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How to Blog Like a Pro: Workshop on the Gold Coast Australia – Next Week

Posted By Darren Rowse 20th of May 2013 General 0 Comments

Next week (29th May) I’m running a special workshop at the Internet Conference on the Gold Coast here in Australia.

The workshop is titled – How to Blog Like a Pro – and you’ll get 4 solid hours of teaching in it – all delivered by me in a workshop limited to 40 people only.

The workshop has only previously been available to those signing up to the full 3 day conferences as an add-on but there are a few tickets still available and so I asked the organisers if we could sell them as a stand-alone ticket (i.e. you don’t have to come to the full 3 day event).

I’ll share how to get your discounted ticket ($75 off) below.

The Training will Cover

My goal with this day is to pack in as much information as possible – so come ready to learn!

1. My Story

  • How I got started and what can be achieved with blogging
  • 2. Introduction to Blogging for your Business

    • Why starting a blog is good for your online business
    • Recommended tools and platforms for blogging
    • Setting goals for Your blogging
    • Identifying Your Blog’s Reader – the cornerstone of great blogging

    3. How to develop a content strategy for your blog

    • How different types of content will help you achieve different goals
    • The Power of adding a Personal Touch into your blogging
    • The 3 ‘I’s’ of creating effective blog content
    • 9 types of compelling blog content
    • Developing an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog
    • The power of storytelling and how to collect them

    4. How to build a readership for your blog

    • ‘Build it and They Will Come’ doesn’t work
    • 9 Steps to finding readers for your blog
    • How to create content that people will want to share for you
    • How blogging fits into your overall social media strategy
    • 20+ techniques for finding new readers for your blog

    5. How to deepen reader engagement and build community on your blog

    • Why building community around your blog will take it to the next level
    • How to convert first time visitors into long term readers
    • 19 strategies for building community on your blog
    • How to deal with Trolls

    6. Monetizing blogs

    • An Introduction to 37 ways to monetize blogs.
    • 7. Questions and Answers

      • I’m happy to take any questions through the day and after the workshop – I’ll hang around for an hour after if there are any questions you don’t get the chance to ask during the actual workshop.

      Note: while #2 above is more focused on those who have an existing business that they want their blog to support – the rest of the workshop will be more general and relevant to all types of blogs.

      Also note – this workshop is focused upon teaching beginner to intermediate bloggers. We won’t have time to get too advanced but instead my goal is for you to come away from our time together with a good grounding in the key areas you need to go away and work on to build a successful blog.

      Other Details and How to Get Your Ticket

      Date of Workshop: Wednesday 29th May
      Time: 10am – 3pm (we’ll break for an hour for lunch)
      Lunch: is included in your ticket price
      Price: The full price of this ticket is $350 but for ProBlogger readers it is $75 off that price – so $275 AUD.

      To get your ticket simply head to this page, add your details, add ‘How to Blog Like a Pro’ to the Pre-Conference workshop field, choose the ‘Pre-Conference Workshop’ ticket option and enter the coupon code of ‘prop1375’.

    About Darren Rowse
    Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
    • That’s an impressive training list that you’re going to cover Darren. Shame I’m on the other side of the world, flying to the Gold Coast for one day wouldn’t exactly be practical :D

    • Great workshop Darren. Will you upload any video of the workshop on YouTube?

    • Hey Darren; is there any possibility to attend your session through online as I live far away from Australia but want to join you through internet; or do you make its video for sale or free distribution if so please let me know

    • Seem really interesting, but just 40 peoples.

      Question : I am an Indian and that’s engineering can’t leave my campus. Is their any chance to get video of this conference, it would be really great for those who can’t attend it but desire to be their.

    • Hi Darren,

      Thank you for the tips. A lot of great ideas that will give me start. I was literally scratching my head after creating my blog thinking “now what?” Thanks again!

    • If you upload a video of that workshop on problogger..then newbies like me will get alot help from that..

    • this is a great news…
      I surly try to attend this workshop..

    • Hi all – unfortunately there is no way to be at this event ‘virtually’. I am just presenting on this one so that’s a bit beyond what I can arrange.

      I can however promise we’ll have a virtual ticket for our ProBlogger Training Event in September. Like last year all the slides and audio of all 20+ sessions will be available to purchase as a virtual ticket. Stay tuned – we’ll announce how to grab your ticket in the month or so ahead.

    • Emma

      Hi Darren – just tried to register for your workshop but the payment screen displays $350 despite putting in your coupon code. Not that you’re not worth $350! But $75 is $75….got any advice? Thanks, em

      • Emma

        Hi Darren, thanks for your email. I’m now registered for the bargain price of $275! Really looking forward to it. See you tomorrow. em

    • That’s a great package you have here. It’s a pity I live in Africa and cannot be there. I hope you’ll upload videos on this blog for us to watch. It will help us who can’t be at the workshop.