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Posted By Darren Rowse 26th of January 2006 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

b5media’s blogs have come to a standstill today.

No its not server problems and no our bloggers have not started a mutiny. No it’s much more evil and sinister than that.

In our private bloggers internal bloggers communications one of our bloggers, Jesse, introduced everyone to Escapa!

Before you visit the link – be aware you could be about to destroy your productivity for the day.

Let me know your record time – I’m at 21.12 second but there are b5’ers who’ve gone way past that :-)

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  • You know what’s funny is that games similar to this have destroyed many a days of productivity and yet I believe hard work should be rewarded with a little funlike this……right everybody?! ;)

  • Hmmm, I played it a couple of times and got to 18.2 seconds – bored now, to be honest. :)

  • 30 minutes and 18.859 was the best that I can go… I have to give up before I lose my mind on this one!

    But, while you’re on topic .. Can you (or perhaps anybody out there) help me with a private blogs? Perhaps you might find this to be a good topic to blog about on a slow day!

    I have a medical blog that I have been posting in both public but mostly in private mode (wordpress 2.0). It works, if I post it as a private entry. However, if I edit the entry – suddenly it goes to published and public mode, and my rss feed kicks it out with the pinging process. I hope that I was the only one linked to the feed in bloglines, and no one else saw the private information. I’d like to know if there are any tips you could suggest for peace of mind that a private blog is really private (without me reading the entire forums) /// Thanks in advance. \ HART

  • I’m not sure exactly, HART, but I think sometimes the post status gets set to published – you need to check to ensure it is still on Private (or draft). This may not be all there is to it – I publish very little in private mode but I do draft articles from time to time.

  • A.H

    21 seconds for me =)


  • 42sec

  • Andy.,, It’s easy to select the private mode during draft mode, or at the beginning, but like I mentioned.. it’s if you decide to edit it, or add to the post it switches automatically to publish status. Very annoying, but hopefully – I’m hoping there is a hack or plugin out there, or a secret technique to avoid that from happening. Maybe someone involved in wordpress 2.1+ might know if it’s an issue to be corrected?

  • Sorry HART that’s what I meant – when you edit it – you have to set it back manually. I seem to remember it did that in 1.5 as well.

  • 25.139 for me :-)

  • Oh .. by the way .. this is how you “win” at Escapa, according to … haha DUH no wonder it keeps speeding up too fast for me around 16 seconds.


    1) Lower your computer’s core processor speed. The blue blocks will then move around the screen slower since your computer won’t be able to compute the physics in the program fast enough.

    2) Set your core multiplier to 1 through your system’s bios settings.

    3) Visit the Escapa site and impress your friends!

  • 29.168 after 2nd try

  • Gp

    Oh darn! I need my medications now….oh man!!!!

  • Felt like I was doing a soccer training drill!!! lol, cool!

  • Optical mouses…


    Logitech, maybe other brands are doing better ;)

  • that was uber cool haha. 22.something

  • Mouse brand please?

    I am serious!

  • How can any game be as addictive as fishy?

    The only flash game that has held my attention for more than 5 minutes :)

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  • Bah, if you really want to ruin your whole week, go to I dare you to click on that link… :P

  • Fishy is da bomb :D I hit 25.13 on this and was happy. It was pretty easy once I figured out the pattern. I’m sure with another 20 minutes I could get above 30.

  • 27 seconds for me

  • you darren are an evil evil man! I have work to do and I am stuck playing your silly game. By the way, 38.45 seconds, it only took me 45 minutes! damn you! Not on topic but has anyone ever seen there listings disapear in google? yesterday I had 152 listings, all of my posts for 1 of my blogs and I was getting great traffic, then last night I was down to 52 listings in google. Any ideas anyone?

  • Arrggggg! Nooooooo… I just finished my 12-step program for CivIII.

  • Keeping private posts private: Hit Save, not Publish.

  • Mine was 11 seconds.
    Once you get the hang of it then you will get it.
    Its kind of easy in the beginning. You don’t need to move th ered box too much. But I think after 5 seconds the blue boxes start to move faster.

    Anyways, was fun.
    I hope Google could have introduce such game in China…so that the government would be busy…I guess you know what i m trying to say.
    You can see at my blog on that issue…

  • 20 seconds was my best, but yeah, bored after playing 3 times. Back to work I guess…

  • I only got up up to 12. I want to do better. But had to quit before my addictive nature got ahold of me.

  • 19.03 seconds after 5-minutes of play, then I had the self control to shut it off. I just hope that the rest of they guys in the office can do the same since I made the mistake of showing it to them…

  • 47 seconds! ;-)

  • Ash

    aaaaaaaaaarghh….daaaaamn yooooooooou escapa

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  • 23.312 seconds on the first try and I’m stopping. I can see how this could get out of hand :-)

  • Cursed game! Can. Not. Stop.

  • George


  • Hmm, 47, 43, 38, I think some people need a computer upgrade. Works well with a slow computer.

  • I’m at 23.438 seconds so far on Escapa…and I am wasting time at a record pace.

  • This is so addictive, I have played it for about an hour, I must be crazy :). just wanted to thank you, now I am smiling

  • Right, I shouldn’t have clicked on that link! It’s all your fault, darren. Warning us just lures us into doing it.