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How to Create an Instant Yes

Posted By Guest Blogger 24th of March 2011 Blogging for Dollars 0 Comments

This guest post is by Goddess Leonie of GoddessGuidebook.com.

Over the last three years, I’ve launched fifteen rounds of ecourses, four meditation kits, and two workbooks. It’s been a delicious combination of spectacular, exciting, and exhausting.

The thing about my business is that I adore creating new products. I love love love helping people. I need to make it as profitable as possible so I can support my sweet family and keep doing this thing that I love. But, oh gosh, I was so, so tired of launching products endlessly to reach my income goals.

Is anyone else tired of the launch process? All that marketing. All the deadlines. All the talking about it. All the effort to try and get people to see the value in what you’ve produced, and say “yes” to it. The sales pages, the tweet campaigns, the sequence mailing list emails. How on Earth do we find the balance between making money and not overdosing the ones you love the most—your clients and yourself—on the thing you do?

I knew there had to be a better way. I’m kind of a renegade that way. And as these things happen, there was.

Now, full disclosure time here: I’m a hippy. I make a living being a Goddess. So it’s totally, totally normal for me to come up with business ideas and strategies in my dreams. Which, of course, the Instant Yes did.

One night in the moments between nursing my newborn daughter back to sleep, I dreamed a dream. I got told to offer all my ecourses, all my meditation kits, all my workbooks—everything I had created over three years, and everything I was going to create for the next year. And I got told how to price it: $99 for a year’s access to over $600 worth of my stuff.

When I asked why I needed to do all this, my dream elders just said:

You want people to say “yes.” Without hesitation. With tremendous ease. Just: “I see what you are offering. It will help me beyond any doubt. Yes.”

So I listened, and they were right. Over 500 Yeses later, my Instant Yes has become the linchpin and the perfect income source for my business.

There is tremendous power and beauty to the Instant Yes. It means crafting an offer that is as simple as saying “Oh heck yes!” to. Without hesitation. Without concern. Without needing to be pushed or launched or funneled or marketed. All I need to do is turn up. Write. Create. Do the things that I was born to do. And my clients turn up, and say “yes.”

How can you craft an Instant Yes in your business? There are three elements to an Instant Yes.

1. It’s inexpensive

My program is super-affordable. Something clients can easily say yes to. And those who can’t? I created monthly subscription payments using Paypal, and offered that too.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. How can you make your offer affordable?
  2. What would they say yes to?
  3. How can you offer payment plans?
  4. How can you make it as easy as possible for as many people as possible to say “yes?”

2. It’s generous

I wanted to be able to give my clients absoolutely everything I had that could help them. My program gives away not just everything I had created, but everything I was going to create as well. Wildly generous. Everything my goddesses could want, I’ve given to them. Easily, it’s a yes!

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. How much can you give your clients?
  2. Why not give it all away?

3. It’s wanted

I already knew my tribe wanted a permanent membership home. They were asking for it again and again. And I knew my products were popular and needed. I decided to combine the two and fill the need.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. What do my people ask for?
  2. What would I want from me?

How can I make what I offer as Yes-able as possible?

In Twitter-speak, if you want an Instant Yes, make it:

Affordable. With payment plans. Be wildly generous. Give your people what they are asking for.

Thus, the Instant Yes. Personally, I think I’m starting a revolution. I wish more online businesses would do the same—offer everything they have for under $100. Launch less. Produce more. Market less. Let the clients flood in, and let their creativity out.

Have you offered your blog readers an Instant Yes? Let us know about it in the comments.

Goddess Leonie is the creator of the upcoming Business Goddess course and GoddessGuidebook.com, a popular creativity and spirituality blog for women.

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  1. Brilliant post Goddess. Thanks for sharing these ideas

  2. ‘Have you offered your blog readers an Instant Yes?’

    I hope so is an honest answer. I released a product last week that was based on something that I had a passion for and that there was just about a large enough market for (best guess), and more importantly, the possibility of actually increasing the market organically. I didn’t realize this until I started working towards the launch and other niches were coming to me – ones that I hadn’t even considered.

    The product offers a means of taking good photographs without spending thousands of dollars or years learning. It doesn’t pretend to enable someone to become the next Ansel Adams but it will enable them to take more than acceptable pics with a $100 point and shoot.

    Unlike previous marketing adventures I’ve gone into this one with the the stated goal of helping anyone who wants to improve their photography do so regardless of other considerations and that has changed everything. My day is twice as pleasant and my sales are higher than expectations.

    Excellent post and pleased that others are adopting this approach.

  3. Very educative material Goddess, although I have not made an Instant Yes yet after this read I feel I am up to the challenge

  4. The popularity of a product or e-book attracts more buyers thereby creating an Instant Yes.

  5. I am just starting on my adventurous in the big bad world of online marketing, and I really want to make sure everybody feels as if they’ve received value: my clients, their customers, and myself.

    Thank you Goddess, this has been very inspirational! Hopefully, in a couple of months I will have similar stories to share…

  6. Great post Leonie. That is something that I’m learning and keeping in mind now (it’s taken a while!) – provide awesome value, give people what they want and more – If you give people what they want, you’ll get what you want – it’s a universal law :)

  7. Providing your customers with tons more value than they would need to give in return is definitely a great practice for producing instant yeses. :)

  8. Salman Khan says: 03/24/2011 at 3:13 pm

    The greatest thing about marketing is that we sell the stuff which is not at times required by the customer. Nice content goddess, hope we all get instant yes sooner.

  9. These are some great tips… In my years of marketing a yes really only comes down to the value of what you have to offer. Make your offer as valuable as it can be and people will say yes.

  10. Great post leonie!
    I totally agree to your points.

  11. The concept of “Instant Yes” is interesting. The problem is, if you offer ’em everything you’ve got–you’ve got nothing left to give. Nothing more to sell, or to upsell–not until you generate another product, which of course, can take a significant amount of time.

  12. Hey Leonie,

    I think the idea would work well, not only for selling your products, but what if you say sell advertising space or you want people to pay money to be on your site for some reason.
    Make it affordable, do a lot for them and they will come to you

    Love your website by the way… very cool.

    Best Wishes


  13. Goddess Leonie, I enjoyed what you had to say about making products affordable and being very generous. I agree it’s important to give out products or services to people that are very good and affordable. This will help people tell others about your product as well from word of mouth. People love to save money and get more than their moneys worth! I will put into action what you said and see how it goes for me. Thank you!

  14. Yay, Leonie! Thanks for not being afraid to talk about the importance of putting heart and intuition into blog and your business.

  15. Sounds like this has worked awesomely for you! Does this work similar to “memberships” on other sites?

    Sadler did mention a good point. If you’re passion is designing and creating new products, this system would work well, freeing you up to focus on creation. It sounds like it needs to be evaluated in light of a blog’s/business’ particular goals. In some circumstances, it will work beautifully, in others, not as much. However, the main points are pretty universal (give your customers what they want, at an excellent price, and surprise them with going above and beyond what they expected).

  16. As someone who gave the Instant Yes to your program, I’ll vouch for its workability. And I’ve been giving it a lot of thought the last few weeks in the process of contemplating my own people-based business. GC works for all the right reasons, yet we’re hammered with the idea that we should give away one or two things but never everything. The ideas you’ve made your linchpin are so counter-intuitive that they round the bend and come back to totally working. This is certainly something that’s got a lot of (positive) weight in my own business planning. Thank you so much for sharing this sliver of nitty-gritty insight into your business, dearheart!

  17. These are really good questions to think about when creating a product!

  18. This is exactly the direction I’m headed…forseeing a world where a membership community gets to attend all my webinars and teleclasses free!

  19. This is really good stuff.

    Just to make sure I got this correct, youre giving away all your past, present and future products for a one time fee of $100?

    That is really interesting.

    Do you think this would be an effective strategy for those who don’t have any products yet? For instance, charge $$ for all upcoming products. Or use this strategy fr my first product launch…get this product plus ALL future products for a one time fee of $$.

    Just curious.

    Thanks for sharing!

  20. I recently did something like this with a client and it worked brilliantly. Not only did it bring in great revenue, but it reinvigorated the audience for new upcoming content. Particularly with digital goods, where the cost or selling more is basically nothing, this is an awesome way to generate revenue.

  21. Long-term, meaningful relationships + your customers/readers know that they’re contributing to the creation of your product = Yeses.

    I have not practiced this yet, but hope to in the near future :)

  22. This post really speaks to me, Leonie. It’s nice to get a perspective on selling from a more right-brained source than usual. I can relate to your goddess process and I love what your inner guidance told you to do. The idea of offering the whole kit and caboodle for one great price is very appealing. Thanks for sharing your “yes.” :)

  23. love your post Leonie. Lots to consider. I am looking to launch a business with physical products for sale, how would you approach this? Any tips?
    Thanks :)

  24. Great post Leonie, thanks for sharing this!

  25. Great article! HElps you open your eyes to how to grab that customer in

  26. The wrap-up at the end, where you put your advice into “twitter speak” is excellent… and SO true. When I first decided to go ahead and get trained as a professional wrestler (yes, you read that correctly) it was because the school I trained at had a great payment plan, it was cheap, it was what I wanted, and I got a TON of ring time and critiques for what I was paying. I didn’t think twice, I was IN!

  27. Hello Goddess Leonie, I like to think that I do offer an instant Yes to my readers. And my product is very affordable. Of course, the more people buy your products, the more popular it becomes.

  28. I totally relate to this post and idea of the instant yes. When I first launched my (first) membership site last year, I set the price to try and get those instant Yes’s. I got them, and it created momentum for the whole course.

    This year I relaunched the site trying to use a strategy of multiple pricing options suggested to me, and have had fewer sales than when my rookie outing. I think in trying to get people to spend more, it’s easy to over-complicate the sales process. I learned a valuable lessons as a result.

    Complicated offer = indecision = antithesis of instant “yes”

  29. Undeniably great points! It is easier to market products or services that most people can afford. You don’t have to wait for a long period of time for your products to be purchased. People will be talking about you and they will be seeking for your goods. You’d be able to double your profit in no time. Give people what they want, and certainly you’ll get what you want. A million thanks for sharing!

  30. Wonderful post Leonie, I visited your blog and it is so beautiful!

  31. Goddess Leonie, how delightful to read your thoughts on vibrational marketing! I love the idea of using generosity of spirit as a magnetic marketing tool!
    Much appreciation,
    Goddess Ahnalira

  32. Nice ideas. If you engage your customers by giving them value then definitely they will keep coming to you again and again.

  33. Thanks for sharing this. It gave me a lot to think about.

  34. This is amazing, it has got the questions moving through my head. This post has truly inspired me to build my blog to something like this.

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