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How to Use Blab Live Streaming to Grow Your Blog

Posted By Darren Rowse 16th of September 2015 General 0 Comments


NewImage.pngIn today’s episode of the ProBlogger podcast, I am talking about a new tool for bloggers and content creators that I’ve really taken to: Blab. It’s kind of like the lovechild of Google Hangouts and Periscope, and I’ve been experimenting with it a lot lately.

When I first heard of Blab I was sceptical, but over the next few days I noticed quite a few people I respect were using it, so I checked it out properly. It was broadcasting the speaker, much like other apps, but I quickly realised it solved a problem that I’d been having with Periscope – it was too much centred on me, and Blab meant I could have greater interaction with the people watching and listening, which was a much more two-way conversation.

In episode 44, I describe how Blab not only has been useful for me, but also how I think it can be useful to you to help grow your blog – from deepening relationships with your audience, getting ideas from chat and Q&A sessions, the ease of sharing Blab content, replays, continuation of videos, repurposing blog posts or posts you’ve written elsewhere, to the benefits of being able to interact in real time, whether it’s a keynote-style presentation or a more relaxed conversation.

I talk about how I use Blab, the basics of getting started, how I learned best practice, and tips to help you on your live streaming journey.

You can find episode 44 of the ProBlogger podcast: How to Use Blab Live Streaming to Grow Your Blog here, along with show notes and extra links.

You can also follow me on Blab here, and be notified of future broadcasts.

Are you on Blab? Leave a link to your profile in the comments.

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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. First of all thank you for your tips. Would you please tell me how to use Blab? and one more thing Is it effective for newspaper site or online shop??

  2. Thanks Darren
    Blabs are all the rage right now, and for the right reasons. I was on one with Wade Harman a few weeks back and the interaction with the audience was also what sold it to me. So much more human for everyone else and an opportunity to interact
    Have it on my list for next year!

  3. Billy Dunn says: 09/17/2015 at 2:16 am

    Hello everyone! I am new to this site so it will take me awhile to get used to the routine here. I just want to say that I have a passion for writing and want it to be a big part of my life. Til’ we meet again.

  4. Been loving Blab myself Darren. And yes, I have been listening in on your Blbas too, I loved yesterdays about the blogging mistakes! Great one! Thanks…

    • Great post! We find that if you’re targeting businesses with your content marketing the first step is finding a topic that’s useful to your audience

  5. live streaming is a great way to engage people in real time conversation, get referrals, gain loyal traffic from live streaming, search engines, and social networks, in addition to winning sales on the spot.

  6. Darren, I am SO excited to Blab – per your inspiration – but I can’t find a decent HD cam LOL. So far I’ve been shut out twice. I need to find one with a compatible USB port before I take off for the tropics again. I’ll get the camera and yes, I will be Blabbing. Fab tool, and I too love the networking potential on the platform because you can bring folks onboard to chat, to connect with and to offer a different perspective.


  7. Hello Darren,
    Blab seems to be a very useful tool for bloggers, although its the first time I’m hearing about it but from this podcast, i can see that its really very important if used well.

    Will have to check it out myself.

    Thanks for sharing.

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