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How to Work Out What To Focus Your Time On

Posted By Darren Rowse 27th of November 2015 General 0 Comments

How to Choose What to Focus Your Time onDo you ever feel like you don’t have enough time to fit everything in?

Like there’s an opportunity  staring you in the face to start something new but to take it on would mean everything else you’re already doing would suffer?

You know the feeling – you’re

  • working away on your blog
  • creating content
  • updating your FB, Pinterest, Twitter accounts each day
  • responding to comments and emails
  • reading and commenting upon other blogs
  • creating the occasional eBook
  • updating your advertiser page

And then all of a sudden, the game changes. We’re meant to be across live streaming, have a podcast on the go, speak at events, guest post on relevant niche blogs, and be carrying out consistent brand work.

FOMO starts creeping in… you feel overwhelmed… and afraid to say “no” to any one opportunity because what if it’s the next big thing? Your next big break?

I get asked by readers all the time how to work out what to focus upon, and I also get asked all the time – ‘how do you fit it all in?’

In today’s episode of the ProBlogger podcast, I want to tell you the truth. How I manage to write, blog, podcast, tweet, live-stream, speak at events, and publish books. What my strategies are, how I’ve learned to resourcefully use my time, and what I choose to say “no” to, so I can say “yes” to something else.

If you’ve got any questions or feedback about how your spending your time, or how I juggle all the responsibilities of being an online entrepreneur, I’d love to hear it!

The show notes for episode 65 can be found here.

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About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. This is the critical part to blogging success. Bloggers and content marketers have to diversify their time so that they can steadily create content on the fly and maintain valuable relationships with their readers.

  2. Good blog and interesting, I’m always rushing trying to get everything finished.

  3. Hi Darren,

    I have already subscribed to your podcast and loving it.

    Finding time to work out is really hard when you are working from home. I guess, one needs to develop a routine and schedule time for running, jumping or even hiking.

    Thanks for the things you are doing over here :)

  4. Hello Darren,

    The ability to concentrate is a key skill if you want to get any meaningful work done.

  5. For blogging, your tips are effective and helpful. Thanks for your nice article

  6. Hey Darren, I am loving the Podcsts and listening to them as I can make the time. Personally, I was never a comment-er of blog posts, but, I think that will be changing now, and not just for the traffic, but because the piece of content was great, like this one…

  7. It’s THE question … fear of missing out vs the fear of quitting something that would be a lucrative opportunity, but requires just a bit more work … not such an easy call to make.

  8. Thanks for sharing such an informative information.

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