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How Many Blogs Do You Write On? How Many Posts Per Day?

Posted By Darren Rowse 26th of April 2008 Reader Questions 0 Comments

Speed-Posting@SeanBannister asks “how many blogs do you write for and how many blog posts a day you make?”

These days I only write actively on two blogs – ProBlogger and Digital Photography School. At one point I was writing each week on around 25 blogs – but a lot of them were pretty much just watching what other blogs wrote and attempting to aggregate that content. The blogs have little original thought on them and didn’t take off so I didn’t continue to put time into them. I do also work for b5media as the VP Training – but this is just a part time role as my two main blogs take up considerable time.

In terms of posts per day – these days I try to publish one post per day on DPS. These posts are written largely by bloggers that I’ve hired. I was writing all of the content for this blog until a few months ago so now my role is more ‘editor’ although I do average 1-2 posts still a week. On ProBlogger my post frequency varies from day to day but I do have a minimum post target of 2 posts per day. I don’t mind if this drops to 1 post on weekend days but on weekdays stick to it religiously. On top of that I add other ‘newsy’ posts so probably average 3-4 posts a day on ProBlogger.

OK – so that’s my answer – I’d love to hear how many blogs you write on and how many blog posts per day that you average writing?

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  • I have only one blog, it’s online for about a month now, and I write one post about every three days. It already takes a lot of my time so I don’t think I would be able to go to a post a day, next to all the other things I do.

    I want to avoid writing short or uninspired posts just to reach my post per day quota. I think quality is more important than quantity here. Right?

  • I wrote everything by myself. A schedule of 2 posts a day on weekday, 1 on week-end is my norm. I feel it is important to publish something 7 days a week.

  • I write for the one and the only SmallFishBigMoney.Com, currently I average about 2 to 4 posts per week as this is all I have the time for. I am currently in Year 11 at school and it is sometimes difficult to juggle blogging and school work. I try to post more during my holidays to increase my readership.

    If you hop over to the site you’ll notice there are over 40 links to different articles, I use those links as a content feeder to the readers. They help the readers when they come to the blog and they don’t see any new content – they might want to explore the site more and read other articles I wrote in the past.

    A while ago I used to post almost every day, but that was taking its toll on me both mentally and physically, so I have decided to reduce frequency, and increase length and quality of posts. Darren, you have obviously mastered the art of blogging frequently, posting several articles daily at ProBlogger and DPS.

    I will probably be trying to manage my time a little bit more effectively in the coming months, this will be carried out in order to get greater amounts of quality content on my blog more frequently. My time management has not always been the best, but I am always trying to improve the methods I use to complete tasks in a given time.

  • I’m running 2 blogs. One local blog that gets about 2 posts per day. The other one gets usually 1 post each 2 days, sometimes 1 per day. This is my limit since i still have a full-time job and some freelancing work.

  • At the moment, I only have my personal blog (which I try to update once or twice a week). However, I’ve recently been hired to write part time for a web design/marketing company’s blog, and that will see maybe three to four posts a week.

  • Oh Oh – you shouldn’t have asked :)

    I activly post on 5 right now – 2 need an update first before I get to post on them again.

    Let’s start with the most active ones: (trying to post between 3-5 a day – also couple of guest writers help out) (the German version of RGS – probably 1-2 posts a day) (blog for our movie recommendation site. 2-3 posts a week, couple of users help out there as well) (the newest addition – just moved to Valencia so we had of course to start a new one. Which got just picked up by a blog on NYTimes – usually one post a day) (where we lived before – almost dead, but it still delivers good google hits and I still have tons of things I want to post)

    … I don’t have time for anything, lol!

  • Cool, I noticed your blog was one of the more active blogs I subscribe to.

  • Just now, I don’t manage to post more than twice a week, but I try to do that regularly. As my blog is a mixture of pictures and texts I have to select the pictures first or even shoot them, then think about the texts and do the posting. Or the other way round, I’ve got an idea for a text and then try to get the proper picture for it.

  • well i usually try to post at least 7 per week so its one per day but im a student and have a part time job so usually its 4 or 5 times per week. Is that enough?

  • I tend to write 2-3 posts per week on my blog (plus posting a guest submission every Wednesday), and then write for other blogs whenever I get the chance. On average, one post a day.. unless I’m feeling very inspired and talkative.

  • I tried building multiple blogs, but now I don’t think it is possible for anyone to produce more than 1-2 original and quality blogs. I am trying to spend most of my time blogging the Olympics, as well as taking videos/pictures and of course trying to market the site.

  • I have trouble writing on one blog – mine!

    But I comment and Twitt a lot, maybe that’s why. ;-)

  • I have one main blog and I post daily when I can, most likely twice a week when I’m busy doing my main job (translator). Congratulations for the quality of your posts!

  • This coming week I’m launching my two main blogs. While I think working with more than one blog is a very bad idea for most bloggers, I have stuff I want to write about, and even though the subjects are related it doesn’t really all fit on one blog. So I’m doing it this way. On both blogs I write about what I do professionally, so it’s not as if I’m going to have a problem coming up with ideas or anything like that – my article idea folders already has more than three hundred documents in it them. Also, they are very much focused in the same direction, something I think is hugely important. I also expect the blogs to generate some traffic to each other, and I would think twice about doing it this way if it weren’t for that fact. I will post six articles per week for my three blogs (two posts on each blog), plus any ‘newsy’ stuff as you put it. It will be a huge challenge to do this seeing as my days are already pretty full, but I think I’m going to pull through for a number of reasons, the main being that I’m just very committed to getting my stuff out to people.

  • I have five blogs that I write on. Two of them, (once a week) and (every other day) are mine. I manage an advocacy blog for Illinois for hearing aid coverage.

    I also blog at (paid job) and

  • I’ve been writing six or seven posts a week. They run from around 250 to 400 words. It takes me about 1.5 hours to write, work with key words, get links, and usually find a picture.

    Because weekends are low in viewers, I plan to stop writing for the weekends and post five days a week.

    To write advancers is a great idea. I’m trying to figure out how to write a bunch of stuff to over me for weekdays when i need to travel. I write early mornings.

  • I run about 10 blogs, but only author 4. I write around, give or take, 3 blog posts a day.


  • @ Igor The Troll Haha! Yes, I think Twitter has a lot to answer for! I have spent more time on other blogs since I started using Twitter, not that I’m complaining, have discovered some great places and people!

    @ Darren I have four blogs (though one is struggling) and contribute to a fifth, recently-started communal blog. Still trying to get into a new routine, but aim to post weekly on one, daily on another, Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays on another and as often as I can on the communal blog. I think this will work, just need to get into the new habit!


  • I’m writing on Duncan’s TV Ad Land ( twice a day, on Duncan’s Print ( twice a day, and on any of ten other blogs during the week, depending on inspiration and time.

  • @Dianne (Moondreamer) I like your idea of communal blog!

    I am trying to get Igor The Troll blog to be one!
    Anyone has a Human Rights issue post they want to contribute to my blog, please let me know.

  • I write and rewrite more 5 posts per day – mostly aggregating contents for my own website. I admit It’s pretty tiring work though only for one site. I used to write everyday in at least 10 blogs before but it didn’t really pick up so I quit.

    But I intend to write more from now on maybe more than 10 as I have (paid job) for other sites.

  • Well I write on three blogs a day…and I average about 15 posts a day. So I try for 5 posts a day on each. It deals with celebrity gossip…so you need to be updating through the day. :)

  • BW

    Currently have one main blog and was posting nearly everyday, but with the birth of my first son + working full time, the posts are not as frequent.

    Working on a new strategy to increase the frequency of posts + have a couple of ideas for new sites that may or may not pan out. That’s the great thing about being able to create wordpress sites offline – can experiment before sending the site live.

  • @ Igor the Troll That sounds great! Will hop over and have a look. I’m sure lots of folk would help out with a post. I love the idea of communal blogs, because that’s what I love most about blogging … the community aspect and the communication. :o)

  • Two primary blog which I should update more often on, and a couple more admin-of-the-network type blogs I should post more on. I average a couple times a week, I think. It comes and goes in cycles.

    Right now I’m too busy working as a consultant. :D

  • I use to write a few but got tired of it cos i need to spend time earning money also.

    So now I only focus on one and yeah hopefully to build more traffic on that.

  • I currently write for 12 blogs, 8 of which are multi-author, and 4 of which are just me on my own.

    I write on average about 9 blog posts a day across them all, though they vary in frequency. Some are 1-2 posts a day, while others are maybe 5 a month.

  • I write on only one blog. One is all I want and need.

  • I think people have different ways of blogging same as writers have a different ways of writing books.

    There are writers who spit out Pop Fiction novels one after another, and then there are writes who take their time to do a historical or a philosophical book.

    To each is own. Do what you think works best for you.

  • I have probably about 15 blogs and just as you found Darren, I do not do almost anything with any of them. My top blog though I post at least once a day so probably about 10 posts a week.

    On 3 or 4 other blogs I post about another 15 posts a week total. I have really culled most of my non performing and non attention blogs and they just get a total of about 100 pageviews total per week so I do not feel so bad about them not getting content

  • As my site is niche specified, I tend to write ~1 post a day or so. 4-5 per week.

  • One blog – mine – and I post once a day, unless things get really busy at work, and then I might skip a day. Usually on days skipped, my CTR and revenue goes up (this puzzles me – I figure regular readers check in and click because there’s nothing new?). However, if I skip two or three days (hasn’t happened in a long time!) my feedreader drops quickly and so does my revenue. I try to write up several posts the weekend before I post them, in case things get hectic with my job during the week. At the very least, I’ll write a sketch of potential posts. Also, on the weekends, I try to edit at least one video for posting during the week, but that doesn’t always pan out, since filming the videos takes a heap of time.

    Funny – reading your speed posts has motivated me to get cracking on preparing posts in advance, and I’ve filled my “Blog About” folder with 24-days’ worth of topics. Thanks!

  • Wow reading this post and all comments makes me feel slow and small. I actually have three blogs – one is my main blog and I actually have only been able to post about 2 posts every 3-4 months. Needless to say the traffic is nothing and there is zero revenue. The others get posted to about every 4-5 months, but they are just an outlet of personality and random thoughts and not meant to generate revenue or anything else.

    My question is this: With full-time employment, going to school to finish my Bachelor’s degree, a family (5 kids!) what would you suggest Darren, or anyone for that matter, a person do to find time to write more posts? Especially on a tech oriented blog that sometimes requires lengthier posts and/or research on those posts.

  • @ Bill I write a blog for student parents, hoping to turn it into a useful resource for parents, having survived (just about!) studying while raising children.

    Maybe you could ask people to write some guest posts? Or perhaps you could post longer posts in a series of parts?

    Alternatively you might have to give up sleeping! It’s not easy and I admire you … good luck with the Bachelor’s!


  • I have two blogs. I’ve posted to Fried Okra Productions for a couple of years. I try to post several times a week, but don’t always get to. Esoteric personal stuff.

    b5media contracted me to blog for The Good Musician, and I post at least once a day on that–all about music, but from the same esoteric perspective as FOP. It’s great writing exercise.

    I would prefer to post more often on both blogs; for the time being, I’m still employed FT at a major university as project manager for the Information and Web Design team for a division that assists faculty in designing and implementing instructional technology in the classroom. I’m hoping to ease out of academia at the same time I ease into the blogosphere.


  • I only have time for my one blog, Brad’s Reader. I used to have a technology-focused blog, but trying to maintain both and keep the content up to my high standards became very difficult.

    I’d still like to start another blog, as I love blogging, but time remains an issue. So for now I’m content to put everything I have into my one blog.

  • I have only one blog. I try to write one post per day but realistically only get 4-5 posts per week.

  • CK

    I write two blogs… well, one actually !….

    The first one is on communication skills, public speaking, humor, anecdotes and related stuff. I average about three posts a week.

    The second one is on travelling.After the initial post, I haven’t updated it although i have tons of material, videos and the like.

    As Darren suggested in his tutorial, you need to have discipline and also provide refreshing copy each time.

  • I write three blogs on completely different subjects. One is a lot harder to write than the others, because I always have to do research first. During difficult times (outside of my blogging life) I make sure to get on a post a week, and during normal times, I average about 2-3 posts per week. Most are good-quality posts.

  • I suppose if you have time to post on 10-20 blogs a day that would be great. I limit myself to one blog, too many other businesses to work on to write on multiple blogs.

  • @Bill and all others: I’ve just been reading all the postings on this subject up to now, and I am very impressed how frequently you other guys are posting. I have a fulltime job and after work there is still the one and other thing to do like shopping and doing some housework, and, I must admit, reading and watching tv. Blogging is one of the things I like to do but not the only one. And I don’t have to make money out of it. On the other hand, blogging is important to me, so I try to do it systematically, daily checking google analytics, thinking what could be the next posting and so on.

  • My wife and I blog about our cross-country, full-time RVing sabbatical road trip at

    We also publish the adventures of our three-legged dog Jerry at where we offer help and support for a growing community of canine cancer survivors and their people.

    We also set up free travel blogs for other full-time RVers at

    And, we rarely update the blog at which just directs visitors to our active blogs. is the domain that was home the corporate website of our graphics business which we sold along with our house to hit the road last June.

    Thanks for asking!

  • I write one mixed blog, containing many categories, coz I have lots of hobbies, I post when I think I wanna, the result is good, I have got a daily IP > 2000 though it is only 40 days old, I love!

  • I write three blogs — one about DVDs, another about writing for blogs, one about downloading movies. I also just launched a new one about sexual health for people with hep C. I post three or four times a week to DVD Spin Doctor, once or twice a week to Download Movies 101 and a couple of times a month to Write for Blogs. I am a pro writer, but even this load seems a bit much … the volume and burnout of frequent posting are much more a factor than I had ever anticipated. I do not post just to post and try to make everything count, which makes things harder, probably.

  • Judging from the number of comments and the depth of some of them, this subject must be near and dear to a lot of people.

    I try to post once a day.

    I could easily post twice a day if I had the time but I don’t. I wish I did.

    I have noticed that the more original material that I post the larger the readership of my blog. So by not posting more I am hurting myself. But like I said I don’t have the time.

    Live From Las Vegas
    The Masked Millionaire

  • It was after reading one of your posts, Darren, that I ditched two other blogs I’d been writing and focus on my personal blog. I decided I wouldn’t get so caught up on article-types and just post something everyday, whether it’s a photo, a thought, or a video.

    I do miss a post or two some days, but that’s very rare now. So, once a day, at least. Weekends, optional.

  • I used to have 3 blogs: for marriage tips, for parenting tips and for blogging tips and posting about every other day for each blog that makes a post a day.

    However, I also have an 8-hour work I really find it hard to be consistent because I still have to promote them.

    So I gave up the first. Actually, not totally because I combined marriage and parenting tips which is now my family tips blog.

    Now, I can post daily sometimes and quite easier to promote them. I make quite long posts because I do some research sometimes if I need some data esp. when it comes to health.

    This is provide my readers quality content. I am an engineer but I really want to share tips about family. I know I cannot make a perfect world, but at least I am trying to remind everybody how to have a happy family.

    Thank you.

  • I have 2 blogs that I try to keep a 3 times per week schedule on. I’ve occasionally done more than that, and recently had an almost 2 week lapse in posting, but I’m trying to get back on track now.

    I have a 3rd personal blog, but it doesn’t get posted that much because I’m concentrating on my two niche blogs.

  • A bit late on the response to your query — I was too busy writing blogs!

    I post to three blogs daily m – f:

    One’s a painting blog, Landscape into Art

    another is for drawings and studies, Studies and Sketches

    and a third is about life and art and my favorite things, My Great Day.

    I also post to a weekly blog with paintings and the stories behind them from my years touring as a singer songwriter, The Grand Tour

    and have been building an extensive Squidoo lens on the history of landscape painting: Landscape into Art (too).

    For a while there I was posting to 4 blogs, 7 days a week while writing Diary of a Studio but decided that sort of schedule was pure insanity, cut back and have taken a much more relaxed approach giving myself a week or two off whenever I feel like it (which has been only once since October). It has to stay fun and life in the real world comes first.

    Speaking of which, I must go feed the cats quick before they revolt and destroy my laptop! Thanks for your post!

  • I’m new to blogging and blog about 1-3 times per week, depending on what seems newsworthy and how much time I have. I’d like to blog more and am enjoying getting in touch with my “inner blogger”.