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Day Four: How to Publish, Promote, and Propagate Your Article

Posted By Guest Blogger 3rd of February 2017 Writing Content 0 Comments

A System for Easily Publishing Consistently Great Content - Pamela Wilson on ProBlogger.net

This is part five in a series on Content Marketing Strategies from Pamela Wilson of Big Brand System.

It’s your fourth and final content production day: time to hit publish!

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Your content marketing job doesn’t end on the day your article goes live. In many ways, it’s just the beginning of your efforts to make sure your information gets in front of as many people as possible.

Day 4 Tips

Publication day is the day your content promotion process starts. This article you spent three days crafting deserves attention, and it’s your job to ensure it gets it.

How can you do that? Try:

  • Making yourself available in your comments section to answer questions and interact with your readers. When readers see the author is available, they tend to show up and speak freely.
  • Promoting your post across the social media channels you use: don’t be afraid to post multiple times on the day of publication.
  • Emailing your article to your list of readers or including it in your email newsletter.
  • Going back to previously-published content that gets traffic and “linking forward” to this content when it complements the information on the previously-published page.

Not all content fits in the “epic” category. But when you write an especially good article that you know would help a specific group of people, reach out to other website owners and ask them to share your content with their audience.

To do this, consider sending a message that sounds like this (feel free to add details):

Hi [NAME],

I have learned so much from reading your site, [URL]. Thank you.

You share valuable information about [TOPIC], so I thought you might want to share my latest article, [HEADLINE and LINK] with your readers. The focus of this piece is to help readers [HOW THEY’LL BENEFIT FROM READING].

I appreciate anything you can do to help me get this content into the hands of the people who need it: thanks in advance for your help.

Best wishes,

It’s not easy to write strong content week after week, but dividing the work up over several days makes it feel less daunting. And building time into your schedule to step away from your post and return with fresh eyes will make you a better writer and editor.

To make this system work, decide on the day you’ll publish and put it into your calendar as a repeating event.

Then set up repeating events for your Day 1 tasks (Build Your Article Backbone); your Day 2 tasks (Fill in the Details); your Day 3 tasks (Polish and Prepare to Publish); and your Day 4 tasks (Publish, Promote, and Propagate).

Feel Free to Ignore This System

One important note: if you are not a “systems” person, and you find processes like this too constraining, please don’t feel like you “must” follow the information in this chapter to create your content.

This system has worked beautifully for me, and some of my best content has been created when I use it. But I don’t write every single piece of content this way — sometimes a deadline looms and there simply isn’t time to spread the content creation process out over time like this.

In those cases, I still end up using these basic steps, but the time between them is condensed.

For example, I still try to write forward when I write my first draft — not allowing myself to go back and edit as I’m writing. And I still build in time between writing and editing … but sometimes instead of 24 hours, it’s a 30-minute lunch break that gives me enough time to think about something else and return to the content with fresh eyes which are ready to edit.

In a perfect world, you would spread out your content creation process over a three-day period.

But we don’t live in a perfect world, do we? So follow this system when you can, and when you can’t, don’t worry about it.

Does Your Article Rely on Research? Start with a “Day 0”

Not all content is based on extensive research, but some definitely is. You may write research-based articles all the time, or only occasionally.

Either way, if you need to add research to the mix, plan on adding a “Day 0” to your content creation system. On Day 0, spend time gathering resources and taking notes so you’ll have what you need when it’s time to write your headlines and subheads on Day 1.

Let’s Review the Series: A System for Publishing Great Content

  • Focus on creating less content, but higher-quality content. There’s always room for well-written and beautifully presented information — the best content rises to the top.
  • Spread your content creation process out over four days. This gives you space and time to do your best work.
  • Day 1: Build Your Article Backbone. Pick your topic and focus on writing an engaging headline and strong subheads.
  • Day 2: Fill in the Details. Fill in the structure you created on Day 1 with all your main copy: focus on speed and aim for first-draft quality (remember, no one will see this stage).
  • Day 3: Polish and Prepare to Publish. Do a careful read-through to proofread and polish your article. Spend some time formatting it for readability. And choose an image that will communicate and intrigue readers. (More on this in the next chapter.)
  • Day 4: Publish, Promote, and Propagate. Use this final day to put your article into circulation on social media. Give it a good push on the day of publication, repeating your posts about it several times on the platforms you use. Then add it to your long-term social media promotions, so you continue to drive readers to your content over time.

Thanks for reading! I hope this simple system will help you realize that content creation can be a fun, fulfilling, and effective business-building activity you’ll look forward to doing week after week.

Pamela Wilson is a 30-year marketing veteran and is the author of Master Content Marketing: A Simple Strategy to Cure the Blank Page Blues and Attract a Profitable Audience. Find more from Pamela at Big Brand System.

*Disclaimer: This Post Contains Affiliate Links.

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  1. I love your breakdown and system of creating a post to publish. I totally agree about adding in a Day 0 for research. It makes it so much easier when you know how much time it will take to gather the information you’ll need in order to write a good post.

    • Kalee, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      Not every post needs a Day 0, but if you plan to shore up your arguments with data and research, it’s a good idea to carve out some time to do before you create your backbone and first draft.

  2. This has been super helpful and opened my eyes to a lot of things I have been doing wrong in my starting months. Thank you!

    • Thanks for letting me know this was helpful, Brittany. Best of luck to you!

      • Hi Pamela,

        Great stuff.

        I really liked the idea “publish less but create in-depth content”.

        This is the same idea that I’ve been following for 2 years at my blog and the results were amazing.

        Google really rewards the site with amazing in-depth content. One more tip is to reach out to other bloggers by linking to their stuff whenever you write content.

        That way you build relationships and increase your blog’s exposure.

  3. Hey Pamela,

    The day when you publish your content is the day when you have to build your promotion strategy to spread it as many readers as possible.

    I like the idea of collaboration. That example of an email can help many people.

    Sharing each others’ readers can benefit both the bloggers.

    Social media is the place to increase the engagement. I use LinkedIn and Twitter.

    Thanks for this informative article.

  4. I am a new blogger and I have to say that I started to visit pro blogger after finding a very interesting post about some info that I was looking for. I have to admit that after receiving some of these great post on my email and reading through them, I have found on this blog a huge source of valuable information that helps me climb to a higher level every day.

    Keep up the great job!

  5. Hi Pamela,

    Like Ravi said promoting other people’s articles works really well. I email people for outreach here and there but love promoting the stuffing out of folks to prime the abundance pump, having fun and spreading love.

    Some folks promote me in return, expanding my reach.

    When someone has issues with getting traffic I advise them to promote other bloggers, Market bloggers. Make friends. Give for the fun of it. Then watch as your traffic slowly and steadily expands over time.

    Fabulous post here.


  6. Hey Pamela,

    Glad to read your wonderful post and I really enjoyed a lot while reading top to bottom. After crafting a perfect article – we think forward for publication day which is very valuable day because our audience decide regarding our article – whether valuable for readers or not.

    Promotion of content is considered as significant strategy of content marketing – we share our piece on several social media platform for better promotion and resuts. You have shared amazing tips regarding this subject and these tips should be followed by bloggers and online marketer for genius expecting result. Eventually, thanks for reveling a light on this topic.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

  7. Hi Pamela,

    This is my first time visit to your site and you are providing such a vast amount of information. Thank you so much.

  8. Great! The Guidelines you mentioned above are amazing and i’m going to apply these points to my website.

  9. Hey,
    The post indeed is very helpful for newbie’s like me
    who is still struggling in understanding how to manage the content on blog.
    Thank You

  10. Hi Pamela,

    I also submit the post to a content community, this strategy works well. But Don’t join the community and share your own articles. Share other articles and vote on other stuffs, be part of the community.

    • I agree, John: in real life, someone who only talks about themselves isn’t fun to be around. Virtual communities work best when they reflect the experience of “real” communities!

  11. Thanks for sharing this post. I will make a note.

  12. Hey Pamela, This is my first visit to your guest post here. This guide has been very helpful and I think it will help lot of newbies out there who need help in promoting content on for their blogs. Because I get lot of questions about how to promote your content I think this guide will help them.

  13. Nice guide, Pamela. The most important things for us bloggers is social media promotion. If you are not putting your content “out there”, even high quality content is pretty useless.

  14. I find articles like this extremely frustrating!

    …not because they are awful, but because they are soooo good!

    Pamela, I think you’ve done an incredible job and can’t wait to order your book and learn more from you. Thank you.

  15. thank you for sharing the system, sounds great to me and i will get back with feedback on how it’s working in the 5-days format at team level

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