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Posted By Darren Rowse 8th of January 2010 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

Darren-Problogger.jpgIn the coming months Wiley will be releasing a 2nd edition of ProBlogger the Book (it’s already available for Pre-Order).

As part of the update Chris and I have each written a new chapter but we also wanted to make sure that the rest of the book is up to date and error free. Time flies in this industry so we know some parts of the book will be a little dated now.

If you’ve bought the 1st edition and have noticed anything that needs an update or have any ideas for how it could be better we’d love to get your input. If we use your ideas we’ll be adding your name and URL to an acknowledgements page in the 2nd edition.

Chris has built a little form to collect your corrections and updates here.

Hopefully this crowd sourcing approach will help us create something that pulls in the creative wisdom of the community. I hope that it’ll also be a useful experience for those of you who have the book to dig it out and go through it again – at this time of year it could be especially useful as you plan the months of blogging ahead!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Wow, I’m sure I spotted a few things but now I have to go re-read it to find them!

  • The Book form of problogger is still not available in all parts of the world as amazon doesnt ships everywhere and the shipping costs outside US is even more than the Book cost. I hope that changes sometime soon.

    I hate reading books on the PC. Hope to see the books in book form soon here in India:)

  • @Avinash, Amazon ships to India. I have purchased the first edition and pre-ordering the 2nd. But as you said, the shipping charges go higher then the book cost! But do you think there is a way to over come this? I wish opens some day, so that we can read lot of books ;)

  • I have read the book long time ago and i don’t remember if i have found anything to be changed.I am just looking forward to read the new version.

  • I read the Problogger first edition ebook and really enjoyed a lot!! i will surely buy this new edition… Is it will be available on the Ebook Version (PDF) ..??

  • I got excited when I came to know about the book of problogger. I am impatient to read it. Can you tell me about the nearest location in east London where I may get the book conveniently or if it is available on wholesale and I may be able to get it through at wholesale price.

  • I’m writing this some what blind here, having never read it.

    What I would like to see in a paid for product, is a breakdown of your day. An exact time line of what you do.

    For example;

    Do you get up at 6 and check your emails or write your content?

    Is there a specific reason you post at the same time?

    Can you over produce content as well as under produce, what’s the pros and cons.

    I would like to see an honest daily diary of your working day

  • Cheers, I will go and re-read my copy of the problogger book, just to see what could be changed or added, I remember there was a small typo, but it didn’t spoil my enjoyment of reading the book.

  • I recently just purchased the 1st Edition of ProBlogger, I haven’t started reading it yet. I will as soon as I finish The Tipping Point which I’m currently reading.
    I’m actually excited to read the ProBlogger, I think once I’m done reading it I’ll do a contest on my blog and give it to one of my blog readers. :-)
    Looking forward to the 2nd Edition.

  • I will go through this book once again and fill the form. Thanks Darren! :)

  • Adnan

    Hi please correct your link.It is linked as

  • wah,so good.i will go to re-read this book again.

  • Hmmm nothing really comes to mind just yet. But I will got through the book and look it over. I am looking forward to the second addition. You really provide great info for us new bloggers!!

  • Bruce

    Ah! I was about to buy the book about a week ago during a visit to the bookstore but I feel good for holding off now.

    What release date is planned for the second edition? Are you aiming for a specific month or season? There is no date listed on Amazon for the new release. Besides print, what editions will be available?

  • I recently just purchased the 1st Edition of ProBlogger, I haven’t started reading it yet. I will as soon as I finish The Tipping Point which I’m currently reading.
    I’m actually excited to read the ProBlogger, I think once I’m done reading it I’ll do a contest on my blog and give it to one of my blog readers. :-)

  • I am really happy for you that Wiley is working with you. You so deserve working with an excellent publisher, as I know Wiley to be.

    You are successful and I really wish it upon you. I have been following you for a while, and out of all the success stories, you are one of those rare refreshing guys who stays with his feet on the ground and humbly so. Good on ya, mate!

    And congratulations with getting a second edition out. I am sure it is an excellent book already.

  • I’ve just purchased a copy of the first edition as I see the new one isn’t due out until mid April time. I’m looking forward to having a read through so will let you know if I can think of any suggestions to help improve it.

  • Mark

    I thoroughly enjoyed the refreshing approach taken in the ProBlogger book but did feel a little bit let down on the completeness of it all. Not that it wasn’t detailed but because I felt there were parts missing.

    Some things I think could be added is useful information relating to blog structure, things like category structure and copywriting a post.

    Its all I can really think of.. “structure tips”.


  • I freelance with Wiley Business, and I hope this book comes my way!

  • I’m sure this book will be another great success! Thanks Darren!

  • Thank you for providing another books, Your book must be good for newbies who want to success on blogging.

  • I have not purchase the first edition of Problogger ebook . I will bought the update one, is it more complement and information inside it then before one ?

  • i will go to re-read this book again.
    Thanks for nice post

  • I took a quick look at my copy and nothing jumps at me quite yet. However, I am looking forward to a hard copy. Will look at the form and think of something.
    Thanks again!

  • I’m really glad to hear about this book. I’ve been looking for something written by folks that have ‘been in the trenches’.

    On a side note, it would have been nice to have a link to the book on amazon or some other site just for ease of pre-order.

  • I’m sure this book will be another great success!

  • What a great idea! This makes me want to grab the rest of my Christmas gift money and run get the 1st edition of ProBlogger. Goodness knows I’ve thumbed through it enough.
    Who knows, I might be able to contribute to the 2nd.

  • I have not read the book. I believe the next edition will be better and more updated. I will love that these issue be well exposed

    – social media marketing
    – internet marketing
    – skills behind being more than a problogger

    I guess the book will create a better buzz