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How to Optimize Your AdSense Performance [VIDEO]

Posted By Darren Rowse 25th of June 2008 Adsense 0 Comments

Two Australian AdSense team members, Mel Ann and Tim, have put together a good introductory guide to optimizing AdSense.

It’s not advanced but if you’re just starting out with AdSense it’s worth a watch.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Reminds us of simple things on Adsense we may forgot :)

  2. Darren,

    I just added adsense to my blog and I’m still trying to figure out how to use it effectively. This is a great introduction to me. Thanks for posting this video.

    The Geek Stuff

  3. Thanks for sharing this video. I’ve just started using adsense on a blog of mine (LINK) and I’m sort of ignorant about what to do. Thanks for the video, I’m sure the info will help.

    Also, the video would not play in your RSS feed, so I had to come to your site. I guess it’s a win-win: you get a visitor and I get to watch the video.


  4. Ok.Simple thing, but might cost more, if not taken care of.

  5. I am new to AdSense, will do the things you recommenede, thanks!

  6. hey Darren, Its nice. I also posted about it in my blog.

  7. Thanks for providing such a usefull optimization Adsense Tips. Its very good.

  8. that’s nice startup video!

  9. That’s worth it right there just for the one minute he talks about making sure your highest paying ads are first in the HTML code. My sidebar is the best for clicks, so now I have to figure out how to put that first in the HTML before my header, which also does pretty well (but not as good as the sidebar!)

    I guess using absolute pixel values… does anyone have any experience with this? I’m pretty competent with code, but have NO idea what is the best way to accomplish this.

  10. Adsense….argh!!! The shut me down after 5 weeks. One of my friends and family was trying to be supportive and clicked on my ads. ALOT I think!!!

    Google didn’t even give me a warning. They just shot me between the eyes and left me to die in the street! I appealed (begged) but to no avail.

    Any suggestions?

    Ms Sparky

  11. hallo.. I like your post (video), yach i hope i can create money from adsense… your video very useful…thanks

  12. That’s Darren,
    Great video,
    I will use some of these tips so I can optimise my ads on my blog.

  13. Indeed, a definitive guide to getting a basic Adsense unit set up in your pages. I am optimizing my adsense unit for very long time now, and believe that the background color of the web page and ad widget should be the same. Also, the text ads perform better than image ads. Also, you get the best choice.

    Darren, you have a referral button at the very bottom of your page, I would like to know how well it performs for you.

    Please check out my site, and the ad units placement and comment, how effective they can be.

  14. Good basic guide to Adsense.I also purchased Joel Comm´s adsense guide that has a lot of more advanced tips.I found it useful.

  15. Thanks for the info! Very helpful.

  16. Thanks for the video link. I really sucked at adsense (bigtime) eventhough my site has a lot of page views x.X:;;;

  17. Very useful video, thanks for sharing it with us.

  18. Super. It took almost a day to find this info. Thanks! Good job. :)

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