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How Many Blogs Do you own?

Posted By Darren Rowse 4th of December 2005 ProBlogger Site News 36

I’ve just added a new ‘poll of the week’ question to the side bar – how many blogs do you own?

By own guess I really mean how many blogs are you the primary blogger on (ie if you’re blogging for a network I don’t mind if you claim a blog to be yours if you’re doing most of the writing on it).

It will be Interesting to see how many blogs ProBlogger readers are involved with. Head over to the sidebar to vote and feel free to expand on your answer in comments below.

The Poll is being run with an AJAX based WP plugin that I’m testing called Democracy.

Update: apologies for not having a ‘0’ option. I thought I’d put one in but either the plugin doesn’t like ‘0’ as an answer or I messed up. Too late now to add it in but feel free to tell us if you don’t have a blog in comments below.

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  1. I currently own two blogs – and a forum. I have only been blogging for about 4 months or so, but things are going well and I plan on expanding into a lot of other subjects.

  2. I currenty own 13 total blogs but only actively post regularly to 5 of them.

  3. Currently 16 active blogs :-)

  4. […] Darren wants to know how many blogs you own, and how many girlfriends you have. […]

  5. My two blogs have been reduced to one as of this past Friday.

  6. I have three blogs active: 1 about photo, 1 personal, and 1 photoblog.

    Maybe that could be a good statistic to know, if you have several blogs, about what themes you’re writing?

  7. Yeah, I forgot to mention that. I have one for art /culture and a another that is technology oriented.

  8. One blog (1K+ entries, ~40 contributors), one forum (185K+ posts). My hands are more than full as it is. I can’t imagine running more than one thing at a time. I think you get the best results if you really give something your full attention.

  9. Two, starting a third late this month early next.

  10. One blog. This is a part time thing for me. I am noticing that it is taking a lot of work. How do you find time to do multitple blogs?

  11. 4 blogs. None I make money on. A bunch of static sites though.

  12. Three. All deal with labor and employment law.

  13. I currently run 3.

    Garage Sale Professional
    and a personal blog.

  14. I must say, i created a lot of them, but finally stuck with moving all the content to one place and maintain it properly. Due to community effect, i stuck to Yahoo 360.

  15. Currently we have 12 blogs and have 1 more in the ‘almost ready to launch’ mode.

    Looking to do 2 more soon after the New Year and am going to guest blogger on one in a rather large network.

    I post on 5 on a regular basis.

  16. Hmm. that is a nice script (democracy plugin)

  17. George says: 12/04/2005 at 5:10 pm

    I currently run around 11 blogs with a few more thats coming online in a few months.

    3 shopping/product, 1 personal, 1 parenting, 1 teen, 1 organic news, 1 gadget, 1 gossip, and 2 investing site.

    ipod video site coming. a blog hosting site also might be open soon.

    And the usual xanga, myspace, and friendster sites.

  18. I own two blogs, but only one of them is currently updated on regular basis. The personal blog became less relevant, since my main interest is now offspun into its own site.

  19. @larrydag, its part time for me too :) but I have lot of free time

    @Liberalcowboy, none making money ? but u have interesting blog thought.

  20. 4, although one would probably count as two, since I maintain a version of it in French as well (it’s only translating, not writing completely new posts).

  21. 2 currently.

    2 more due to roll out very soon. 1 in the planning stages.

  22. I haven’t any blog but I have Site with forum

  23. 6 blogs at present, 1 of which updated 3-4 times daily, the rest on a daily/bi-daily basis.

    its more than enough though…

    however, in saying that, i’ve got one more planned…

  24. only 10 blogspot, 3 blogsome…..

  25. 2 blogs, one updated daily, the other one few times/month(it’s about game developement,but I’m more happy to spend time on developing the game than by blogging the developement)

  26. I have 4. I think of them as a network. When I have a “category” that is getting big, I spin it off into a blog with it’s own URL.

  27. Depends on the definition of blog, but as far as the “typical blog”… 3 in my network, 1 personal.

  28. I think it’s around 26, I keep getting bored and starting new ones, then I get bored with the new ones and go back to the old ones. If I get bored with that I start a new one again. I wish I could settle on one niche. Telegraph poles from 1948 to 1954, or something like that.

  29. […] Darren Rowse, bekannt als ProBlogger, führt diese Woche eine Umfrage durch. Er fragt, wieviele Weblogs man besitzt. Bisheriges Ergebnis: # 1: 21% (44) # 2: 18% (38) # 3: 18% (37) # 4: 10% (21) # 5: 7% (14) # 6: 5% (10) # 7: 2% (4) # 8: 2% (4) # 9: 1% (2) # 10+: 16% (34) […]

  30. I have 3: 2 shopping blogs (toys & watches) and 1 gadget blog. All regularly maintained.

  31. Me… a couple of personal blogs (intended for different groups of friends);

    Regularly running 1 photo blog and 2 “others” blogs;

    Starting a gadget blog in Chinese;

    Stopped running 1 freebies blog;

    And more “others” blogs coming…

    I started my first blog about a year ago but was never really into it until very recently. I’m far from making any real money with blogging but I figured that if I could make some extra cash doing what I love to do, that isn’t too bad ;)

  32. Three – the other two of which are updated daily. Am putting together plans to work on a total of eight on a daily basis from next month. Your sound advice is always appreciated.

  33. I currently have six weblogs although I plan on ramping that up in the new year. Most of the weblogs fall into two categories Fitness and Realtor marketing. Quite often my posts can fit to more than one category.

    One idea that I am toying with and maybe Darren will have some insight on this is to have niche blogs that are only active for a short time.

    We have a federal election going on here in Canada and I am wading in with some posts about it on my “generic” weblog mentioned in the link with my name but would it be better to have a new weblog for just the election? Maybe relaunch a political blog after that or just let it sit as a testament to what happened during the one election campaign. I bet I could come up with a dozen ideas for short term weblogs without much effort but the question is would it be a good idea?

  34. 10 blogs in the network at the moment, looking to add at least one more by the beginning of the year. It’s a challenge trying to build a small blog network by myself, so getting occasional blog entries from others is a nice break when it happens.

  35. […] 1) First off understand what blogging does to your body. Blogging is extremely taxing on your body. Especially because folks like me take the laptop into the bathroom and often spend hours staring at the screen. It can be taxing on your mind, your soul, your eyes, and well your ego. You can forget that reality exists outside the blog world. If you are running 20 or more sites like some of Darren Rowse’s visitors you could be at it a long time at time just updating every single one of those quality sites. Your hands could ache from typing for hours, and well for folks like Scrivs who seemingly download “music” in between each blog post. Blogging can just seek to take a toll on the bodily fluids. The result basically is nausea, twitchy nerves, unpleasantness, pessimism, terrible brain pain, and a temporary lack of concern for fellow homosapiens. One of my symptoms is snarkiness which can be a good thing if you run a site like this. But if you run a bridal site it can be detrimental to your quality. […]

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