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Huffington Post Releases Complete Guide to Blogging Book

Posted By Darren Rowse 9th of December 2008 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

In the last few days a new book about blogging has been released – this time by the editorial team of one of the biggest blogs in the world – The Huffington Post.


The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging was released on 2 December so I’m yet to see it (I’ve just treated myself to a copy for my own Christmas Stocking).

Chapters include:

Part 1

  • Getting Started
  • Getting Notice
  • Finding Your Voice
  • Community: Creating and Building It

Part 2: The Blog Revolution is Here! Be a Part of It

  • A Blog is Born: A Brief History of the Huffington Post and Its Impact
  • How the Blogosphere is Remaking the Media

Part 3: The Huffington Post Resource Section

  • The Huffington Post Blogroll
  • Glossary of Blogging Terms
  • Website Resource List
  • Best of The HuffPost Blogs
  • Acknowledgements

Looks like this will be an interesting read. It’s good to see Amazon giving the option to bundle it with the ProBlogger book – hopefully they make a nice companion set.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Yeah, I saw it and Arianna on Comedy Central’s Daily Show the other night. Jon Stewart showed he didn’t know a thing about blogging.

    But I will definitely be picking up the book soon. Looks like it is packed with information.

  2. Looks like an interesting read. I’ve always enjoyed the Huffington Post. However, no offense to them (or to the Problogger book) – I still think the best advice on blogging is a healthy combination of blogs (like this one) and personal trial-and-error.

    Books look nice on a shelf though.

  3. I just purchased it also.. I’m glad they’ve included the resource section in the book, it’ll be nice to have huffpost’s best blogs and blogroll. Thanks Darren.

  4. Im reading through the book as we speak, and im hoping to put some of the advice into action!

  5. Nice, another place for me to point blogging newbies. First impression it looks like Problogger book is a bit more user friendly, but what can you tell from a table of contents anyway.

    I think this is another stab at dieing old media.

  6. I want to know if Problogger will send one book to one of his lucky readers for Christmas gift.

  7. Definitely one I’m going to add to my wish-list, I’m impressed that they’ve put this out there and got it rolling. I guess for a ‘company’ of their size though, and with that many writers it must be so easy to put out a book like this, so many minds to work together.

    Thanks for sharing this Darren

  8. I also think that personal trial-and-error is a good way. But the real advantage on this kind of books is the ‘Website Resource List’… Thanks for the news.

  9. I will wait to read your analysis of this book Darren. I hope you will be writing about it once you open your Christmas presents!


  10. I’ve been reading this since it came out on the 2nd… so far, I’m very impressed with it — but not as impressed as reading ProBlogger. :)

  11. I’ll have to take a look at this book, I don’t know if it will help me in my blogging efforts. I blog about the environment and renewable energy resources and I am having difficulty getting a large audience. I realize this is a narrow topic, but…
    Hopefully I’ll gain some insight from the book, thanks for the review Darren

  12. Jorge says: 12/09/2008 at 1:50 am

    I’m interested in reading this book. So far from the books that I’ve been reading on blogging the ProBlogger one really rocks!

  13. I thought Huffington came across as a dolt on Stewart’s show and damaged blogging’s reputation considerably. she should keep her mouth shut, her face out of the press, and just fade away.

  14. Sound like the “making of” of a classical movie. Should be interesting.

  15. Any tips from the popular blogs is always helpful.

  16. I still need to get through ProBloggerBook! With all this reading when will we have time to actually blog

  17. Thanks for the heads up. Please let us know weather it’s worth our while to purchase it. I’m watching every penny and waiting for your review.

  18. Looks kind of interesting. Your review will help me make my decision on whether or not I will be reading this. It seems like it is a really short book if it is only three chapters. I don’t think there will ever be anything compared your book and I guess you have to give everything a shot.

  19. I’ve learned so much from your ProBlogger book. So, I will definitely check out the new Huffington Post blogging book, especially since you’re recommending it. I’m glad to see that it’s also offered on the Kindle edition. That makes it easy for me. :)

  20. I bet there will be some great information in there. They are not one of the best blogs for nothing.

    What if Perez Hilton wrote a book. Would you buy it?

  21. I am totally buying this book. I have been a huge fan of the Huffington Post for years. They are at the top of their game and if there is anyone to learn from, it’s them!

  22. I had the Huffington Post use an image of mine without crediting me a few months ago. I asked them repeatedly via email to credit me or remove the image. Thanks for the reminder — I’ll get back on that.

    I don’t want this incident to ruin my view of their book but I have to admit that I don’t hold them in high regard. Every other blog I contacted about my stolen image complied. (I had a few Sarah Palin photos back when most of the world didn’t know who she was. All I asked for was attribution.)

  23. I finally had to give up on the idea of buying a lot of blogging books b/c things change a lot. So when I can I go to the public library. the only prob is that they are about a year behind. However, I did find “clear blogging” in the PL. good since it costs 25 at barnes

  24. I would like to know if there is anything in this book that is not included in your book. Is it a book mainly for people who know nothing about blogging? Or is there some really new and useful content.

  25. Although I respect and admire the effort, I have to point out that names like Arianna Huffington, Nora Ephron, Harry Shearer and Jamie Lee Curtis are going to garner attention on name recognition alone. Will their advice really help a blogger who doesn’t already have a recognizable name or brand?

  26. Since they are #1 on Technorati’s authority list I’d say it will be a worthwhile read.

  27. This book is very new but I am not sure if this book contains any information that is not already on the net. There is a funny yet true comment in here, reading a lot but when will you actually blog. It’s like to learning the manual to a car but never drive it. Sure, you will hit the pavement a few times, make a few wrong turn, and may damage the front and rear bumper a little but, but eventually, you can drive that car. I have thinking about starting a blog a really long time but never get down to it because I thought I wasn’t ready since there are too much info to devour. Then I just forget what I “memorize” and start a blog anyway. I will learn along the way, it’s better for me this way. I will need to hear some more feedback on this before I will read it.

  28. Nimble SmartPartnership to bundle the two books.

    Somehow I thought the HP would initiate many partnerships.
    With social media it makes inherent sense.
    Perhaps you might advise them?


  29. I wonder whether this latest Huffington book will be as “explosive” as one I bought a few years ago. I was speaking at a conference in Los Angeles, and Arianna was one of the other speakers (a much more celebrated one than myself, i should add). Anyway, after listening to her I was moved to buy her latest book.

    The trouble started at the airport, en route home to the UK, when I was stopped for having something suspicious in my bag. I have to admit feeling more than a little worried; it was only a year or so after 9/11. Eventually after biting my nails to the core (figuratively speaking!) for about fifteen minutes they extracted Arianna’s book. The new lacquer coating on the paperback cover apparently was giving off an odour which the bomb detectors had picked up.

    On getting back home to the UK I wrote encouraging her to keep on writing “explosively”, but preferably stuff that can pass through an airport without my having to worry about possibly arriving in Guantanamo Bay rather than good old England.

    I’m looking forward to this latest output.

  30. What does Arianna have to say that can be of benefit to anyone? Start with millions and you’ll have a popular blog up and running in no time?

    She’s working with a different business model than the rest of us are.

  31. Chris Jacobson, Debbie and Jorge – you’re too kind. I’m glad you enjoyed the ProBlogger book.

    Atlanta Wedding Photographer – the ProBlogger book is in many libraries now so it’s a good way to read it for free. If they don’t have it yet – some libraries will order copies in.

    deb and Joshua Dorkin – yes you’re right – Arianna (and some of her writers) did have names that helped launch this blog. I don’t think anyone will argue with that. I guess that’s worth keeping in mind as one reads their book – but I don’t think that should write them off in terms of what advice they might bring. They obviously got to where they are for a reason so perhaps might have something worthwhile to say about building brand/reputation etc.

    Frugal Dad – you’re right – there are some people who read so much about blogging that they never do any – best way to learn is to do, however sometimes some learning can help if you then go and apply it.

  32. Dear Darren,
    I’ve been a devoted fan of your work for quite some time. I find your information extremely helpful and presented with a good deal of objectivity. It’s clear you are sincerely interested in helping your readers succeed.

    However, this is one recommendation I would not follow. I’ve read some of the stuff on Huffington and find it abusive and toxic. I’d never support the Huffington Post regardless of how “successful” their blogging methods might be.

  33. Thanks Darren, the books you are recommending are good, i haven’t yet read anyting from the Huffington Post, however if you recommend I will. Thanks.

  34. Interesting blog and creative writing.Keep up the good work.
    Nice book , i am looking forward to getting a copy of it .

  35. One has to be very passionate about what one is going to blog. I one’s heart is not in to what one is writing about, the connect never take place and writing is nothing but some verbose diarrhea. I have read some blogs where the blogger was only interested in making money. One has to be very passionate about what one is trying to convey or blog about. Visit some famous blogs before initiating your own one.

  36. Well, that’s interesting.. Do they have a chapter covering their blunders..? :wink:

    Cyber hugs from North Georgia.. :)

  37. I just finished reading this book the other day.

    It’s a pretty good read as far as intros to blogging go, especially for people who are interesting in starting a political/news blog. The section on monetizing your blog is pretty weak (only a couple of pages) and some of it is simply not feasible (e.g. calling on former elected officials to help launch your blog), but overall, it’s not bad. It aloso has an interesting look behind the scenes at the Huffington Post.

  38. actually a very comprehensive guide to blogging both for the novice and the blog genius. well recommended.

  39. Heather says: 01/28/2009 at 8:00 am

    This book is awesome…Love the Huffington Post! :) Very informative and a great blogging guide :)

  40. I recently bought this book and am halfway through it. It has already started to transform how I blog. It is probably better for newbies than experienced bloggers. On pages 21-24 it asks “Why Do You Blog?” and offers some possible answers. Respond to the same question by responding to a survey at http://summittoshore.blogspot.com/

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