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How to Check if a Site has been Banned from AdSense

Posted By Darren Rowse 6th of March 2006 Adsense 0 Comments

Jensense has been a little quiet lately as a result of speaking at and attending different conferences but today she’s posted a very helpful guide to Safeguarding yourself when purchasing a site for AdSense.

I’ve heard of a number of blogs being bought in the hope of adding AdSense ads to them only to find that for one reason or another those blogs have been banned by the program. Jen gives some helpful tips for avoiding this if you’re in the market for a new site.

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  1. I’m not sure why she didn’t mention if we could try to contact Google’s AdSense team directly to see if the site is banned or not? That should be a good and accurate way to check, right?

  2. Mark, I’m pretty sure that privacy policies and laws would and should preclude Google from disclosing that information to a third party.

  3. And even if they’re banned by Adsense, they could always throw Yahoo Publisher up there as an alternative…

  4. lets say this poor guy bought a url that has been ban by adsense, can he somehow use URL mask to re-enable the adsense, or perhaps he can insert a 250px frames, seperated from the content to solve the problem. is it possible?

  5. If the site itself has been banned due to content etc. then it would probably continue to be unacceptable.

    If however someone bought the URL (say it had expired so there was no actual website in place) and put up different content, could they just be upfront with Google and get the ban ‘reset’ ?

  6. andy: I bet they probably could but it would take a long time and a lot of effort.

  7. Huh. Never thought of this as a problem. It seems like it should be the person running the site, and not the site itself, that gets banned. But I can’t really think of a good way of enforcing this.

  8. Sites do sometimes get banned if Google feels the domain name is inappropriate. I had two sites with the words “diet pill” in the domain that were banned from running AS a year or so ago. I got a nice email explaining those sites weren’t allowed to run AS, but that my account overall was fine and my 100+ other domains were fine too. And even though the two sites in question were not selling diet pills or pharmacuetical related products – they were information only sites – Google disabled the AS on them. One other now that I remember it: Had “prescription” in the domain name.

    I’d imagine if a domain name sounded too sexual, or could be mistaken for a hate site, or had a cuss word in it, those might also get banned – regardless of how innocent the content might be.

  9. i still cant find any online tools to help me check whether a domain had been banned from adsense, if any. this will be helpful, cause i considering to buy over a website, and would like to check this. any help pls?

  10. is it a good way to check adsense preview tool if it is banned or not? because I see only public service ads for some websites which are on sale, although they have proper and enough content to attract ads and they are old enough to be crawled…

  11. I mean the Google adsense bot must have crawled these sites and there normally should be ads in the preview tool.

  12. Google adsense preview tool might be a good way. For some sites which are old and have good content show only public service ads and then I feel there is smt dodgy going on… But, if I would buy the website I would ask the adsense team saying its ownership has changed.

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