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How Many Blogs Do You Post to Each Week

Posted By Darren Rowse 28th of July 2007 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Time for a Reader Poll – the question is – ‘How Many Different Blogs Do You Personally Post to Each Week’.

Note – this isn’t about how many you own, or how many blogs you have that are inactive – I’m looking for how many you actively are a blogger on.

Looking forward to your responses.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • After 3 votes, I’m in the majority.

    It does depend. 4 is the ones I guarentee I post on, I can post on upto 8 (9 too, but the guy’s in australia and he doesn’t know I have his login details ::evil smile::)

  • I noticed you added the option of 9 blogs. Are there actually people that post on that many blogs? Also, does guest blogging count?

  • Im superstitious…I only post on odd days of the month (no real reason, just kinda what I started doing and stuck to it)…thats about 4 a week, sometimes 3…hmm which one?

  • Well, I post regularly on 2 blogs.
    Then I have a personal blog that I post sporiardically, and also, I do regular ‘guest’ posting at my friend’s blog.

    In effect, I do about 5 thorough blogs every week, and you can top that with handful of smaller ‘speed’ posts.

  • I post on 9.

    I kid you not. 9 different, updated frequently blogs.

  • I post regularly on two blogs: my personal blog and a group political blog.

  • At the moment only one. But i plain on doing more by next year.

  • Wow. I post on one and I already feel like I am quite stretch since I have a day job also. I do post at least one post a day but I’m still surprised at someone able to do like 9 blogs.

  • I have two, but active on one. Trying to build up a ton of content. I am writing articles for the other one so then when I do fire it up i”ll have a lot of base content and some pre-written posts.

    I’ll be interested to see how the voting goes. My prediction is the dominate percentage is 1 or 2 blogs.

  • I have about 15 blogs but actively I post on 4 different blogs – co owned

  • Three for me, one daily, another every other day (or so), and another on a weekly basis. I’ve got a day job too, and those 3 are really stretching my limits! :)

  • Nevertheless I think number ‘1’ will win.

  • Sporadically only to one my personal blog

  • I post on two, they’re both daily – and that plus family and day job is actually a bit much. If I could get better at keeping posts short it’d be easier – but that’s really not my style.

    Nine blogs!!! Original content on each one? My goodness that’s an achievement.

  • I think if you try to post to more than 2 blogs you’ll burn yourself out. I personally can only find time to run one site, and post to the other blog much more infrequently.

  • Sue

    I can manage two on a regular basis. I have one with almost daily posts, depending on the news in the world of lighthouses, but the other one is limited to haunted lighthouses, and that’s a little more difficult to find news about, although I do aim for at least weekly. I have one personal blog (rare posting), one for halloween props (rare posting) and one I haven’t started posting to yet. Just not enough time when you have to work.
    I truly am impressed with the person that has 9 blogs. Wow.

  • I post on three.

    One is my personal blog in English that I post on somewhere between every day to every five days.
    One is my puppetry blog/podcast in English that I post twice to three times every week (usually twice).
    One is my baseball humor blog in Chinese that I post every week, but the frequency might vary depending on current events and user feedback. I will not post a new one when there’s still a lot of discussions going on on the old post.

  • I’ve got it down to two now… My main blog, and another blog that is just news releases about software I have created.

    I used to have a book blog and a movie blog… but at some point you realize that no one is reading the things and you’re wasting your time on updating them.

  • I can only keep up with a couple… I can only imagine if I had stuck to just one blog all this time. I wonder where it would be right now.

  • Wow. I looked at the results and quite a few people post for 9 blogs!

  • Joe

    I post to 5, although one is only updated about once a week…..

  • 5-9 sites is INSANE. I have no idea how anyone can post to so many. Even at just two I feel myself stretched to the max and neglected one for the other. Hopefully this will change soon but until I get rid of my 9-5, I don’t see it happening.

  • DT

    Hi Darren,

    Greetings from Sydney.

    I post on 4 blogs pretty frequently. But Its been a stretch and have been looking to cut down. They are: (my main)

    Thanks and please keep in touch.

  • The poll isn’t working for me right now, so I have no idea which answer is winning. Having said that, I currently run three: (my favorite :) )

    I have several others that get posted to much less frequently. So far, the first two are the only ones that I’ve been able to get any halfway decent amount of traffic for.

    And the second one really only gets it’s 10-15 page views a day from being online for quite a while now.

  • Darren,

    an Article in your future posts on How one can manage more than one Blog (each blog unrelated to the other) would be a great help for new bloggers.


  • I have three sites that i actively post to each week. I don’t see how one person can post to much more than that without help.
    Thanx, for all the great info.

  • Wow there are 10 votes for posting on 9 blogs. That is some serious time management skill. I only post at 2 blogs regularly and it’s ok. Can’t imagine writing for 9 though.

  • I write to one daily. I have three others that I will post to at least one of them on a weekly basis. They are kind of on the way out.

  • I have 5 website and blog:-

    1. – 3days 1 post

    2. – 4days 1 post

    3. – 2days 1 post

    4. – 2 week 1 post

    update my website/blog is depend on free time because i’m still working

  • I post to nine each week – five are my own blogs, the other five I’m paid to post on. Sounds like a lot when you add it all up, but I am a full-time blogger so it’s manageable – just!

  • I post to nine each week – five are my own blogs, the other four I’m paid to post on. Sounds like a lot when you add it all up, but I am a full-time blogger so it’s manageable – just!

  • I voted and wasn’t going to comment, but felt clarifying my position might make it clearer as to why I checked “eight blogs”:

    As some of you know now, I am a full-time blogger, hence the ability (and necessity) to publish more content.

    * I am paid to write a set amount of content split across three blogs for the Shiny Media network.
    * I am paid to write per post for the Blog Herald.
    * I have a personal blog and three niche blogs that I own and publish to regularly.

    However, bear in mind that I am probably working 8-10 hour days at present.

    As for original content – well, I’m not one for merely linking out. I like to add at least a little value. Two of my own blogs are fairly quick to write, as I react to news within a niche – however I am looking at ways of freeing time and resources to write more completely original content such as tutorials, opinion pieces, etc.

    The other blogs I write on usually require a mixture of news / press release reporting, conducting interviews, product reviews, and writing original opinion pieces. Hence, it can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours to write an article – however different types of article count differently towards my quota.

    When I was holding down a full-time job, gazing towards being a full-time problogger, I was only maintaining three blogs, and spending perhaps 2-3 hours per day on them.

    So I hope people don’t think that 8 blogs is excessive given my current situation. It’s very much a necessity, as well as very interesting work in itself.

    I’m sure things will evolve over time as I pick other projects up, maybe drop some, and carry on my second year of full-time blogging.

  • Thanks for the explanation Andy – it’s really interesting to see how things have been panning out for you!

  • I post on two, one that I have been posting on for 2-3 years now, and a new one I just launched Wednesday:

  • I actively post every day on one and a half. I post self development stuff on, and I am writing a novel on blog software, with the feedback helping to determine the story on

  • I post to two blogs regularly. Lately I’ve been looking for new blogs to post to. The problem is posting to a blog hosted by a blogger who will actually acknowledge your presence. Some just ignore you.

  • I post regularly to 3 of my blogs: – is very general, pretty much covers anything. – is car focused. I like cars :P – is music and recording based. I like music :P

    I have another I’ve recently take over for a friend, but I’m not sure what to do with that just yet, so it’s just sitting there.

  • Are there options for fractions? I barely manage one post every two weeks (so 1/2 per week), and am often amazed at those who manage frequent yet high-quality posts!

  • I post to a few, but these are my hobby blogs which I now find I am actually enjoying more than my main blog…*gasp*

    I don’t think its a problem when you are a natural born writer. I always make sure 100% of the time, I am writing something substantial. It usually takes me like 1-3 hours to make even one single post.

    I’m keeping it all real and I hope everyone is doing it too.

  • I post to about 7 blogs each week. One of those blogs gets about 15 -20 posts a day, and most get at least 2.

  • 1 post / per day on 1 blog is about all the content I have time to produce at the moment, and I produce most of that on my lazy Sunday afternoons. I have been interested in guest blogging for the purposes of promoting my own material, but haven’t really started hunting down opportunities yet ….

  • I post on five I really didn’t want to combine all my interests into one website. I’ve recently come up with a system that has made writing much easier so I don’t feel like I’m going crazy.

    I have my own business, and I work out of the home. I’m a full-time single mom but blogging is not my full-time job. I do enjoy writing and interacting with others and blogs that focus on a specific subject has helped me out greatly since I can write about it continually.

    The majority of my blogging/work is done after my daughter is sleeping for the night. Thankfully I require only 3-5 hours sleep nightly. I’ve always been like that even as a child. (main)
    I’ve been blogging for almost three years here. If I had to do it over again I would not have chosen that name I would have used my real name.

    In the past few months I added these websites listed below to the list.
    Alternative healing website. It’s my chance to write about my love for alternative remedies. I’m back in school getting my Masters and eventually my PhD in Traditional Naturopathy. I recently started including recipes that people can make at home. Judging by my emails and comments I’ve received this has gone over very well.
    It’s my recipe website. I’ve been working on a cookbook for a few years and I decided to start a website. I include recipes that will be in the book. I create. They’re simple. nutritious. Delicious!
    I love ferrets so I decided to create a website dedicated to them. It’s mainly pictures but I’ve been adding static pages about feeding, care, and health. I eventually I see this as being a one stop resource for anything about ferrets.

    Technology website (Macintosh)
    I’m a tech geek and really enjoy writing about computers. I have always wanted to write a blog with a technology twist. The majority of the tech blogs/websites I see are created by men.

    When I worked out of the home I came from a windows background Database Analyst, Sr. I worked with Windows OS I made the switch to Mac’s this past October. I started this website a little over a month ago. I haven’t actively promoted this website yet. I’m currently writing articles and networking with others within that field.