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How to Master Visual Customer Service in the Social Age

Posted By Guest Blogger 13th of November 2014 General 0 Comments

This is a guest contribution from Jennifer Landry.

There’s a reason why the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” is still used today: 90 percent of information your brain absorbs is visual and you tend to retain 80 percent of what you see, versus the 20 percent of what you read. Marketers have already jumped on the visual content bandwagon, but ads and content aren’t the only places where you can take advantage of visuals. Forward thinking organizations have also incorporated visuals and social media with customer service.

Visual customer service might be difficult to envision, but there are plenty of ways you can incorporate it into your own strategy. Take a look at your current customer service process and see how you can improve upon it. Do your customers have a lot of questions on how to use a product or put it together? Create a video tutorial. Not only does this improve customer engagement, it can save you a lot of time answering questions. If you think outside-the-box, you can better understand how to deliver a customer service experience that engages and helps your customers. You should also research what your competitors are doing and see what will work for you and what won’t.

The infographic below provides examples of how brands are engaging customers through visual customer service and seven tips on how you can do the same.


Jennifer Landry is a writer/journalist living in Malibu, California. 

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  1. This is a bit off-topic, I suppose, but could anyone tell me how I’d go about making infographics like those used in this post? Is there a template somewhere? I see these on Pinterest all the time and there is a similar look. Any help appreciated, thanks!

    • Indeed the graphics used in this post are awesome. You can download free infographic templates online. Simple Google “Free infographic download” or “infographic template s download”.

  2. This is a very cute infographics she used to present in the blog post. What website did she use to create this?

  3. To understand the importance of the visuals in marketing you used a visual. This is great and wonderful short article and a great infographics.


  4. Thanks for this

  5. Importance of Visual Content explained via Visual Content itself.
    I have been running a couple of blogs and have seen that the visual content (Images + Videos) gets more shares.
    Great post.

  6. Great article. We’ve tried Youtube videos but mostly to get word out about our service. You’ve inspired me to take it a step further and try customer engagement. Thanks!

  7. This is great and wonderful short article and a great infographics.

  8. Nice article !!! Great work !!! Yes Info graphic is the powerful tool for marketers to attract/capture more audience. The most impressed one is that fundersandfounders.com ( visual blog )
    where their info graphics works and data content of how they visualized to their audience is cool awesome

    I also want to try info graphics for my blog, but all are costly. So I started doing it on my own in power point :D


  9. while focusing much on info-graphics, sometimes it is forgotten that content must be optimized for search engine friendly.

  10. hi, This is a very cute infographics she used to present in the blog post. What website did she use to create this?

  11. Nice Infographic.. The pictures alone in the infographic tells the whole story. Visual customer services are quite important in this social age. As long as we socially engage with lots of people , we would be able to sustain our brand and identity.

    Ovais Mirza

  12. Thanks for the inspiration. I seem to be a visual learner so the infographic works well for me. I appreciate the ‘What Should You Do’ section to help get me kick started!

  13. Fantastic infographic!! I will take the idea for my website and apply it to visual consumers. Thanks a lot!

  14. vine and instagram is the best ever known apps for new trending social neworking for businesses anyway nice graphics keep up the good designing work :)

  15. thanx for the post that is all i need thanx a lot

  16. What type of infographic can a writing/editing business use? I need some ideas! Help! (Thanks.)

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