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How Much Money Did You Earn from Blogging in October 2008?

It’s time for another annual poll here at ProBlogger – this one asking readers how much they earned in October 2008? I’ve run this poll a number of times over the last couple of years and the results are always interesting.

Just to qualify it – I’m asking about ALL blogging revenue that you can tie to your actual blog. Advertising, affiliate revenue, revenue that your blog might have brought in in terms of consulting etc. As long as you feel your blog drew the money in then I’m happy for it to be included.


Looking forward to seeing your results.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. I earned a bit over $10 in October from text link ads and submitting content to Associated Content.

    Things are looking up for November however! I’m looking to get around $30 this month.

    Sure, it’s not enough to cover my bills, but it is enough to pique my interest and keep me going down the rabbit hole.

    For December, I’m incorporating a couple affiliates like Amazon and Guitar Leads. They’re getting clicked on, but nobody’s bought anything yet. I don’t know if I should plug them in a post or just be patient about it and wait.

  2. Earned $47 from AdSense, $2 from Amazon Associates. Most of the ad revenue comes from old posts and search engine traffic, which is nice, because old work continues helping new people and generating more revenue. :D

  3. My blog brought in a total of $43.18 in October.

    Pretty good for a blog that makes all of its money from one source and was launced October 1…

  4. I made a little over three dollars from my one blog so far. $1.87 from adsense and $1.33 from amazon.

    Its amazing to see other bloggers posting what they have made. But I noticed most of them are just adding up what they made from multiple blogs, not just from one single blog.

    My blog is still a baby, only 31 posts so far. But its a topic nobody has ever done before so I have faith it’ll grow into something somewhat big eventually.

  5. October? Why not November, it’s December 1st. Anyway, I only made around $20 in October…..

    How much did YOU earn from blogging in October, Darren?

  6. Nice post Darren. It just gave me the idea to do this in french blogosphere + webmasters (not blogs only)
    click my name to see as I don’t want to spam your comments

  7. Hi Darren, great poll idea.

    I’m amazed that 60 people so far have earned over 20,000. I guess that shows the potential of blogging!


    P.S. Did you get my guest post email? I’ve had no response

  8. I am surprised by how many people are surprised that so many people don’t make any (or nearly no) money blogging. Hey – It’s a ton harder to do than people generally like to say. There is just so much hype out there that the truth about blogging is often hard to come by. And the truth about blogging is that it is difficult to make money. Not impossible, just difficult. And people should know that already. Making money on your terms (which blogging is) is difficult in any area of life. Anyone who tells you otherwise it not tell you the truth.

  9. I’ve got $249.52 in October, probably the best month of all. Not paying a cent for marketing at all, so no expense for me

    Wow wish I can click on the 20,000+ one day

  10. Why not making money? I blog for a year now – a German niche blog. You can’t get less readers, I fear ;) Why I do it? It’s a mix of reputation building and honing my writing skills, learning the blogging ropes. It’s also a good way to learn lots about WordPress and web design, which is good for my technical writing.

    I’m thinking of options to make money, and know people who use blogs for directing traffic to shops and make a great income with that. But so far I don’t have definite plans and think I’d have to build another blog with a subject that can make more money (maybe in English, even).

  11. Had my best month in Adsense for October – $372. Over the $300 mark again this month. Now if I can just get 30-40x that I’ll be set. :-)

  12. I have been blogging for 3 1/2 months and take an average between $100 and $200 per month in my blogs first months. I hope to eventually reach and gain a good 2nd income from my blogging, I really enjoy blogging though and would do it even if I didn’t get paid for it. It helps to get paid for it.

    I looked at the poll, do people really make $15,000 or more per month from blogging, that is unbelievable and if I made that, I would make blogging my primary job.

  13. Surprised at these results! I figured more people would be a) monetizing their blogs by now and/or b) making more money doing so. Especially after reading Problogger for a while ;)

  14. I made quite a bit through project wonderful, but i did spend most of it advertising my blogs.
    I’m not looking to get rich doing this, it’s something I enjoy doing!

  15. Darren,

    Thanks to your tips and ideas, I jump from 0 to $700 a month from blogging.

    The next milestone – $1000 a month :)

  16. Noobpreneur, I am a new blogger, seem to be on my way to making a little, do you have any tips you can share on how you earn a successful amount. I consider anything over $500 a month would be a major success to me at this point.

  17. @ Dragon Blogger – one tip Darren and other authority bloggers always offer: never stop blogging, no matter disheartening it can be.

    Blog for at least 3 month by consistently create quality, unique contents, even not making a single dime (like my early days blogging), sooner or later your blog will be recognised in the blogosphere.

    I’m still a noob in blogging, and always be (hence the name, noobpreneur) – my tip to you: never stop learning new things and hear what Darren said :D

    If you listen to The Fed for economic guidance, you should listen to Problogger for blogging and make money online guidance :)

    eventually, your blog will gain readership – readership will bring you revenue, and all of a sudden, advertisers start aiming your blog to promote their site.

    My 2 coins :)

  18. For now I just manage to earn 200-300 per month.Hopefully I can make more than that…

  19. The results here show an interesting distribution.

    Most people make a nominal amount of money.

    But the interesting thing is that there are a group of outliers making 20000+ in October.

    It would be great if problogger had a way to interview a sample of these individuals and shed some light on their methods.

    I would be very interested in this- would anyone else?

    I am one of the many that make a nominal amount each month but have dreams of making more.

  20. I’ve had a few blogs up for a year now and things are finally starting to take place. I am hoping December will be the first month to break the $1000 mark in earning between the different blogs. Lets hope anyway.

    Good luck to everyone!

  21. Interesting, I’m in 13%.

  22. just to say I checked “don’t make money from blogging” what I really mean is “haven’t made money from blogging”.

    I live in hope. And just keep working my way forward…I hope.

  23. I think anything above a 1000 is impressive for monthly income. It’s like the whole first million is hardest idea. First thou/month is hardest, after that I think it’s smooth sailing–well at least smoothER sailing.


  24. I’ve had a blog for about 3 months now and I’m just this week starting to put advertisements on my blog, I’m only 16 years old and I’m going to start getting ready to save for my University Fee. Check my blog out at I post about alot of things.

    I’m also into affiliate marketing :)

  25. I guess it proves the fact that many people are finding it difficult to make lot of money from blogging.

  26. Interesting results.

    You should do a poll (if you haven’t already) regarding,

    “How Much Money a Year Would You Need to Earn to Consider Yourself a Success”.

    I’m curious to see how close people’s aspirations are to the amount they actually make.

  27. Since I’m still a new bee in blogging my earning are still in the early two figure per month. It is also quite incredible that most bloggers like me use only the popular advertising programs. But I would always like to experiment with new ideas.

  28. Ah To be Honest I am a beginner. So this October I had not made much money. Looking forward to make lots in coming months.

  29. I just earned around $90.. :( looking forward for the coming months.

  30. I think the key to making over $20,000 a month is having your links in millions of places on other blogs.

  31. most the blogger still doesn’t create money in october….. but 67 people create big income more than $20.000

  32. I am with the mass :lol: Though I made about $160 this month, my AdSense check is yet to come..

    Made some money via referrals and paid reviews as well.

    Hope November will be better…

  33. I think making money from blogging is not as easy as what people may think. But in terms of intangibles such as learning about impact of Web 2.0 and social networking and internet technologies has been great!

    Once you’re not learning something new with your blog, then it’s time to sell it or to do something else. The money for me pays for the out of pocket blog costs (hosting, internet access) but I still have to keep my day-job. ;)

  34. I just voted. And I dream of hitting the $10,000 mark next year.

  35. I just started blogging seriously in October and have yet to make a dime. I tried some affiliate marketing with various niche websites in the past, but always had trouble coming up with content. It is easier to come up with content if you have some passion/interest in what you blogging out. Mine is photography.

  36. Nothing’s holding ME back, one of my blogs is getting more and more traffic all the time. It’s just that nobody clicks on the ads.

  37. I loved this poll Darren, It’s good to know that there are a lot of real people who are really making a living blogging. Thanks!

  38. I don’t expect to make any real money from blogging yet. Sure, it’s a great inspiration to read article where a blog can be sold for 15 million dollars but that takes a lot of work and may be a lot and lots of luck. I don’t know may be if you don’t focus too much on the money you will create a better blog. Well,anyhow, let’s see how will my blog do 3 years from now. It’s too soon to say anything. Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched right?

  39. It would be interesting to see the data with “blog topic” added.

  40. Hello
    To all the bloggers that aren’t making any money. I started last Nov spent two months on blogspot then got my own domain.I didn’t make any money for months.This month of Dec on the 15th I will have earnings/checks of $7,238,through hydranetwork and neverblue.They pay on the 15th :) last month was 3,200
    Don’t give up experiment. The way I ended up making this money is I stayed in touch with a cool woman blogger when she started popping she took time to show me the ropes. Hang in there :)
    In blogging the only thing holding us back is ourselves.
    Putting my hand out and getting snubbed finally paid off ;) now I help others get on board :)

  41. Not to be a cynic, but I think people are messing with the poll. There are supposedly 86 people at this point who make more than 20K a month, but only 10 who make 15K-20K and 20 who make 10K-15K? I highly doubt that there are nearly three times as many people making 20K+ a month than people making 10K-20K a month.

  42. One of the things I’ve noticed is how much easier everything gets with time.

    For one, these days webmasters contact me – in the early days I was the one doing all the spadework.

    I’d like to stress one point. Learn to make money with the traffic volumes you already have and don’t think that more traffic is the only way to increase earnings.

    Never stop maximizing and tweaking or put in other words – never stop learning…

  43. well i’m not really good at earning money from my blog only about $12 – 16 per month. Really bad :(

  44. Why we disclose our earnings? I think we have to keep privacy about our Earnings.Some people are saying that they earned 20 K dollars.I am not sure about their statements.But although they are earning something even they earned penny?

  45. Personally I’m not making anything yet.trying to build my reader base up more before subjecting them to ads.

  46. It’s great to see I’m not along.

  47. i think you know which one i vote. :)

  48. I just started on my second blog after two years of work on my initial blog. I’ve written about 550 posts now, but sometimes it’s so hard to fight my natural laziness, even though I make about 1500 to 2000 usd a month on that blog.

    A strange fenomenon because two years ago I could only dream about making so much money just by writing articles.

    Blogging isn’t always as easy as it looks when you’re just starting.

  49. Last month I generated $700+
    $20000+ get 125 votes! OMG……. lol. I want to talk to those Millionaires. If 125 people can, then why should I left behind? eh? lol.

  50. Looks like we have had a bunch of false responses for the last result.

    I would really like to see true results.

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