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How Old Are You? POLL

Posted By Darren Rowse 5th of October 2007 Featured Posts, Reader Questions 0 Comments

Time for this week’s poll. This week I’m asking a pretty basic demographic question:

How Old Are You?

I’m asking this because I’ve heard a number of people recently speak about blogging as a young person’s thing – however in talking to many ProBlogger readers I’ve found that the age range is quite broad.

How spread are the ages of ProBlogger readers? We’ll soon find out.

If you’re reading this in RSS you’ll need to come on over and vote here.


Looking forward to seeing the results on this one!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • 23 for me, go youngins!

  • Just last week I made the jump from the 16-20 to the 21-25 bracket =D

    Feels good to be able to check that box!

  • I’m surprised that the 31-40 age group is currently leading!

    I wonder which age level will win.

  • lol, maybe you can put those of us in our 6th and 7th decade together?

  • I think personal blogging is still a young person’s thing, and by young I mean 16-24, maybe even up to late 20s. But professional blogging (including monetized personal blogs) I think is more people in their 30s and 40s. at least that’s who I know about making good money from blogging.

  • 26-30

  • I think Trula is probably right.

    The vast majority of “young” bloggers — 20 and under, myself included — seem to be personal bloggers. They’ve graduated from MySpace/Xanga, but aren’t ready to make the conversion to a topical monetized blog (of which I’m currently in the process). Guys like Carl Ocab are, of course, the exception to the rule.

    Very interesting poll, would’ve never thought to ask.

  • Go 30 Somethings!

  • This is interesting. We know you’ve got a huge reader base, but that’s quite a spread! There’s a study in psychology to be had here. That would be a fascinating read for all of us!

  • I’m a poor starving 18 year old blogger :(

  • 43 here. Cool to see people my age and older out there blogging. I’ve learned more since I’ve started blogging than I did in high school.

    What I like about blogging is it breaks down the generation gap. I can read someone’s blog based on the content and not care about the age of the person who’s blogging. So much to tell, so little time to tell. All ages can interact with each other and it’s great.

  • Kel

    I think the age divisions could be different… like… put 14 to 18 together to see high-school aged kids… etc…

    yay for 70 year old bloggers. I hope I’m blogging when I’m 70

  • I’m 32, been reading ProBlogger since I was 30.

  • Why did my comment not show up? and why did I get a message saying:

    WARNING: Dulpicate comment! Looks like you already posted that!

    But I only posted that one comment and it’s been over a month since I last posted a comment, and it certainly wasn’t to say how old I was!

    I’m 32, been reading ProBlogger since I was 30.

  • Many years ago, I used to think 30 was old! Now I think it’s young(ish).

    I wonder who is the oldest blogger in the world? Here’s one aged 92 –

  • Those of you who are of the mindset that blogging is mostly for the younger set might be surprised to find out that there are thousands of baby boomers out there who have been blogging for several years now.

    I am a professional blogger also, but I’ve maintained an almost daily post on my personal blog since April 2004.

    I am also still vain enough to be glad there are so many people even older than I am.

    Remember, you can’t ever tell about a person by their outsides.

    Also, the Blogosphere gives everyone a chance to become acquainted with people of all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, professions, etc. because ultimately we all have a lot to offer each other. In “real life,” there are so many obstacles sometimes, but on the internet? We are all the same. The internet is The Village – not that scary one in the bad movie, but the helpful one we all need in order to raise our children and bolster one another.

    Oh, and I have several older friends who have wonderful blogs!

  • As you grow older, you don’t feel older – just look it and get treated like an oldie. Inside, you are the same person, whatever your age.

    Perhaps the divisions into different age groups tell us more about attitudes towards contemporary technology – older people, initially less familiar with it, have more to learn and may be less likely to embark on blogging. Also, old people who are on low pensions are less likely to own computers or afford to use the internet.

  • your sample is going to be skewed Darren as you don’t write for a ‘youth’ audience, and I imagine most people interested in problogging will be older.

  • CatherineL —
    What’s so “horrible” about being grouped with 50-year-olds?
    Watch that ageism — with any luck, you’ll survive into cronehood, as well.

    Anne, about to turn 55 and proud of every well-earned gray hair.

  • 24 – usually the youngest in the room with my group of peers – nice to see im not the youngest here for once !

  • Was it how old I am or how old I act?

  • Paul

    I am 55 and trying to blog. Lots of ideas, lots of reading, but not much output. Oh yeah, I am also retired.

  • Deb

    Why are people questioning the validity of 70, 80 and 90 year old bloggers? These people have great stories and great wisdom to share. Maybe they need help with the html or the typing, but who’s the blogger the storyteller dictating or the typist manhandling the keyboard?

    Go 50’s. Which is a whole lot more fun than the 40’s; trust me.

    btw – I think there are just as many lifebloggers in the older ranges as there are youngsters.

  • No surprises so far. It is good to see a nice group over 50.

  • I’m Winning! HAHA:)

  • Darren I think you should do an article on bloggers over 70. I’m surprised 14 people already have entered as 70+ maybe they’re just screwing around though.

  • Just turned 21. ;)


  • Almost 24! Great topic Darren!

  • what survey tool did ou use for this and how well did you like or dislike it?

  • I think it’s really cool that of all the people voting, more than 100 of them are over the age of 50. You Go, Boomers!

  • Darren – It’s amazing that you can post such a simple poll and get this many comments & participants. Congrats!

    Also, I admire the sly way your collecting demographics. They’ll be useful for sponsors, etc, in the future. :)

  • kare – I believe Darren is using Democracy AJAX Poll:

    I’ve used it on my site, and it works well.

  • Amazing results as for now. I don’t expect the 31-40 is the highest. 1 year later I will join this group. :)

  • Andrew – actually I’m more interested in collecting this data to help me in tailoring the content for people – although I’m sure sponsors will be interested too.

    Kare – yep – it’s Democracy – a plugin for WordPress

  • Anyone up for a 14 year old blogger? :)

  • I just voted in the 51-60 category but I only just made it at the top end of that. That’s the beauty of blogging. It’s suited to all ages.

  • Hey great poll! I’m 28.

    My prediction that most bloggers will probably be in their 30s, maybe sharing a little with those of us in our late twenties. Either way, it’ll be close.

  • I’m 56. While I’m delighted to see my age group represented, I’d be proud if there were more of us. I must confess that I’m far, far geekier than most of my acquaintances who are more or less my age. Many of them use computers at work or at home, and some even surf the internet and use e-mail, but they are not very knowledgeable about making something appear on the internet themselves.

  • I had the perception that there would be a much smaller proportion of older bloggers that this poll is showing. It’s refreshing to have my stereotyped idea blown away!

    It makes sense though. The longer you live, the greater the depth of experience you have to write from, and the more you have to say … potentially, depending on what you blog about of course.

  • Dennis

    It’s nice to see that the majority of people up here is older than myself :)

    Don’t forget to vote for Darren at!

  • Anna

    I’m one of the under-aged visitors of this site. I believe that most kids my age think they know everything and therefore don’t visit sites similar to this one.

  • I am surprised to see that more in 31-40 than in 21-30 (combined 21-25 & 26-30)!

  • I have to laugh. I’m 64 and some of these comments, feeling old at 43 and all, crack me up. Old is how you view it. Yes, most of my older friends don’t get blogging, fear it, snob it, or feel left behind by it. Their loss. I have more friends now in their 20s and 30s, mostly because I do long-form improv comedy (no old folks in sight there!). I’ve been blogging for fun for 6-8 years and just launched my first professional blog (I’m a fiction writing coach). It’s a wonderful era for using the computer, if you know how. I’m sure glad I didn’t miss it!

  • I’m in the range of 31 – 40. I thought blogging is for young adults but it seems that there are many bloggers in that age bracket. I wonder why?

  • Truth be told I just wanted to be able to click on 26-30 one more time before I make the leap into the next category a couple weeks from now ;)

  • I just hit 30! Started blogging when I was in my 20’s.

  • Plain but Excellent poll, I am 21 now!

  • Kept this in my active tabs becuse it’s very interesting … certainly one of the best supported surveys I’ve seen too. I started reading Problogger three years ago when I was 59 … I always felt welcome here but thought I was probably the “grandpa” of the site … wow, look at the numbers for over 60 and over 70! A very pleasant surprise to me and the numbers of still climbing. The way the groups are polled can’t tell for sure how many of the 20’s and below are under 18eeners, but the numbers will be very close to equal for teens and seniors … something I thought would be the case some years in the future, but hardly now. I’m noted for always telling people to change with theimes but it looks like I was caught napping.

    And for you under 18eeners, welcome, you’ll be where we seniors are one of these days and may you have many successes along the way …and for the lady whose major problem in life is that she’s grouped with the “50s’ … be nice or we won’t let you advance to the 50+ club.

  • I am 41 and my who has a blog is 49, my Dad does have a blog but hasn’t used it in a long while and tends to guest post on one of mine now, he is 69.

  • I’m a 14 year old blogger too, and I mainly write about what I do and my local area.