:04 pm

    I don’t trust some of what Pro Blogger claims.

    It’s not good business to help the competition, which is what we bloggers are.

  32. im not sure yet would this action work,just register and give a try.

  33. I have tried, my earning fall. It does not always work i think.


  34. I tried this before and it didn’t seem to work.

  35. tried the filtering . Still the CPC is too low.
    below 2 cents per click.

  36. Hello ProBlogger adsblacklist is not working. Please suggest me other source.

  37. I have been put adsense into my blog, but my CPC is very low, 1 click only 1 cent. Why ?. Please, give me your information.

  38. i’m looking for Competitive Ad Filter list. where do i get it?


  39. nice post. I’m having a few tweaks to implement thanks to this post. I might give it a limited test, don’t want to wind Google up.

  40. I never know the result, if I too afraid to try it. Let see a few week later, is it working or not.

  41. You’ll never know for yourself unless you try. For those who are afraid to try it, then don’t. For those who are willing to risk and try to improve your earnings then try…

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