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How Long Do You Take To Write a Blog Post?

Posted By Darren Rowse 3rd of August 2008 Reader Questions 0 Comments

As part of a little research I’m doing for a post (or a short series of them) next week here at ProBlogger I’d like to ask readers to answer this question:

How Long Do You Take To Write a Blog Post?

I know each post varies depending upon what it is – but on average how long would you say you take to write a blog post? I’d be interested to not only hear the time it takes you but also you usually write posts in one sitting or come back to them over time. Also it’d probably help a little if you told us the type of posts you generally write.

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  • 15 – 30 minutes.

  • Give or take, about two hours.

  • I usually spend about one and one half hours writing, depending on content. When writing exclusively about life experiences, the words fly; when including research, the process goes a little more slowly. I write my draft on paper, then spend maybe 20-30 minutes typing it in, proofreading, and fine tuning.

  • A half hour to an hour when writing about fun subjects I am expert in, mostly gardening, my cats, sometimes a recipe or book review. I can spend an hour when I count research time; my most recent post on growing apricots and a recipe for apricot cobbler took one hour.

  • I usually take 20 – 30 minutes when writing for, though I might take an extra ten minutes to source an appropriate image for the post. Most posts are about 200 – 300 words long.

    I also blog for a national newspaper site; postings are 500 – 700 words long. I tend to take a couple of hours over them, solely because they’re less reactive, it’s more feature-led writing than reporting.

  • Usually it takes me an hour or two for something like reviews for anime or video games. However, if it is something like a report from an anime or a video game convention, or anything that has a story to it, then it is usually more, 3 hours at the most (my con reports require me to dig deep into my memory).

    Sometimes, I do take some time and re-read before posting, or have posts and keep them for future use.

  • Well, it really depends on topic I’m writing about, but usually it takes me less than one hour.

  • It takes me a half hour for the recipes and up to 3-4 hours for my first account stories.

  • I write b-movie reviews. Each feature review takes about 8 hours of work. A good portion of that (on the average, 3 hours) is spent watching the movie – because I watch each film twice. Another half hour is spent doing the multimedia work, and the remaining 4 1/2 hours is spent writing and proofreading. The articles usually end up around 2000 words in length.

  • We write on various topics from travel, culture to global issues. A post of about 300-400 words, right from finding a topic to doing research, sourcing pics takes 3-4 hours.

    If you find the topic really early, then within 2 hours my post is ready:)


  • 4-5 hours. I suspect as I go on, they will come out faster. About half of my articles involve a fair amount of research, and general fact checking. I’m pretty anal about making sure I can back up anything I write about in an argument. It’s come in handy once or twice when I wrote about a fairly controversial subject.

    I write about environmental issues, but I focus on what individuals can do and on education.

  • Since I just started blogging, I haven’t quite got it down right, but so far, here’s my process.
    I decide to write on an idea (already thought of). I’ll write it in a few minutes, say 15, then put it away. Later, I’ll revise it, type it up on wordpress, and publish it.

    I am working on a series called Writing is… so I’ve got a lot of ideas. I’m writing two or three posts at a time and scheduling publication for later.

  • I do some posts that include interviews… so those take about 3 hours including the interview time, logging the interview, and writing it – I tend to take my time with those. I also do shorter posts about the latest news on diet/fitness/obesity epidemic – those take 15-30minutes. I am trying to get faster on my more in depth posts, but it’s hard because I am such a perfectionist sometimes!

  • Hi Darren. I am trying to find your book in major bookstore in Singapore, South-east Asia.

    I have 2 blogs – one for business related and the other for personal footprints around the world.

    For my educational business related blog, it usually take my time as it is an academic sharing blog and all information must be 100% correct. Bcos this will affect lives of many students that are aiming for better grades in Chemistry. This takes about 40mins per post.

    For my personal blog on my personal daily life, i will normally take shorter time, say about 20mins per blogpost. And i am using Blogger to do this one.


  • It takes me about an hour to write a post, link it, format it, and include a photo (find/upload it, cropping, resizing). I write my post all at once, unless I am interrupted. I also really like writing a few at once on the weekend, then setting them up to self-publish later in the week.

  • Hi,

    Writing on Zen-Moments – self Help For Sensitive Souls a post of 800 to 1300 words usually takes about 4 hours from from conception to final version, including photo selection, etc.


  • About 2 hours but sometimes upto 4 hours I will also say that the extra time usually produces a better blog article
    This is the time I spend at the computer but there is time before where I usually think up the article in my head i.e. Title, Main points, etc..
    I write on a variety of things related to kids There are weekend planners (Activities), Tips, and Experiences

  • Good question! It takes me at least 2 full hours for almost every good post. I put a lot of time and research into the articles I write. Then the end takes at least 10 minutes to find and upload a nice graphic to go with the post!

  • About once every eight weeks I’ll knock out 10 – 15 posts in two hours. Then they’ll get anywhere from five – twenty minutes of polish time before going to print.

    The rest of the time it’s one – three hours for a long “how to integrate this new principle of happy marriage into your life” Twenty-Forty minutes on a shorter post about an already introduced principle. A lot of time is spent looking for images and adjusting formatting.

    Outside research would add another hour or two to each post.

  • Most of the time, because of my excellent grammar it takes me days to write a post. Even then the grammar is horrid, but I’m using my blog to better my writing. So normally several hours 2 or 3 depending how many times I re read it before posting it. Some I keep for days before I feel good enough about to post it.

  • Usually fifteen to thirty minutes for a post on my entertainment blog. I post every week day.

    Usually a few hours for my illustration tutorial blog. This includes illustrations to demonstrate the techniques or theories I’m describing. Even if it’s text only, it’ll take a few hours. I spend two or three days working on a post. A bit tedious, but I only post once a week on my tutorial blog.

  • I think I have a fairly unique viewpoint since I turn the script of my podcast on into a blog post with supporting media.

    So it breaks down to several steps:

    1) Idea – usually hits me instantaneously, 10 minutes
    2) Writing – roughly 1-3 hours, depending on research
    3) Blog Posting – about 1 hour, depending on links & photos
    4) Podcast – Since I have already done the work of writing an in-depth topic, I then record it as a podcast. The recording usually takes less than 1 hour, and the editing 2.

    Most recent post/episode was about 5 hours total.

    – Jim

  • It takes me 30-60 minutes on average to write a post and find an image for the post. But when I do interviews (for example, this week am interviewing the creators of Make DC Weird), or a longer personal essay, it can be several hours.

    I don’t like to start a post and come back later to finish/publish…I lose my momentum.

  • Hello Darren.

    Time to write: 1-2 hours (more so leaning to the 2 hours).

    When: In one sitting

    My topics usually included:

    – thinking like an entrepreneur
    – web development
    – real estate investing

  • This is a great topic, I have always wondered if I take to long to write a blog post. Last night it took me much longer than I wanted it to. From start to finish was 2-3 hours and that included research, gathering images for a gallery etc. Many times I will start a post and think it is going to be very simple, but then I really start to get into the subject and it takes me a lot longer. I need to learn when to quit. I am not a writer by profession so that is a real snafu.

  • It usually takes me 30 – 60 mins depending on how in depth the subject matter is and the number of links etc. I would be quicker if I was a bit better technically! I sometimes write a draft just to get my thoughts down and then polish it up later however most of the time I write in one setting. Topics tend to be focussed on my work managing the youth service and subjects related to that such as an upcoming visit to China with young people, and how the web can support our work.

  • Jon

    In total it takes about half hour for me to crank out a more detailed post.

  • One of my takes me about 3 – 4 mins per post but the other takes a little more brainpower which pushes the time up to about 20 mins with checking etc.

  • Sounds like an interesting WordPress widget to develop! After you click ‘Write a Post” or “Page’, a visible timer is started and runs until you hit save or publish. Hitting the save button will only pause the clock, hitting edit will restart it, hitting publish will end it. And only viewable to the author. Hmmm. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Writing about politics, society, and culture, I spend a minimum of 30 minutes on each post. Some posts take over a day.

    But I rarely research and write non-stop, but break it up.

  • It generally takes me about 10 minutes to write a post that is comedic or light in nature. Same goes for celebrity or entertainment news. If we’re talking politics or an “enterprise” story that requires more in-depth research and perhaps more well-thought out wording to avoiding offending anyone, it can be upwards of an hour. i think I’m lucky in that I was a “traditional” journalist for many years and I’m used to cranking things out on deadline. More than anything, these days, I spend more time trying to make things look nice..links, pictures, etc. than on the actual writing. Having fun learning it all, though!

  • I just realized that in my comment above, I typed “avoiding”, where i meant to say “avoid”. Guess that’s a good reminder how far proofreading can go! :)

  • About 2 hours. 1/2 hour to research. 1 hour to write the blog. Another 1/2 hour to edit.

    It takes a good while for me. Writing doesn’t come naturally so I work hard at getting my thoughts down clearly and with excitement.

  • My husband has a huge talent for writing fast, like he can write an awesome poem that would make one cry in less than ten minutes. I’m not as talented and it takes me about a half hour to write a post, plus I spend some time researching for the article. I like to write my posts in advance so I am not under pressure to write an article just to write it, so it’s difficult to judge how much time I spend researching, maybe 15 minutes to a half hour an article.

  • Some days I sit down a crank out a post in a matter of minutes (meaning less than 90 real time minutes). Other times I work on a post over several sittings grabbing 30 minute here and 45 there. I generally post about being a hippie-want-a-be living in Arkansas’ version of suburbia, trying to homeschool my kids save the environment while raising chickens and a small family garden. How’s that for a concise, to-the-point answer?


  • I’ve found myself on a roll lately when I write a post. It will take me, on average, 30 minutes to write one, or an hour if it’s a very detailed post. Sometimes, it will take me a couple of days to write one if it’s not really important or if it needs more details.

  • My *average* is probably about 10 minutes. Most of my posts fall into three categories: relay (sharing cool newsbits, usually with a personal comment), report (updates on where to find my writing, etc.), and creative (short essays on interesting topics). The first two categories typically take me less than 5 minutes; the creative category can take 15-20 minutes.

    I typically write a blog post in one sitting. Longer ones may require a stretch break before I finish them.

  • Took about 30 mins.

    Mostly, write about my experience towards blogging, traffics, SEO, money, etc.

  • I would say between 30 minutes to an hour. Most of my postings are commentary so I do a lot of “shoot from the hip” writing and then go back and edit after the fact.

  • I generally take an hour or so to publish a post through to completion. That includes searching for an image to go along with my post as well as editing. I generally have to read it over and over again to catch all my silly grammatical errors. Most range in a couple paragraphs, but what takes me the longest is positioning images and going back and forth about formatting.

    Most are mostly inspirational at most. I try to inspire my readers to go after their dreams and not give up on their goals. So I often write about the things I dream about and give motivational tips to keep my readers focused and motivated to change their lives.

  • I write for two blogs, one that is live now and another that I am developing a back-blog for (say, of maybe 20) before I go live. The first is more intuitive and takes maybe 30 minutes. The second, though, is very technical science, philosophy and theology. It requires a lot of reading and research. I’d say the average is about 2-3 hours per blog.

  • Wes

    If I’ve got a topic to write about, it’ll take me about 15 min to a half an hour. If I cant think of anything off the top of my head it can take painstakingly long, sometimes an hour or two.

  • I’d say on average 2 hours. If I am posting a weekly meme, I can do it in 1/2 an hour, something that requires research takes more time. I like to have many images to hold readers’ attention, and a variety of outside links. I also like to go in and add “target=”_blank” to all of my outside links, but that only takes about a minute. I’m very compulsive about how the post looks, varying font colors for certain things, etc. I could be faster if I wanted to!

  • J. Ross

    It generally takes between 1.5 – 3 hours depending on the topic. This includes editing which I do on a different day. Total time would be those mentioned.

  • 30 minutes a post, work about 3 hours a day. About 20 minutes spent on reading articles on the subject.

  • I have 2 business blogs for our Nile Cruise website and our Kenya Holidays website, as we are online travel agents. I try to post each day if possible. I try and blog without being too blatantly commercial. So I try and add posts that are of interest rather than lists of special offers. The most time-consuming part of posting is thinking up or finding interestin, “non-commercial” ideas. Somedays – no problem. Others – wow – it can make my brain ache!!

  • For me it depends on the topic and the blog I’m writing for. For example, if I’m blogging for my personal blog, it’s because it’s something I just want to get out there fast. I’ll edit, but it’s easier to get my thoughts on the topic down faster if it’s something I really want to write about at the time. For my personal blog, it takes about 30 minutes – 1.5 hours, depending on how long the post is. For the other places I write for, 0.5-3 hours depending on the length.

  • It doesn’t take me very long at all. Either side of 20 minutes.

    But this is because my 2 blogs are based around topics that are easy to write ‘about’.

    My soda blog ( is mostly musing and opinion on soda-related things.

    My ‘social responsibility’ blog ( was designed to capsule companies that are worth doing business with. While it’s a ‘deeper’ topic, most of the info is taken from the subject’s own website…so it’s already 1/2-way edited.

  • The actually writing of the past usually takes 30-60 minutes. The research effort, or project underlying the writing can take days or even weeks. I tend to write about tech topics from a DIY/SOHO perspective. Usually documenting my own experience using some technique or technology.

  • At least 2 hours, English is not my native language so it goes slowly when i am writing, I proof read it in Word Document to get the grammar better.