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How to Write Great Content for Your Blog In the New Year

Posted By Darren Rowse 28th of December 2009 Writing Content 0 Comments

As part of Best of ProBlogger 2009 series – today I want to look at the topic of ‘writing content’ and present a series of posts that went live this year on how to create compelling blog content – after all, it’s a cornerstone of successful blogging that bloggers simply can’t ignore.

  1. How to Get Write Compelling Blog Content
  2. 20 Ways to Write Posts that are Guaranteed to Grow Your Blog
  3. How to Use Google’s Wonder Wheel to Find Topics to Write About
  4. 13 Types of Posts that Always Get Lots of Comments
  5. Why Stories Are an Effective Communication Tool for Your Blog
  6. 12 Types of Stories You Can Tell on Your Blog
  7. 3 Principles of Effective Communication
  8. 7 Tips on How to Write Sticky Memorable Blog Posts

What tips did you learn about writing great content for blogs in the last year?

About Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

  • Rob

    What I learned was never doubt yourself. If you can finish off the article knowing that someone is learning a piece of valuable information thats quality content.

    I also learned to build conversation on a blog you need to be able to involve readers, by asking them a question for their input anything to spark a conversation.

  • Thank you for the links. These will keep me busy this week, but “good busy”, as I read through them, digest them, and apply them in my blog (A Maui Blog).

    And before I forget, I want to wish you a Prosperous 2010. Thank you for continually sharing your knowledge and expertise with us.


  • Aah, this is just what I needed. Insta-bookmark material right here. I like the angle of looking back at 2009 in different categories. Makes it easier for me to decide whether I need or want to read the post or not.

  • Here are what I learn the past year in writing blog:

    1) I must say that write from your heart. If without passion, I would not be able to continue to write on my blogs.

    2) Focus on 3 blogs (the most). Too many will make you ineffective.

    3) Read other related blogs. So that you can update yourself, and at the same time link to them (may even get a trackback).

    4) Write your blog like a book.

    Hope it helps in my sharing…..

    Joshua Elliot

  • Excellent post.

    I have started a new blog and this post is likely to help me in creating great content for my blog. Thanks for this timely post, :).

  • Thanks for the great post. It gives me insights into writing excellent blog contents.

    Some of my other opinions:

    1. You want to write a blog that you are truly passionate about.

    2. Writing the blog is a way to improve yourself as well as others.

    3. A blog that you yourself would love to read it over and over and over again. Your own blog actually inspires you!

    Sometimes I am just amazed that by reading my blog, I got inspired by it! My blog is my own source of inspiration and motivation. :)

    Best regards
    Aventurine Lee

  • It seems that I have a lot to read. :) Those are very useful collections. Thanks, Darren.

  • Well since I started learning how to blog this year I guess I learned everything. I think when it comes to blogging the best tip I read and tried was to be personal no matter who gets upset. When you stir up trouble by being honest you may feel some wrath, but you will also get more loyal readers and when you piss a blogger off usually they write about you sometimes even linking to you. They may not say nice things, but when their readers visit your site to see what the person is talking about you can leave a good impression and perhaps pick up some new readers.

    A couple other things I learned is to have fun, if you don’t enjoy the long hours of tweeking, writing, reading, then working online is probably not for you. Anyway I have learned a lot form you Darren and wish you a happy new year.


  • I have found one main thing about writing content to blogs in my experience. That is, you have to write content with quality. Everyone know this. Isn’t it? But i have learned a technique to write quality content.

    Here i share with you.

    When ever i try to write a post, first i choose a main topic to write. Then do some research and learnings to accomplish it. What i really doing differently is, i prefer to write the post about what i learned when i did research than my main topic. Here what happens now? I choose a main topic. But i can write now two posts. I often see the post i write about learnings when i did research get much more response than my main topic. This way i am giving quality content to readers and giving more quantity content to search engines.

    For example, When i choose a topic about how to customize background in thesis theme, i am searching for that and learning some other customization technique for thesis. So i write both of them in my blog. This way i offer quality writing.

    Hey bloggers, what are your techniques…Share with me!

  • I gonna spend tomorrow night reading those articles. thanks

  • I learned to listen to my audience and write to their issues

  • I learnt a simple truth, to just get on with it!
    The more I sit and read endless posts about writing is the day I just give up and simply become a reader.

    I’ve found that to just write everyday is a good thing, online and offline, as the more you write, the more you know where your blog is headed for the future.

  • enoy it ^_^

  • Hello Darren :)
    I learned few thing in last year of blogging which i would like to share with everyone :
    1. “Never give up , keep on writing and blogging ”
    2. “Commit mistakes as much as possible but not repeatedly while writing ”
    3. “Never hesitate to ask help from others to improve your style of writing”

  • Good points ProBlogger

  • Yes, well, I can say that by following some of the tips in these posts lately, I’ve managed to create a few posts that got some tweets, comments and created a mini-buzz.

    Tactics you describe definitely help a lot, and thanks for that

  • Ray

    I have a relatively new blog, and didn’t really work hard enough on it at first, but I have learned that if you just keep writing it starts to get easier and the words just start to flow. At least that’s how it works for me. How about you guys?


  • just write anything you want. But make sure, never stupid articles..

  • Yup , Writing best of posts reduces bounce rates up to 75% !!! Strangely writing best of posts about other blogs have a good effect to as it may turn into a link bait . Smart ain’t I ?

  • Here, what I learned in last year of blogging:

    1) Write with passion, If you want to write on your blogs.

    2) Write on 3 – 4 blogs max blogs. I’ve 3 blogs and I can attest that they take time too.

    3) Listen you audience.

    4) Read other blogs in the same niche, and take inspiration.

    5) Learn from your mistakes.

    I hope you found this tips helpful.


  • This blog is filled with such GREAT information. Thank you so much for all you do! I’m looking forward to the other best of’s you’ve put together for us!

  • What a great listing of links. I hope when I take a closer look at each these, my blog will be all the better for it. Thanks for this page!

  • Great post. Some good resources there.

  • Darren and everyone else,

    I have learned the following:

    -Provide a short summary at the end of the article
    -Make it scannable (learned this from the ProBlogger Book and my experience reading blogs that are not scannable)
    -Make your point very clear and as soon as possible
    -But, at the same time make sure you have good reasoning for your points (have some background)
    -Think outside the box
    -Do not just write a big comment, meaning that you should not simply copy all the key aspects of a similar blog post and add your own thoughts
    -Write out your thought process before typing the article (make sure it will all make since in the end)

    Sorry for the long list, but it could really go on because writing is important and along the way I have gathered many tips.

    Best Regards,

  • An amazing list I gotta peruse and practice ASAP!

  • Darren – Nice post again, as usual..

    Here are some items I have found to be helpful with my blogging and overall content…

    – use StumbleUpon as a quick way to gather ideas
    – read more than you write
    – consider what type of posts you like, personally…chances are these of the type of posts your readers will enjoy as well
    – don’t be overly critical of your writing…Like your high school photos, your writing as well, will look wanting over time.
    – plan your posts before you open up the WordPress editor
    – have fun doing what you do…your readers can tell if you’re faking it.

  • Do not just write a big comment, meaning that you should not simply copy all the key aspects of a similar blog post and add your own thoughts.

  • Thank you Darren, I have read some of your blog post that you previously write.

    All of your blog post are really helpful.

  • In the last few weeks I’ve been dedicating at least an hour a day to learning copywriting and headlines. Doing a lot of reading here at Problogger and Copyblogger… I learned how powerful magnetic headlines can be and that you should practice writing in all different types of styles.

    This is such an exciting journey =)

  • Great list of posts. all VERY helpful.

  • I focus to newbies to write a great content. There are thousands of people try to build a blog everyday. So why no create a content that can help them

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you . . . so much for the great articles on “writing content”.

    Lots of practical advice to get me off dead center.

    Have a wonderful holiday, Darren.

    Mike Wilke

  • Happy New Year. I look forward to your posts throughout 2010. Things that really stuck with me:

    1) When leaving a comment on someone’s blog, leave a meaningful comment. In the rubberstamping world, “great card” is what I used to write before you put me on the proper path.

    2) It’s all in the “title”

    3) Write “subscribe today” in the bottom of my post.

  • Such awesome information always. Successfully blogging is more than a full-time job, but these tips at least make it a lot more enjoyable.

    John Sternal

  • Thank you for the links. These will keep me busy this week, but “good busy”, as I read through them, digest them, and apply them in my blog

  • I have found this blog really useful and I am going to book mark it for the future as it will help me write and produce really good blogs

  • You are the Technorati authority !Thank u of your information.I hope my blog will be up in the coming year 2010.

  • it was awesome.happy new year to you all.

  • Hey,

    What i learned from blogging is whatever you write,
    1. write with confidence & should not be fake,
    2.Read other related blogs as much as you can it gives you inspiration to proceed with your own blog
    3. Plan before starting writing.


    This post is really a good help for all of here. Thx for sharing. :)

  • The website was really fantastic! Lots of nice information and creativity, both of which we all need!

  • Thanks for the sites…

    I will try to visit these sites gather more information…

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