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How Much Did You Make from Adsense Last Month? – Poll of the Week

Posted By Darren Rowse 13th of December 2005 Adsense 68

This week’s poll is one we’ve done before – it will be interesting to compare the results. The question is:

Last month, how much did you make from Adsense?

By ‘Adsense’ I mean all Adsense earnings including referrals, search earnings, RSS ads, Adlink Ads and in Content ads.

To get your total log into your Adsense account, hit the ‘My Account’ Tab. Then hit ‘Payment History’ and look for your ‘earnings’ figure.

If you’d like to comment on this poll do so in comments below. If you’d like to do so anonymously leave a fake email address – I understand that many publishers do not wish to put names to their figures so am happy for this.

It’ll be interesting to see what the average ProBlogger reader earns from Adsense. We’ll run a similar poll in the coming weeks looking at a couple of other ad programs.

update: This poll I’ve added one extra category that I didn’t have last time I asked this question – it’s the under $10 category. I’ve done this because last time the lowest category was ‘under $30’ so I thought this might shed a little more light on what the make up of this group was. Otherwise the categories are exactly the same. It’s not meant as a technical or scientific poll – but rather to give us an idea of what bloggers are earning using this tool.

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  1. Good idea Darren. Won’t shed much light on the lower end as there’s always new folks coming in, but it will be interesting to see how many more are in the middle to higher earnings. Though it would be nice to know how many blogs they each have.

    I began blogging in August and made $2, $1, $5 in Aug, Sept, Oct. I started a second one in mid Oct so had two blogs using Adsense in November and made $11. It’s all going the right way! I’m planning on adding two more blogs this month.

    I only have one product blog, and it generated 86% of that $11.

    I’d be interested to hear if people are getting high Adsense returns from non-product blogs

  2. I make most of my AdSense revenue from non-product blogs. It came to $446 last month, all told.

  3. Howdy!

    I’m late to the party, but how were the choices decided? When was the previous poll? If I were doing it I would have split it this way:

  4. Stephen says: 12/13/2005 at 12:21 pm

    Last month was my best Adsense month to date, just over $700. Adsense generated probably 2/3 of my income, the rest coming from affiliate programs and other ad networks. This was from one blog, that I launched back in February. Now, I have just launched a second site, so I hope to build on that figure in the New Year.

    For all those people setting up multiple blogs to capture single dollar figures, I just wanted to say I took the opposite approach – I put all my energies into one site, and built up a strong reader base and profit before I even thought about a second. Not that that is the only way to do it, but that was my approach.

  5. Good going Stephen and congratulations. I think it’s a totally valid approach although do warn people not to put all their eggs in one basket. It’s a good strategy until something goes wrong (ie google updates and you disappear from it’s index, your site gets hacked etc). Not saying this will happen – but sometimes its worth considering a worst case scenario and asking diversifying a little also.

  6. Stephen says: 12/13/2005 at 12:39 pm

    Yes, that’s good advice, thanks. Maybe I should diversify a bit more, although currently less than 10% of my traffic comes form Google, so I’m not too bothered about dropping PR.

    But the hacking thing is a worry – any tips on how to safeguard against something like that? Sounds like a good topic for an article.

  7. Last month I didn’t focus much on AdSense or any other form of revenue. I started working on integrating affiliate links and AdSense into my sites this month and I’m seeing positive things.

    This month AdSense has generated about $15 for me. However, Six Figure Blogging has generated $305 for me…so thanks Darren :)

  8. yeah – you’ll want to back up your blog regularly Stephen depending upon what platform/system you use.

  9. Glad it’s worked for your Ben!

  10. $4.50 You have to start somewhere… Congrats to everyone else on their high earnings.

  11. I have been averaging about $30 for the last several months. About 2 weeks ago I started a multi-blog site that foucsed on niche topic. It got it’s first Adsense hit this past Sunday, about $1. Hope to optimize a bit more and market my main blog some more.


  12. I’m pleased to say I’ve now got over the $100 p/m figure for the last 4 months in a row and December’s almost at $100 already (must be a Christmas thing). One blog, about Saabs.

    Thinking of a second blog, but unsure as to subject matter.

  13. Am also amazed to see six respondents out of the small number so far earning $10K+ for a month.

    Ay Carumba!

  14. go with more car blogs – something you know about.

    I’d expect a few more in the $10000+ category by the end of the week. I know of a few who will have been asleep since I started the poll…

  15. My 2 first months were 12 cents and 25 cents respectively.

    Then I got dugg. That put my site on the map for a nice ~10 bucks.

    The month after, I got a smaller digg, but my first post attracted SE traffic a lot, so my revenue spiked at ~75$.

    This month, it came back at ~25$, part of this because I’ve lacked time to update at the end of the month due to exams… :/

  16. Nice one Julien!

    i’d actually be interested in reading something about how to maximize the use of Digg.

  17. Google AdSense Revenue Poll

    There’s an interesting poll over at ProBlogger this week “How Much Did You Make from Google AdSense Last Month?”. I’m interested in seeing the results of this. I already have revenue envy with the 4% that have voted that they…

  18. […] Darren is asking people to tell him how much they earn with AdSense. It’s very interesting, there seem to be quite a few people in the $10,000 a month range…hopefully I’ll be there eventually. […]

  19. Everyone have started with $0 and $1 per month, its interesting to see how it evolute. My revenue is all from AdSense now, I tryed chitika last month, it makes me $20 in two weeks then drop it from my list when I noticed that its receiving more hits and views and almost no revenue at all.

    But it would be interesting to have an alternative source of revenue in addition to AdSense

  20. $20 in the since deciding it was worth seeing what it would generate just over 30 days ago. Today was the first time I cracked $2 for a day.

    I’m not in a very good niche, so I’m realistic with my expectations for growth. I just have some good, loyal traffic.

  21. A hard earned $1.89! Six months with adsense and I just broke the $21.00 mark! Move over Darren!

  22. […] Definitely one of my favourite bloggers, and to many people THE blog guru, Darren Rowse is running a poll at problogger.net to see how much money you earned from Adsense last month. As you would expect, results up to now show a lot of people in the lower income brackets, but it’s interesting to see a few readers in the thousands of dollars earning regions. If these guys are reading problogger.net for more tips and hints then you can be sure there’s something there for everyone. Quite apart from reading the advice on problogger, many people can also get inspiration from the way Darren’s other blogs are run – with the constant flow of great content on all of them, it’s no wonder so many people (including myself) look to Darren for inspiration. […]

  23. I was thinking that I was doing pretty ordinary, but since reading what people are saying here, and the poll results, probably doing okay. Made $12.45 last month (November), which was Dev Dawn’s first month in Adsense.

    Nice to hear about other people’s experiences. I’m wondering how much difference is made whether you have more than one Ad content piece on your pages … and whether you have different ad suppliers as well.

    That’d be a nice little survey/bit of investigation.

  24. Nice blog, Julien

    Jayvee, Digg looks for stories of a technology or science nature (in their own words “Digg is a technology news website”). You are allowed to submit your own. Andy Hagans at Performancing wrote a piece on Digg recently http://performancing.com/node/283 that is a must read.

    Interesting, talking of ads, there’s a story on Digg’s frontpage that says IE users are much more likely to click ads than Firefox users. http://digg.com/technology/Firefox_users_ignore_ads._IE_users_4_times_more_likely_to_ad_click._

  25. For a few months I’ve had a single 468×60 banner on top of my blog. It recorded incomes like $3 a month.Useless.

    Then, 2 months ago, I decided to give Adsense a somewhat more serious try, with better banner placement and different displays for people coming from search engines.Last month earnings (october earnings, in fact) : $147 from Adsense, $40 from Chitika. From a single untargetted blog about my life and my PHP bits. November earnings still have to be paid, but they are 3 times this amount. And December total earnings already are even greater.

    I gave Adsense a try, wondering if it would pay for a daily coffee, a monthly restaurant, my hosting fees if I had any, or more. Well, it turned out to make me effortlessly on the way for a yearly $5k income. Not bad for a blog about PHP lines of code anyone can wrote and kid pictures anyone can take :-)

  26. Impressive, Ozh. And good looking site too.

  27. Maybe I’m the one who is off topic: My 2 sites are static, but Darrens tips also work on static sites. It took one year to keep adsense above 15$ a month. I hope to get above the 20$-line next year.

  28. In January I started my year with a consistant $100+ on adsense. I became serious about it and each month I saw increase after increase! I’m happy to report I am now consistantly over $900 per month and have broken $1000 twice.

    December is looking VERY SLOW though – I’m wondering just how infectious that is – and I have to wonder how much of that decline is due to the Chitika ads – it feels like I’ve dropped back 6 months.

  29. I’ve been running my blog for about 5 years, and in the past had a lot more traffic due to my work with Jeffrey Zeldman and Eric Meyers… last month I started things up again after a long period of inactivity and added Adsense to my site.

    November’s numbers were quite small. December is already about 3 times what I saw last month, and it’s only mid-month now. Let’s hope the trend continues. ;-)

  30. Thanks for the kind comments… :)

    As for maximizing diggs, I’m really not an expert here, but I think that good content beats everything else (as pretty much 99% of the time). If you have good content, you site will get noticed. The next time you run a good story, you might end up in a high traffic spot :)

    You don’t make money from being on the digg front page by itself, because these users are tech-saavy and almost all of them use Adblock or a similar system. What’s better is the long term point of view. With a post on digg (or slashdot), you are bound to get tons of inbound links, which will help your site get noticed by search engines. This search enging traffic does not use adblock (and use IE most of the time… see Chris’ post at #25) , so they are bound to get you more money…

    That is one thing Darren taught me and it stands above all: Content is the key!

  31. anonymous coward says: 12/14/2005 at 2:33 am

    My November AdSense earnings were $4,914.76, but I quite a few website, but most of them aren’t blogs. In addition to this, of course, I earned money from other affiliate programs like Chitika, Commission Junction, etc.

    The one thing I attribute to my earnings is focusing on high-volume terms that may not be considered overtly commercial, a very wide range of diverse topics, and a long-term outlook and earnings.

    I make more money from my sites that earn under 10 cents per click than I do from the sites that are earning over $4 per click.

    Chasing highly competitive terms, especially for people that are not extremely talented SEOs, is largely a waste of time.

    Anyhow, that’s my experience.

  32. Bryan says: 12/14/2005 at 2:53 am

    What I find interesting about all of this is that the numbers we see in the posts here are relatively low compared to those ads I see for Adsense info products. First, Kudos to all of you are that are making money from Adsense, because even $1/month is more than I am making right now (I need to *take action*….). But, I see these products touting how you can make $11k /month in Adsense, which I know is totally possible, but I think the norm says that one won’t be able quit their job on Adsense income unless the site has an outrageous amount of traffic.

    Anyone have thoughts on those info products? I am sure the old adage “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” rings true.

    Darren, great blog, by the way.

  33. […] I can’t believe the survey shows that 9/393 people actually made $10,000.00 from this. […]

  34. I am on track for about $100 every 3 or 4 months. Hopefully this can pickup once my latest website begins to get more popular.

  35. I earned approximately 300 dollars in 45 days from Adsense.

  36. I am averaging $10 per month with Adsense. My high month was just over $20, but December is way down.

    Seeing everyone’s comments about their earnings is helpful. I like to see that there are people in my same revenue range and also people much higher up so I have something to shoot for.

    My plan for 2006 is to increase the number of sites I’m doing and go out of my comfort zone a bit with them. Next year when you do the poll I am going to be in a much higher category of revenue.

  37. About 100$ for my first month of blogging. My goal for 2006 is to reach 500$ per month

  38. more than $100 :D not bad

  39. $0.04 but it wasn’t on all month. So far I’ve earned $1.32 this month.

  40. $4.91 so far for this month.

    I guess that isn’t too bad considering my site has only a handful of pages. I’m working on building that figure and hope to generate a long term figure of $2500 a month or more.

    No easy task but I’m going to give it a shot!

  41. Last month was slightly lower than I expected, because of Thanksgiving. The readers of my site almost always read at work and my weekend stats are much lower, as are holidays.

    I don’t really have a blog that has adsense. It’s just a regular site. I haven’t had the time to figure out how to put adsense on my WordPress blog. Requires an add-in and, I expect, hours of fiddling.

    The numbers are going up each month and I expect to hit $500 in January. (I think December will also be low because of the holidays.)

  42. Being new to Adsense, I’m finding this to be a fascinating topic. With a fairly static website — underdeveloped, no doubt — we made just under $9.00 in November which was the first full month in the program. December isn’t as promising, but our content is definitely workday related and I suspect the shopping sites are sapping lots of traffic right now.

    I appreciate the importance of content and hope to see revenues grow when we have time to do some updates. It’s worth noting, however, that the significance of a “freebe” cannot be understated — one such page generates 80% of our traffic.

  43. Oops, I guess that should be f-r-e-e-b-i-e — “freebie” (as in free stuff, like samples or services).

  44. I’m just starting out but I made about $1.30 in November (my first month) from Adsense. Cheers ;)

  45. Made about $8 for past month and about $10 for the previous 3 months, think this month is much lower since I started charging for some of my javascripts. However, the income from the scripts is somehow much more than the adsense income. Think I will concentrate on the adsense on my other sites instead..

  46. I am only making about $90 a month, Would be great to learn how to make more.

  47. mason says: 12/22/2006 at 5:47 am

    Do you guys use per-click or per viewers to generate your money, im considering adsense

  48. Well, i started my blog like few months ago, didnt blog often at the beggining, but today i almost have 1 or 2 new posts on my blog, and i started my adsense to my blog, which is getting me the following:
    1$ first month 14$ tillnow 2nd month for adsense on it…

    i think thats good for the beggining no??….


  49. I’ve been blogging for years, but haven’t thought to bother attempting to make money from it. That is, until LiveJournal flooded my site with their ads, and I realized how all of my work (if you can call it that) is paying their bills. I still blog on LiveJournal, but I’ve recently set up an anonymous site on Blogger w/ adsense links and after three days I’ve made $2.50! Sure, it’s not much, but it’s rather exciting to see how a hobby could at least pay for a lunch at Taco Bell. :)

    Now I’m considering adding AdSense links to my homepage, and possibly starting another blog that would actually bring in readers (as oppose to just exist and occasionally get a hit.)

    I doubt I’ll ever make more than $20 a month, but it’s really cool to think I could make anything doing what I’ve already been doing for years.

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