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How not to get Banned from AdSense

Posted By Darren Rowse 19th of August 2005 Adsense 0 Comments

Good post over at Jen’s again on How to ensure your AdSense account will not be cancelled where she bounces of a page at Google on the same topic which lists 10 things you can do as an adsense publisher NOT to be banned from the program. They are pretty much common sense – but unfortunately they do need to be said. Even these first two points I see broken regularly!

‘Don’t click your own ads

I have been saying this ever since AdSense launched. It is amazing how many people don’t realize this is a problem even if they are “truly interested” in what is being advertised.

Don’t ask others to click on Google ads

Again, you’d think this was obvious, but not the the publisher I saw a few months ago with a huge 250×500 pixel image reminding visitors to click at least three ads a day, or else their free access to the site might be gone the following day.’

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  • OK, I don’t do any of the “bad” things (regarding AdSense LOL)

    So, why was I having “relevant” (and more interesting) ads until earlier today, when they suddenly reverted to all “blogging” ads?

    I have two ad units and they were each featuring different “relevant” ads…like for travel and jigsaw puzzles (which were mentioned in posts on the page.

    No new posts, but suddenly the ads have gone back to the low interest “blogging-related” ads. Since I don’t write ABOUT blogging, I don’t see why they reverted (they were like that for the first day or so I had them published, then they picked up topics that were actually mentioned on the page.

    I am frustrated by this, is there any rhyme or reason to it?

  • I never trully thought clicking your own ads was a bad thing! Once in a while I’ll click one of my own links because the link trully interests me. Is that a bad thing? Should I use another computer with a different IP and keep refreshing until the ad reappears?

  • It’s a bad thing Joe. Don’t ever do it – every time you do it you are one step closer to being banned from Google. I wouldn’t even do it from another computer. If the ad interests you look at the URL in the ad and just open it manually in another window. It’s just not worth the risk.

  • Gao

    Does anyone know anything about I noticed a lot of visits on my web site from them just before Google banned me from Ad Sense. Are they responsible for the illegal clikcing algorithm?

  • Everyone should know this 10 tips is a no no, but I guess if you dont know you just dont know.

    good reminder anyway.