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How Long Have you Been Blogging? [POLL]

Posted By Darren Rowse 21st of July 2009 General 0 Comments

It’s been a couple of years since I ran this poll and I’m curious to see if the readership of this blog has shifted since then – so….



Looking forward to seeing the results on this.

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  1. Less than 3 months. I’ve read blogs my whole life but only took a stab at it recently.

    It’s fun but somedays I just have writing block and don’t feel like updating. What do you think is better? Not updating at all or having a sub-par post?

  2. Interesting how many people read ProBlogger but don’t have a blog. Yes, currently 3, but with the numbers as they now stand, that’s significant. Ish.

  3. @TheManRevolution: I believe not posting is better than posting a sub-par post, because sub-par posts is likely to cause you to lose readers.

  4. I started blogging last year but never focus on monetizing the blog because I don’t think it will make a big money from blogging. Until I found problogger (Darren) and have proved that it works. So, I give myself a chance to try this on my blog.

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  5. I just started my blog less than a month ago.

  6. I have been blogging on not just one blog for over 2 years.

  7. more than three years now :)

  8. Heh, I just created mine a month ago, so less than three months! So far my blog is doing quite well thanks to the help of ProBlogger!

  9. My blog turned 5 this month.

  10. I’ve been blogging since 2002/2003. However, I wouldn’t say that I really started blogging until this year. That’s when I started focusing on one blog, instead of a hundred.

  11. I started my blog when I was about 12 y/o and have been blogging for 2-3 years, but just recently I have actually noticed that I am getting somewhere with it. I’m not sure if I was doing something wrong, before.

    Since I have noticed changes – it has only inspired me to keep working on it. I know that if I take it more seriously (which I’m working on) then it could be far better.

    I’m getting there. Lolz!

  12. My OSU website has been up for at least 4 years. Keeps getting better all the time. :)

  13. I just hit five years. I’m not sure if I am “successful” or not, but I keep going. :)

  14. I’ve actually been blogging for 6 years now, between my personal blog on live journal and my more professional blogs it has been quite a fun ride.

  15. I’ve been blogging for 3-4 years but I just started a new blog a month ago that I’m really striving for success with. So far I’m seeing great results with it.

  16. Almost 3 months for me.

  17. It’s been a couple of years on multiple blogs. I just started a new blog and I’m reaching to keep it alive for a year. Hopefully I’ll succeed this time.

  18. I started May 25th, in the process of getting a new web deisgn, but we are doing pretty good! Visit us : )

  19. My blog is one week old. I followed the 30 day challenge as a break from writing my thesis, but now I’m graduated and blog is up. It’s really kind of exciting and scary all at the same time, but I am writing every day and even have had some comments which is thrilling. Thank you for the work you do, Darren!

  20. I spent 3 months blogging on Blogger, with no real goal in mind and no intention to become any type of authority in my niche. So honestly I don’t consider that blogging. I consider from the time I started paying for hosting and getting on WordPress my time blogging. That puts me at about 4 months.

    This blog was a big reason I jumped over to WordPress and started getting some real blogging goals in mind. I think Problogger was the first blog I came across where I saw someone making a living off blogging and enjoying their life more because of it.

    And being a young, 19 year old college student who kind of hates the idea of spending 25 years working for somebody else, I figured I’d give this a shot!

  21. I started blogging on June 14th, 2004 via a dare from another blogger after consistently commenting on other blogs.

    Started out with a particular focus and have undergone many changes over the years, but still at it.

    Probably one of the best decisions I ever made.


  22. I guess I am in the biggest group – under 3 months. What I call a baby blogger.
    However, I have been a reader/listener for a long time. So, it is only natural that I would eventually have my say… :-D

  23. I started writing since 5 years or more. I started writing in Geocities, then Multiply. But I consider blogging seriously since I use Blogger and WordPress. It’s almost 3 years ago. So, the question is: do you consider writing in Geocities, Tripod, or other platform as blogging? It’s almost about the same content.

  24. I’ve been blogging for at least 4 years, but never on the same blog. My goal with my recent batch is to keep them for at least one year, and see where I am then. I think my longest was 6 months so far. Sad isn’t it? :)

  25. I’ve been casually blogging since 1999. I just got serious with it less than a year ago.

  26. Old school here. I’ve been blogging since before the word “blog” was popular. I think my first blog, hosted on dreaded DiaryLand, was in 2000/2001.

  27. coincidentally today is my blog’s first blogiversary!! I am loving it!

  28. Just a little over 2 years. Lot of work for so little return… But I enjoy it so what the heck, right!

  29. I am blogging from 3 and half months and I learnt many things from this awesome site.Really nice Darren

  30. I think i blog now round about a month, but i will hope that i reacht 5 years or more ;)

  31. I have been blogging for over 5 years and have changed my blogs, have tried out new types of blogs and have always had a good community of people following me.
    It only seems to be in the last little while however that with me actually learning about how to blog better that things are changing.
    I’m actually enjoying it much more and learning more about it myself.
    Darren, I used to participate in Blogger Idol over at the Living Room. That was a while ago now haha

  32. I’ve had my website for 12 years but didn’t start transforming it into a blog until 5 years ago.

  33. For over a year now, it has been fun blogging, and I love it.

  34. I’ve been blogging for about 1.5years, I enjoy doing what I’m doing with my blogs right now. Darren, you’re one of my mentor as well. :)


  35. I’ve been blogging more than 5 years.

    There are a lot who have been blogging less. But I’m very surprised at the amount of people who have been blogging 5 years or more.

    krissy knox :)
    follow me on twitter:

  36. Interesting question! I’ve been around for two years now, haha, I remember answering this poll just over a year ago. times are really fast don’t you think so darren? :)

  37. You know, I’ve only had my current blog less than a year (like, 10 months or so?) but I’ve been writing various blogs since I was 13ish, so about 7-8 years now! It still counts if it’s a teenage angsty blog, right? ;)

  38. Based on the results as of now, seems to me you’ll be posting more articles for beginners. :)

  39. I have been blogging for almost a year now. It has been a great experience. I have learned a lot and I’m still learning everyday from professionals like you. Thanks for everything, Darren.

  40. Last it was actually a year since I started my mind mapping blog. I hope it’s still around in another year!

  41. I started blogging in blogspot April of last year. But I only took blogging seriously when I transferred to wordpress with my own domain November of last year.

  42. Wow! I had to really think about my answer. My primary blog goes back just over 2 years but I’ve blogged longer than that on earlier blogs and earlier pre-blog sites. For all I can remember it might even be more than 4 years since I was writing regular content on BBS dating back to ’98.

    Kinda scary when you think about it. The web has come a long way but I’m still doing a lot of the same old stuff. *grins*

  43. 3 months for me.

  44. I’ve been blogging for since March.
    I update my blog everyday, from 6-7 post :)

  45. I have been blogging for more then 5 yrs also.. off and on and now do it more regularly.

  46. I’ve been blogging since last September. I’ve managed to keep it up through a move from NZ to Australia and associated hassles! I really enjoy it.

  47. i am currently having a writers block

  48. Myself? Been blogging one year and one month to the day. I’m surprised (and hopeful), by the numbers in the 5-year range. And I’m also surprised by people reading here and voting, who don’t have a blog; guessing that they’ll soon be moving in to the less than 3 months spot.

  49. Five years or more from me (actually it’s 7 years, longer than this blog has been around!).

    Needless to say I do it for the love. Lord knows I don’t do it for the money :)

  50. Albert says: 07/21/2009 at 5:21 pm

    I voted I don’t have a blog… Start the blog…1 weeks later…it died… start again…2 weeks later… it died… Start again… died again…

    Passion is needed in blogging
    You Need PERSEVERANCE more.

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