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How Bloggers Can Make The Best Use Of Their 24 Hours

Posted By Guest Blogger 20th of November 2014 General 0 Comments
Image via Flickr user Thomas R Stegelmann

Image via Flickr user Thomas R Stegelmann

This is a guest contribution from entrepreneur Charles Crawford.

Whether your parents believe you or not, there are ways to make a living off of being a blogger. And with as many benefits that come with blogging, who wouldn’t want to at least check out this lifestyle? After all, you get to be your own boss for the most part, so you don’t have to worry about a lot of the hindrances that come with a typical 9-5.

However, being a blogger isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Instead, it’s a job where you’ll have to work hard if you expect to get paid. And if you don’t work, then you might want to give your old employer a call and see if they’ll hire you back.

Another obstacle that bloggers must overcome is being able to manage their time appropriately. Because you won’t have a boss breathing down your neck every day, you get to decide when you want to work and what clients you want to work for. Therefore, it’s important that you ensure that you make the most of your day, in order to be as productive as possible. Here is a look at how bloggers can make the best use of their 24 hours each day.

Have A Plan

The first thing that any blogger will want to do as they look to organize their day is make a planned schedule. If you quit your job and became a blogger with the hopes of ditching a scheduled lifestyle, you may want to rethink things. Sure, you won’t have to be at your desk from 9-5 each day, but having a schedule for your blogging will be imperative if you plan to be successful. Even if the schedule changes from day to day, knowing what you want to get done will help you organize your less-traditional lifestyle.

Not only should part of that plan include time for blogging, but you’ll also want to accommodate for your personal life as well. Unless you plan on sitting in front of a computer all day long and blogging, you’ll also want to account for time to hit the gym or even hang out with friends.

Knowing when you have to work and when you have time to yourself in a schedule will do wonders for your time management as a blogger throughout the day.

Stay Focused

One of the toughest parts of being a blogger is going to be staying focused. Lets face it; there is a lot of stuff on the internet. For some bloggers, they may be looking on a website for information, but next thing they know they’ll look at the clock and two hours has passed by. When you spend two hours look at talking animals on the internet, it can really cut into your blogging time. Therefore, be sure that you stay focused and take the necessary precautions to avoid being distracted.

Keep Networking

Part of your blogging efforts should include time that you spend networking with other people. The more people that you meet in the blogging world, the more likely it is that you’ll learn from their advice and have more success individually. However, if you fail to meet the right people, you may struggle when it comes to your ability to get recognition for your blogging efforts.

Adapt To Your Plan

That plan that was mentioned earlier is a great starting point, but keep in mind that things might change over time. For example, you might need to arrange time in your schedule to contact new people about blogging opportunities. You may also need to check your email or social media accounts to communicate with other writers. The more that you can crunch into your work day, which will be easier if you have a schedule, the more productive you will be. And if you can easily work in changes into the schedule, you’ll be even more efficient.

Stay Informed

Part of your time while adapting to your schedule should also include staying informed on new technology, programs, or applications that can make your life as a blogger much easier. There are always new options to consider learning, or new niches to capitalize on, and doing so will help you to be more productive. Keep in mind that bloggers who work smarter, rather than harder, will likely see more success.

Know When To Stop

When you work as a blogger, the internet is always going to be at your fingertips. With that mindset, you might have a hard time turning your computer off and taking time to yourself. However, it’s equally as important that you know when to rest during your 24-hour day. If you fail to get adequate sleep, then you may have a tough time with being as productive the following day.

Being a blogger has plenty of rewards and it’s certainly a vital option for making a good income. But if you really want to be able to have your efforts pay off, then you’ll have to put in the work for it and make the most of your 24 hours each day.

Charles Crawford is a high-level entrepreneur and co-founder of Invisume. Charles has been studying internet marketing, web design, and tech start-ups for years, and he has been successful with multiple business ventures such as affiliate marketing (where 98%+ of people never make money).

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  1. Great productivity post, Charles.

    Having a plan is very important. Without a plan publishing even a single blog post takes forever.
    Keeping a plan and staying focused helps great in being greatly productive.

    Another tip is switching off the monitor while writing blog posts. It helps in keeping you from distracting by Social Media Notifications and mails.

    This is one of the best productivity tips that I follow.

    Taking a quick break from Blogging helps a lot, in order to seek nature inspiration.


  2. Very useful post… Networking, managing time, using new options for blogging are some of the really useful things which must be put in practise as a blogger.

  3. A lot of Great information Charles,

    The only problem is your information is to broad of subjects. There great subjects, like networking, keeping your day job, scheduling your blogging time correctly and so forth, but you have no descriptive details with any examples. This is something I need to work on myself.

    However, you do have some strong points, that a lot of people can take to the bank with them especially keeping your day job. The fact of the matter is if blogging don’t work out right away for you then you need to have a job just to pay for the bills.

    Another great point you have is building relationships. This is a big factor in blogging, because in sales if a person does not trust you they will not buy from you. The same goes with blogging. If people don’t know you or you have no credibility with people then you will have to work that much harder…

    Overall, the truth is blogging is something you need to enjoy and have fun with it. Joining blogging communities and other online events where you can meet people and learn form them is a great way to get exposure.

    Again, you have some great points, but if you could give an illustration or something that people can understand more from a story stand point would be great.

  4. You know Charles, some may look at this post and think: “Nah, can’t be that simple.” But good God, it is! I enjoyed the power in each tip! Smart post here.

    Simple, is different than easy. Uncomfortable situations flow in when you’re growing and here’s the point of no return. The select few successes embrace freeing and uncomfy circumstances to create something truly epic, truly worthy, and when you do that you may just blog from paradise.

    Yep, you must take breaks. I work off a neat sked; I do 1 thing daily. Or 2. I check email daily, alternating between my accounts, but I focus on 1 other core activity. I may write articles for clients. I may post comments on blogs. I may work on my blog post for the week. I do 1 thing daily and I gotta say, it’s the easiest way to take a break from the humdrum, blah nature of these blogging bit, that I’ve discovered.

    I do a much better job too by following this approach. Focuses all of my energies on doing the best job possible with 1 task and then I let it go for 3 or 4 days until I do that 1 thing daily again.

    Thanks Charles!


  5. Great tips. I set a 90 minute timer and take a break after my 90 minutes is up. This makes me work faster before the time runs out and keep focused.

  6. Great job!!!!

    I too have keen interest in blogging.So,all your explained points helps a lot in understanding delicacy of writing blog.

    Thanks for sharing such a valuable things.


  7. Hi There,

    Great post with some great tips. These will really effective for every bloggers and specially for newbie. If we make a proper plan for blogging and follow it then we can get success easily and quickly.

    Thanks for the informative post.

  8. Great tips for getting the most out of the day…
    These are something I need to consider doing for myself. The truth is I have a problem sometimes of staying focused and informed. I will take advantage of these great points and apply them to see how they wok for me.

  9. Thanks, Charles. The “Have a Plan” has been my biggest challenge because I can’t always control when I get out of work and what other issues pop up. I’ve gotten much better at adjusting my scheduling and trying to roll with whatever comes my way, but it’s certainly been my toughest obstacle.

  10. I guess that having a plan is the key of the succes :)
    You can have all the motivation in the world, if you don’t have a plan is just a waste of time, money…

  11. Knowing when to stop has become my biggest challenge. I’ll often get in a “zone” and struggle to get out.

  12. Bloggers can also make best use of their 24 hours by having a durable laptop with them at all times and having Wi-fi internet everywhere they go, in addition to having Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking installed on their laptops, so they can easily create content using the awesome power of their voice. This way, they’ll have no more excuses for not creating “lots and lots of content.” Do the transformation work as a blogger and “create lots and lots of content,” so your mind will stay evolving and serving your audience around the clock online with good solid information.

  13. A great contribution by guest author to this blog.

    Being a blogger, I do understand the value of each point and I must say the points you mentioned are effective enough if implemented correctly.

  14. Great tips. While I’ve never been a blogger full time, I’ve certainly thought about it. The glimpses of my life where a blogging routine starts and stops has been a good indicator of what it could be like, and it is very hard work. Having a planned schedule is the best way I’ve been able to maintain focus, which usually means that I focus on a Done list or I create blocks of time on my calendar that help direct me on what to focus on from hour to hour, whether it’s networking, blogging, reading, etc.

  15. Great post, and coffee is my favourite to stay focused :) Especially during night time trading

  16. Thanks for this great post ! Hope that will help me creating best content for my advice blog about digital products.

  17. By reading this post bloggers can really make use of their 24 hours in efficient way. Great post…

  18. Good post, Charles!

    You’ve given a ‘to the point’ reminder of what’s needed to make the most out of life, not just 24hrs as a blogger! That said, when applied to blogging, I needed to hear it all.

    Although each of your points were helpful, I found ‘Keep Networking’ and ‘Stay Informed’ to be most useful. I’ve started to implement a writing schedule and manage to keep focused (though not always easy) by setting a timer to work in short focused bursts. I’ve found that when applied, both help me to create content more consistently.

    The biggest one though, has to be seeing the value in switching off and resting! Can’t stress enough just how important this easily overlooked tip can be.

    Couple of questions for you (or others):

    (1) What advice would you give as first steps to networking in the blogging world?
    (2) Which tech/apps/programs are you currently using to make your life as a blogger easier?

    Thanks in advance!


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